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221 Jack

Firestar's father was Jake. He was also somehow (I'm not sure) Tiny's father. (I know his 'name' is Scrouge, but I don't like how he changed his name. So I'll call him Tiny) And it IS Jake, not Jack, I'm positive. And we'll, ahem...HE WAS TALLSTAR'S BESTESTEST FRIEND WHEN HE WAS YOUNG! HOW CAN YOU GET HIS NAME WRONG? ITS FOUR LETTERS! J. A. K. E.

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222 Hollytuft

I think she was someone's kit? Cinderheart's and Lionblaze's I believe. But really, Hollytuft?

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223 Cloudpelt

Are you talking about the cat broken

224 Clawface

Why is this mouse-brained piece of fox dung even number 97 anyways? He should be like, number 5 million!

*Pounds no button harder, than winces and clutches her fist*

This butt face shouldn't be on here


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225 Stormcloud

He appears in Bramblestar's Storm. He couldn't get over Benny, his brother's, death for a while but he got used to Clan life.

He isn't really a major character...

He might become more of a major character in the new warrior cat series though!

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226 Ashears

He is not mentioned in any book a mouse brain decided to put this on here. But I like the name

What book is Ashears mentioned in?

A grey Tom with little grey ears

227 Hailstar

Yes Hailstar was a great leader! Doesn't ANYONE remember him?!

Hailstar was kind to Crookedsta/jaw and didn't deserve to die. I can't believe I had to add him to this list. I love you!

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228 Slate

You are a great mother to you and Graywing's kits. You deserve to be somewhere up near the top! You went through so much. You lost your parents, your brother and then your mate...

229 Violetdawn

Thunder's mate. Kind and willing to learn what you need to in order to serve your clan.

My name is violet in case you didn't notice

230 Hollystar

She's mentioned in "Enter of the clans" if anyone is wandering.

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231 Heatherstar

Leads her clan with kindness and loyalty to them only.

Doesn't anyone remember Heatherstar, leader of Windclan before Tallstar?! GO HEATHERSTAR!

232 Featherwhisker

Medicine cat after Goosefeather-trained Spottedleaf! Does no one remember this noble medicine-cat?!

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233 Jay

Jayfeather is already on this and he is way higher than this

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234 Patchpelt

It says on Erin Hunter's warrior cat site. Its on the warrior cat family tree thing.

Graystripe was his kit! This warrior/elder definitely needs some comments guys!

I loved reading about him Bluestar's Prophecy.

Yeah! He is Graystripe's father! Didn't you know?

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235 Willowpelt

The mate of Patchpelt. Graystripe was her kit!

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236 Goldenflower

The mother of Bramblestar and Tawnypelt. It never really mentioned who was Ravenpaw's mother was though...and I have a theory that she is his mother because if you re-read Into the Wild, Ravenpaw limps into camp and faints. A queen runs over to him and frantically calls for Spottedleaf. Spottedleaf tells the queen to calm down, But Spottedleaf's exact words were something like this: "I'll take care of him, Goldenflower." Okay, I think that's almost accurate. If not, please don't hate me. But that's my theory. But... She was a good mother to whoever her kits were and served her clan well.

Her brother is Lionheart. Her parents are Speckletail and Smallear.

237 Sun Shadow

He is the son of Moon Shadow. He is in Dawn Of The Clans.

238 Daisy

Really? No comment? She helped all of the new queens and kits, as well as Ferncloud! In my opinion she deserves to be higher up in the list.

I hate daisy! She just cares about her kits! And when Jayfeather didn't give any herbs for her kits she practically snapped at him!

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239 Rowanstar

Rowanstar is okay but he needs to be a bit nicer to the other leaders. I also think he raised Dawnpelt wrong when she blamed Jayfeather for Flametail's death. Did anyone else notice how in the New Prophecy: Starlight he called Tawnypelt a half-Clan cat. I seriously wonder why Tawnypelt became mates with him.

Actually it was black star who called tawny pelt the half clan cat and Rowan defended her

He doesn't have the right qualities a leader should have

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240 Lightning Tail

He is in "Dawn of the clans" if anyone is wondering.

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