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Jayfeather is a character in the Warrior Cats series. He is part of The Three, along with Lionblaze and Dovewing, and has the power to read other cats' minds and walk into other cats dreams. He is blind.


Jayfeather is my favorite character, and not just because of his grumpy, moody personality. He's my favorite character because, out of the Three, he got the most development. (We didn't see Hollyleaf's. ) And his blindness makes him pretty unique, as no other main character (Longtail wasn't really a main character) was ever blind. And in some scenes, it's pretty hilarious, but in others, Jayfeather's blindness is tragic. He can't live like his Clanmates, and I don't mean being a medicine cat. Imagine that you could never see your family, friends, clan, herbs, anything, except for in dreams. Anyway, he was also the first one to forgive Leafpool, and if he wasn't there, the clans would never be.

Jayfeather is the best warrior cat of all time. He basically did all of the work to save the clans. Lionblaze and Dovewing did nothing to help him. He's blind, but he makes the best of it, and he has a reason to be angry because all the other cats treat him like he's a kit. He's the BEST warrior cat of all

Jayfeather is epic in everyway! You don't need to see to be epic and awesome! He is my second favourite cat, after Lionblaze. He was the one who saved ShadowClan from not believing in StarClan! He's so smart, nice and sharp-tongued. I love that kind of personality.

I know in the beginning he was kind of annoying but he is the BEST! When I started reading from his perspective I felt really bad for him since everyone treated him like a baby since he is blind. Reading from his perspective shows that even if you have obstacles you can overcome anything. Really his adventure in the tunnels and his adventure into the past was so epic that I wouldn't put the book down! He is definitely #1 his dreams were crushed of being a warrior and his siblings got to! So much happened to him in the span of 1 book. - GalaxyWarriorCat

Jayfeather is an amazing medicine cat. Even after the series no longer really focused on him, he still remained an interesting character. I probably don't speak for everyone, but in,"A Vision of Shadows," I got excited when ever his name was mentioned. I remember reading his chapters, feeling very interested.
Also (Has nothing to do with this..): I hate whenever people comment on a certain cat, saying,"Oh they suck.. I. Hate. Them." Then why did you just vote for them. Hmm? Talk about them on your vote or something.. Jeez..

Jayfeather is one of the sweetest cats in the book. As the story goes on and you read his point of view, you realize he is only cranky because he cares. He snaps when he's worried. I loved him since the start, and I couldn't think of a more special cat. I realize he has his faults though. He was very snappy and whiny in the beginning. He shouldn't have been so mean to Brightheart. But he also took really good care of Briarlight. He has a pure and true heart and only cares a little too much. I also think his relationship with Half Moon was the saddest relationship in warriors. You can't get a better cat than Jayfeather.

Jayfeather originally was one of the "eh." Characters. He wasn't good and he wasn't bad. Although somewhere something clicked and he became my favorite. I agree he lost so much, but he keeps going. His quotes were some of the funniest in Power of Three, and he was probably the funniest one to read in their point of view. Honestly I was surprised with his character development and he will probably always be my favorite (who knows though, I haven't read Vision of Shadows)

Jayfeather has always been my favorite, and always will be. I will defiantly cry a river of tears when he dies. Some people say he's stuck up, whiny, snarky, and straight up rude. But how would you feel if you were born with a defect such as blindness, were forced into a job you hated, were in a prophecy to save the world with most of the responsibility on YOUR shoulders, and your whole existence was defying the Warrior code? Pretty horrible, I'd say.

Problems build a person, but never as much as for Jayfeather. Being blind never help him (aside from strengthening his other sense making stuff interesting ). I never thought I would see through the eyes of someone blind. And yet here's Jayfeather. He didn't need vision in real life to be a hero. And also, mind reading us very, very cool!

I love him! He's my eighth favorite character, but he definitely deserves a spot on this list because almost everyone in the Warriors fandom loves him. He's sarcastic and grumpy and that's what makes him a funny and unique character. Plus, despite all that, Jayfeather is actually really sweet on the inside (as shown with Half Moon) and you feel bad for him because he never got to be a warrior since he was blind. - skaithewolf

He was so brave as blind he never gave up on his self. Also he found love with Half Moon no other cat had even know these cats were real. Also he showed every cat that no matter hurt, weak, old, blind, anything, that they should live and can do anything also he was seen stuff no other cat has go Jayfeather go Jay Wing

Is it just me or does nobody honor his line: If you want sympathy, go to the nursery. SO TYPICAL! SO AMAZING! MUCH WOW! I AM LITERALLY GOING TO KILL MYSELF IF I don't GET ANY MORE JAYFEATHER! BEST. CHARACTER. EVER! EVER!

Jayfeather should totally be number one on this list! He is sometimes a grumpy fuzz brain but is is the most loyal and kindest cat in the history of the clans! WHY IS JAYFEATHER NOT NUMBER ONE PEOPLE? WHY!?

Jay Jay is awesome he's like the new and improved Yellowfang who doesn't love Yellowfang? They're both sharp-tongued, quick minded, medicine cats, they both love cats they aren't supposed to love, and they're both gray! What could be better? And their classic grumpiness except Jay's got twice the grump!

Jayfeather always has and always will be the grumpy medicine cat. But you have to think about his life and other side of his personality too. Remember beautiful Half Moon? He loved her and he appointed her the first Stoneteller; and then he had to let her go. And the entire Lionblaze and Cinderheart drama? He was stuck in the middle between his brother and friend when Cinderheart started showing her medicine cat side.
And how about before he was a medicine cat? Jay'kit' was born blind and never really fit in right; but his littermates always tried to ignore that. He almost died when a fox cub chased him over the stone hollow cliff. And was apprenticed to Brightheart before being a medicine cat. That's when he really realized that he was different. Then he was mentored by his own (un)known mother! Eventually he got his medicine cat name after he gave up his dream to be a warrior. Jayfeather then wouldn't give up on Briarlight after she was crippled, and pretty much saved her life ...more

Jayfeather may be a medicine cat, but on the inside he's a warrior.
He doesn't fight or hunt, but really he does.
He hunts for the best way, and what prophecies mean.
He fights against being blind and is always loyal to his Clan.

Jayfeather is easily the best Warrior cat of all time! Not because of his grumpy personality, but mainly because he's the most developed of all the characters, literally. I mean, what are Firestar's traits? He's a kindhearted, strong, smart, *coughmarysuecough* cat, and that's it. But Jayfeather, I can list his entire personality. He's grumpy, but for a good reason; everyone treats him like a kit because he's blind. He's actually good-hearted and wise on the inside, and he basically does everything for Hollyleaf and Lionblaze. He's awesome.

He is the best he has the powers and the cool prophecy and the cool name Jays wing and he is like the best cat ever! also he has both ancestors and he is related to fire star. but seriously he can walk in dreams! I just love him. if he was a warrior just think how cool that would be I bet his apprentice would be amber paw! jayfeather rules!

Probably one of the most funniest cats in the series because of his sarcastic attitude. Only Graystripe rivals him in humor. I love Jayfeather. His unique perspective of the warriors world brings a fresh, new experience from the old ones. Though, I didn't particularly enjoy all of his spiritual endeavors, he remains to be a great, well-developed, likable character.

He may be stubborn and all, but he's one of the four... plus, if I were a cat, he would be my Crush/Mate :3 I think he's awesome,cute, awkwardly stubborn, Plus, he has a couple beautiful girls after him! And count me as one! :3 But for me, his mate should be Squirrelflight.. I don't know they look like a beautiful couple together! And maybe Hollyleaf or Ivypool, and he looks like a Silverstream guy like Graystripe, Jayfeather And Hollyleaf are perfect though...

Jayfeather is absaloutly amazing. I truly think he uses a foul attitude to cover up his sadness that he could never be a warrior, his family is and lie and forbidden, and that he's different. He gets frustrated when other cats try to help him because it makes him feel useless. If you've noticed, Jayfeather opens up around cats he's super close to like Hollyleaf and Lionblaze. In the end, he's a hero, and he should be well respected in the clans, after all, he did kinda save them from the Dark Forest!

JAYFEATHER IS AMAZING HE IS A PROPHECY CAT HIS IS SO KIND AND HE DOESN'T NEED SIGHT TO BE AWESOME! He is my favorite. He works so hard, despite the fact that he is blind. He is simply amazing. He knows that things aren't for granted and you must work to get it. :3

Personally, I LOVE Jayfeather. I know how he feels (being treated differently just because he's different, even though he can manage fine) and I understand him. He is kind and caring, just shows it in ways that don't seem like it.

Jayfeather is by far my favorite cat. Even though he is blind he is a fantastic medicine cat. His story is so great and inspiring. At first I thought he was a grumpy, self centered tom, but later I knew he was one of the most caring cats in all the books.

At first I was kinda like "Eh, he's okay..." but as I got to learn more and more about him I grew to love him! He is my favorite character, which is why I'm disappointed that not very many fans care much for him. I mean, I love to look at fan art but there is practically none for him! And it's rare that I talk to any fans who like him a lot.