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Ivypool is my favorite warrior because every night she risked her life for her clan in the dark forest. She is strong, loyal to her clan and sister, and the reason why the clans won the great battle. If she turned to the "dark side", chickened out, or was killed the clans would have no info on the attack. Some might argue that there was Tigerheart but what good did he do. NOTHING! Ivypool is the best and bravest cat to have ever lived.

She is a rebel, and that's certainly a good thing. A main character needs to have flaws, not just be little miss perfect all the time. And Ivypool was never afraid of talking back to cats when they needed it, and she still was kind and caring when cats needed it. I mean, she risked her life every time she curled up and went to sleep. That takes a LOT of courage. She is amazing.

Ivypool is such a great character, so how on Earth is she lower than Lionblaze?! She didn't have a power; she wasn't part of the prophecy, but she risked her life to help the prophecy cats. She was always a good cat and she tried hard, it's no wonder she was jealous of Dovewing; Dovewing did nothing! Honestly, Ivypool should be on the top 10, not in the top 20!

People who like Ivypool tend to like Hollyleaf too. I prefer Ivy over holly but both are rulers. People shouldn't pair Ivypool with Hawkfrost because he's a murderer and he killed Hollyleaf. Ivypool should be happy. DoveWing... How do o describe her? She's a spoiled brat! She got superpowers but she thinks she deserves them while at the same time her own sister was facing discrimination! Is that fair? NO! - AnonymousChick

Some people don't like her, but I actually do! She helped spy in the Dark Forest to help the clans, and she was that brave! Of course in the beginning she was rude and didn't even know she was in the Dark Forest, but once she found out, she helped the clans and was loyal. - lilydoestopten

She was really strong, even after she found out that dumb DOVEWING got to be a prophesied cat and not her! She's so much better than Dovewing! And she even risked her life by spying on the Dark Forest! At least Dovewing isn't in the top ten. She sucks! Ivypool is so awesome!

Ok don't hate me because a lot of people like Dovewing, but I think Ivypool is way better. She risks her life every night to go to the Dark Forest for her Clan to spy on them. And to be honest, Dovewing really didn't do anything to help her Clan in the Great Battle or whatever it was called; it was Ivypool doing all the fighting.

Ivypool and Hollyleaf are the best. Ivypool was really brave she was an apprentice. She was a great spy for the Clans and knew exactly what she was doing. Ivypool should at least be in the top ten. - Oliveleaf

Ivypool and Hollyleaf. Best cats in the series. Determined, loyal, risk their lives for their clan. Deserve to be at least top ten, Ivypool! Ivypool FOREVER! - Blazewhisker

I am seriously surprised that Ivypool did not make the top ten! Her character has developed so much throughout the books, and everyone can relate to her. Personally I believe that Ivypool is the best charracter in the Warriors series, and that she should be given a higher ranking on this list.

Why is Ivypool not at the top? She is the most amazing cat ever! She went into the Dark Forest to spy on them! She is the bravest cat ever!

I always felt really sorry for Ivypool when she was an apprentice, because unwanted kits, or kits who have AwesomeCoolProphecySpeshul siblings, don't show up very often in Warriors. And tend to make me cry. I just felt sorry for her at first and then her bitterness grew and grew, and she was forced to do such horrible things. Honestly she's like the last cat in the series who isn't a Mary-Sue -_- And even though everyone thinks she's really stable and normal now, I mean she was part of the Dark Forest, she killed lots of cats and her sister was always special while Ivypool was left out in the cold. I don't think she's very mentally healthy T_T she's just sort of broken. And I really relate to her sometimes, and yeah. Besides, I like Echoshipping (IvyxHawk). Well anyways, Ivypool definitely deserves to be higher up on this list.

Ivypool for the Fourth! Not Firestar! He's to much of a Mary Sue! Or Ivypool instead of Dovewing!

She, and Dovewing are my two favourite cats in the whole series! They have there own side story's, but this is about IVYPOOL. She risked her life as a spy and almost died! - SeeU

I felt bad for Ivypool because her sister got more attention than her and Erin hunter made her jealous and bitter

One of my favorites because I just love every part of her story

You should be at the top you help save the clans even with out powers. you are not evil when you went to the dark forest just lonely

Ivypools a well developed character unlike the number one Mary Sue of warriors, dovewing. She deserves to be higher on this list, especially considering how she risked her life every night. She's also really pretty and a good warrior

She is the major best! I don't like her sister at all because she is mean to her sister. Dovewing boo! Ivypool! Go! - AnonymousChick

Ivypool is the best cat! Her and Hollyleaf. Its horrible how much their siblings got attention and they were just ignored by everyone! Even when Ivypool rised her life everyday in the Dark Forest. This is why I hate Lionblaze and ESPECIALLY DOVEWING

Ivypool only risked her life because she could NOT go back. Her options from the Dark Forest were to die or to suffer. (See Night Whispers.) Seriously, some people here have smart opinions about Ivypool but some don't if they hadn't read clearly. - Sunadayh

She represents true struggles, unlike whiny Dovewing. You go Ivypool.

I just found Ivypool so interesting! She started out as a super shy and quiet and kind cat and then when she noticed all the attention Dovepaw was getting she turned out to be very, very jealous and bitter. I loved that change! Jealousy in itself is one of my favourite consepts, and so Ivypool made a great impact on me and I could relate to her a lot! Ivypool also worked literally day and night for her clan and was ready to sacrifice her own life (and some others' lives) for Thunderclan. A very fresh character for the series in my opinion.

Ivypool deserves to be in the prophecy instead of that stupid excuse for a cat dovewing

I kinda like ivy but I like dove better I don't know why I just do

Ivypool and holly leaf are my favourite cats and I am OBSESSED with both of them.