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41 Mosskit Mosskit

Why did she die? That was so unfair and sad

My opinion:
Snowfur nudges Mosskit. "Why are you back here little one? Come join Bluestar in the top ten! " Mosskit haters blocked Snowfur's path.
"THAT's where she belongs! " the snowy white she-cat snarled. They stepped aside. "Thank you, now, up to the top ten you go, little Mosskit."

It was so fun fair mosskit should have lived

I love Mosskit! Why was she killed? Her mother is my fave cat! Oh, Mosskit... #Welovemosskit

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42 Shrewpaw

Shrewpaw shouldn't have died! He could have fed half the clan, and was focused on nothing else, even the car (monster) hurtling towards him, which makes him a great apprentice, who should have been a warrior!

Shrewpaw was such a great apprentice he would have been a great warrior. I wish he lived he was so loyal

I think Squirrelflight should have been with him...

He was such a sweetheart, especially to Squirrelflight (then Squirrelpaw). You could tell he had a crush on her. He was very brave and loyal and if he had lived I would've named him Shrewheart for his compassion or Shrewfoot because it sounds cool . I think he would've made an excellent warrior and deputy, maybe even leader. I thought Spiderleg and him were so cute together, too (as brothers) SHREWSTAR! SHREWSTAR!

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43 Barley

He is so helpful to the clans. Also his back story is so sad. I love him he is cool

He so nice! He's funny as well and his accent is cool. I hate scourge. I hope he dies in a hole - Leaftail

Go die in a hole Scourge. You almost killed Violet! Barley is awesome!

I named one of my Neko Atsume cat after you!
(And about every cat is named after warriors)

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44 Skywatcher

He stay knowing his loyalty to the scattered clan

I live his personality. He seemed kind of 'out there' but he was and is one of my favorite cats

I love skywacher in fact I got so attached to him I cried for two hours he is amazing.
From wolfstar

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45 Tawnypelt

Okay Tawnypelt is in the top ten because even though she joined shadow clan its not her fault that cats blamed her for her fathers crimes

Tawnypelt Is Generally just a badass and (I refuse to say sassy) kinda cat. I felt bad as she was basically forced leaving her clan because of how uncomfortable other cats were around her purely because who her father was. Even so, she became loyal to her father and his new clan no matter how ridiculous he was because she was LOYAL. Even when Tigerstar offered her training from the dark forest she refused because she knew it was wrong. (I genuinely cried when she left Thunderclan)

Tawnypelt is awesome. She helped find the lake territory and was loyal to her Clan. - Tigerloversd

She's badass - Swiftflame

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46 Stonefur

What 35 he should be #1 he is a mix of blue star and oak heart he is brave, smart, noble, and the best warrior cat ever

Stonefur should be number one he he was the most loyal cat, son of oakheart and bluestar he was a great deputy and should be recognized for his bravery and fighting skill But even though he was loyal he had a kind heart and almost saved bluestar's life despite being angry with her. I hate tigerstar for ordering his cats to kill stonefur after stonefur would not kill graystripes kits. But what is remarkable about stonefur is that he fought until the end and I believe that had he not been medically unwell he would have killed darkstrpe and blackfoot. I will always love scourge for killing tigerstar!

I am going to kill Tigerstar again and again (Even though he is dead already.) for ordering his cats to kill Stonefur! His own kits are half-clan cats. Stonefur didn't deserve to die. Thanks a lot, Leapordstar, for not even protecting your own deputy!

I think he's the saddest death of the first series (hahaa bluestar and yellowfang fans get triggered) - Swiftflame

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47 Bramblestar Bramblestar

How the heck is he only number 44 he saved all the clans!

Wait, there's Bramblestar AND Brambleclaw? They're the same cat! I don't really like you sorry.

I would have put him at number 2 he should be so much higher

This is Bramblestar: "I'm leader y'all.". I mean why couldn't he just be happy as a warrior?

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48 Oakheart

Why, did I have to add Oakheart to this list? -. - Not cool. Unlike Oakheart, who is one cool cat.

You should put him MUCH higher he was so nice! His kits where the kindest cats ever! I feel so sorry for Stonefur. He should not have died that way.

I would put him so much higher you should have done that too

i ship - Swiftflame

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49 Ferncloud

She faced lots of pain. More than you remember, people! At apprentice age her mother was killed. She risked her life avenging her mother. She has two unknown brothers. When she is born it is stated there are four kits. Where did they go? She was mentored by Darkstripe. I don't need to explain how bad that is. Let's see... Skip to the next series, she lost half of her kits! She lost her brother (I hate Ashfur. No offense) And she died such a loyal death. - AnonymousChick

In my opinion killing her off because she had way to many litters and stay in the nursery is stupid. Why? If you look at every she-cat and their mate they have one to two litters. so if you want to kill her off cause of that you might as well kill off all of your characters. Don't like my opinion, sorry but every person has a different opinion. and yes how I know that number of she cats had more litters is I looked it up. IF you don't like Ferncloud having number of kittens. put it this way in real life cats whether it be male or female they will bound to have more then one, when it comes to a number of cats. Ex my mother had a pet named sparkie, she had muitply litters. Also you TRY raising that many and see what it does to you. Why not kill off daisy, she did the samething. why like off Ferncloud, but not daisy?

She was so sweet and also she and Dustpelt made adorable mates and it was so sad when she died!

She was literally preganant for her entire life

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50 Bouncefire

He has an awesome name and is very loyal to Leafstar - Leaftail

I hate how she got killed her name is adorable and though she's a side charcter I imagine her when she's a kit as a enthusiastic kit - Icypelt

I agree, his name is extordinary. He sounds lively. He was loyal.

51 Cinderheart

So energetic and funny and sweet and she is the best cat ever!

She is one of my favourite characters! She does not deserve to be this low on the list!

She is cinderpelt too and her mentor was Yellowfang (my second favorite medicine cat)

CINDERPELT - lilydoestopten

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52 Russetfur

I hate Loinblaze. He killed her. Read on if you want to hear Lionblaze's death

" ATTACK"! The battle had begun. Thunderclan and Shadowclan needed to make new boundaries. A black she-cat let out a battle cry and dug her claws into Firestar's back. Firestar yowled and swung her off. Loinblaze jumped on the she-cat and dug bus class into her belly until blood oozed out. She cryed out in agony. Lionblaze let her go with a sharp warning bite that would scar her for life. Lionblaze looked around. Thunderclan was loosing. Filled with anger, he lunged at the nearest Shadowclan warrior who happened to be Blackstar, and they rolled down a hill, claws thrashing and teeth snapping and snarling. " Murder", screeched Blackstar as he kicked Lionblaze's belly, causing him to fly threw the air and he fell hard in the ground. Lionblaze jumped up, yowled in anger and tore his claws at Blackstar's face and sank his teeth into Blackstar's shoulder. Blackstar yowled in pain. ...more

Did you ever read the part where it said that Lionblaze felt guilty, and that Russetfur was killing Firestar? Just go read Fading Echoes and Night Whispers again, please. - Sunadayh

She was a great and kind cat in the Manga and Yellowfang's Secret. I wish she was more like herself in Omen of the Stars but I can't really blame her, Tigerstar had a big influence on Shadowclan. It really sucked that she died, but at the same time, I can't really blame Lionblaze. Wished she could have been leader though.

I loved how she was to Sasha in the first manga book. (I hadn't read the others, sorry.) Geesh, you hating Lionblaze even though Russet was old and Lionblaze did it to protect his leader? He felt guilty! Stupid... although that was my dear rant. But I still love Russetfur and Lionblaze.

Best cat.

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53 Littlecloud

How could you not love Littlecloud? He's such a sweet cat.

You should at least make him higher on the list than russetfur

He's so cute! He became a med cat for Cinderpelt! How can you not love a cat like that?

He was so innocent in the first series and helped develop Cinderpelt - Swiftflame

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54 Tigerheart

I did feel sympathy for him when Dovewing wouldn't meet him anymore, but he's not the best cat.

He wants to be Dovewing's mate so bad. :3

Tigerheart is so nice but I get why dovewing left him. They need to both be loyal to clan. I think those to would have made a great couple but it would never wrok

He's my favorite, but not heroic enough yet.
#WaitForTheSuperEdition - Lizardstep

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55 Jessy

Meh. I liked her spunk, and she reminded me of Squirrel. A more annoying, jerky, Squirrelflight. She got in the way of Bramblestar's true heart!

I like her but I don't like her; she was cool before Bramblestar started to like her, but very interesting. I liked her spunk and how she was like Skyclan cats. It was really interesting because Squirrelflight was torn between liking two toms, and then she chose Bramblestar; and Bramblestar was torn between two she-cats, but chose Squirrelflight. That brought them even closer together.
Seedpaw's warrior name is Seedflame. Please like that she deserves it.

I hate her she got in the way of squirrlexbramble


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56 Princess

I loved Princess! She was the mother of Cloudtail, the best white furred cat in the series, and Sister to the bravest and best leader of the forest.

Is it weird I think Ravenpaw and princess would be cute together...

Combination of Firestar and Cloudtail

Princess was not my faveret, but she was one of them. WHY IS SHE ONLY 48!

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57 Frostfur

5- 58? HOW? She was mother to Brightheart, Thornclaw, Cinderpelt AND Brackenfur if you forgot! She should be higher than 58! And I've always been confused who was her mate?

So kind and caring she raised wonderful kits in my opinion I think she was the best queen...

She shouldn't be stick at 58.NO NO NO She should be 1. She's my favorite

cool - Swiftflame

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58 Raggedstar

A peaceful, yet headstrong leader, but his son murdered him and took his life away from him.

Ragged star shouldn't have died. Poor Yellowfang.

He was headstrong but kind and loving at the same time. He was blinded by pride and destroyed Shadowclan by making his son deputy. He completely ignored Yellowfang after she had brought Brokentail into camp. He was rude, but I know inside he still cared. A favorite cat of mine.

He's awesome, but made a bad choice in picking his deputy..:o

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59 Brook Where Small Fish Swim (Brook)

She loved Stormfur so much, that she traveled with him!

I don't really like Brook, maybe because I feel she took Stormfur away from the clans, that's where he belongs. I'll trade Crowfeather for Stormfur any day. Just give him back!

Brook is really sweet I like her and storm fur there adorable

Brook was so sweet

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60 Greystripe

Grey has been here since the beginning. Sure, he broke the code with Silverstream but his daughter saved the tribe! He got taken by kittypets and met Millie. Millie and him had some great kits. Grey saved Firestar times and times before. Greystripe deserves number 1 on this list!

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