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281 Darknight
282 Rockshade
283 Firefern V 2 Comments
284 Skybramble V 3 Comments
285 Mothshine
286 Lilyheart
287 Nightstar
288 Nutmeg

She's not really mentioned-but thanks anyway Nutmeg! -without you we wouldn't have had Firestar!

I love this name. Sounds like an amberish and white goldenish but not really gold she cat with sweet Amber eyes. And she was Firestar's mother! Go Nutmeg!

Nutmeg is mentioned once in the books, when Tallstar is walking though twolegplace with Jake and he's telling Tall'tail' about the cats that live there. She's so cool she is Princess's mother AND Firestar's mother,
this lady should get an award, she's awesome!

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289 Hollypaw

Uh... Hollypaw? Is that... Hollyleaf, Hollystar or... This is just confusing!

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290 One Eye

I loved her, I don't care that she was deaf and blind. She was an amazing warrior in Bluestar's Prophecy, known as Whiteeye. (I think). She was so sweet and loving! An amazing mother to Mousefur and Runningwind!

She is the mother of Mousefur and Runningwind!

I wonder who her mate was...

I love Bluestar besides two reasons.
1. She chased Thistleclaw into the Dark Forest when he was originally in StarClan.
2. She renamed Whiteye One-eye, Sparrowpelt Halftail, and Brightpaw Lostface

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291 Dappletail

You were a kind elder I was sad when you were starved then you went insane because you had no food :(

She was once beautiful. I feel sorry for her.

You replaced Moonflower for Stormtail when she died, I hate you, but I only have a soft spot cause you were Whiteeye's friend.

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292 Mosspelt

Thank you mosspelt for taking care of feather kit and storm kit

You wereawsome taking care of graystipe's and silverstream's kits

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293 Onestar

I love One star he is a great warrior! He should be way up in the list. He is my fourth fave warrior! Vote One star!

Great development he's my dear wife, people should understand his character and how great he is

One star was awesome! The only flaw (one of the seven deadly sins, even) was his pride.

One star is AMAZING he is so honest, brave and proud...

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294 Nightcloud

I hate how people hate her because of leafpool. Besides, leaf pool shouldn't even BE with Crowbutt anyways. And if your mate doesn't love you and is mooning another cat, it makes sense for her to be angry. So stop it nightcloud haters! YOU GUYS SUCKS! And she is clingy to Crowbutt only because Crowbutt is floating towards Leafbutt. I would be pretty upset if that happens to me too. And she is an awesome mother too. Poor Nightcloud doesn't deserve Crowbutt. Let Crowbutt fly away with Leafbutt! They suck anyways!

I love Nightcloud for being so strong when Crowbutt (feather) was like " Hey Nightcloud, I'm going to leave you for my precious Leafpool, so bye bye sucker! ". She took matters to her own hands and watched over her only son with care. She's such a fierce mom. She only was clingy because she thought that she was going to lose Crowfeather. Again. Dislike if you must, I don't care. I just feel pity and love for my Nighty!

To be honest Nightcloud is one of the best characters.

I feel bad for Her ;^;

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295 Billystorm

Billystorm: A tornado of goats raging through the land, destroying everything in it's path saying "meh"

A great mate to Leafstar-and hey! His name isn't too bad once you get used to it! I have heard of worse warrior names!

*imitates billy goat* This cat is awesome!

V 2 Comments
296 Millie

You're ok, Millie, but I really think you should spend time with your other kits. I liked you better before Briarlight had the accident.

Millie helped bring Graystripe back to the clans, and for that, I thank her.

What about Millie? :(

It's no surprise that the Warrior cats fandom hates her for ""stealing Graystripe from Silverstream"" or ""making Blossomfall go to the Dark Forest"". Honestly though, she's one of the more realistic and relatable characters in the series.

First and foremost, Silverstream has been dead for over 23 books; get over it. She wasn't that perfect, in fact, she treated Firestar awfully and she excused herself from breaking the warrior code since she was the clan leader's daughter. Most people see the past through a rose colored lens, and that is your nostalgia. Reread the scenes where she didn't die, everyone.

To be frank, I felt that the Erins deteriorated Blossomfall and Millies' relationship to make her join the Dark Forest. Oh well. However, their characterization was handled well; no family acts the same after a tragedy and both, Blossomfall and Millie made their mistakes. Blossomfall was too involved over her mother's concern with ...more

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297 Darkstripe

Darkstripe tried to kill Stonefur. He doesn't deserve to be on here.

Respect the evil cats in this game! Wouldn't the Warrior series be kinda boring if it's all nice and peaceful and no danger or anything interesting?

Him and Tigerstar, and Brokenstar should be LAST! THAT is what I think of him.

He only wanted a friend and to be niceish but chose TIGER STAR WHY PORR DARKSTRIPE

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298 Foxheart

No understudydy here. I hate this cat great name for her.(did you know foxheart is an insult)



SORRY BUT RELLY (that's a dog tipe) o-o :( :( :(WHAT

299 Clawface

Why is this mouse-brained piece of fox dung even number 97 anyways? He should be like, number 5 million!

*Pounds no button harder, than winces and clutches her fist*

This butt face shouldn't be on here


V 11 Comments
300 Boulder

What a nice, loyal tabby Tom, I always thought he should be called Blueboulder because of his gorgeous sky blue eyes and sleek grey fur

What a nice warrior he even helped Tigerster the Meanest leader ever! - Brackenfur101

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