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61 Purplemist

Lol Mary sue. Not even canon who put this here

She was such a wonderful cat

Mary sue confirmed

What is this?

62 Wolfstep
63 Echosong

She is a great cat. I don't know why so many people hate her! She's compassionate and wise. And her name is awesome!

My favorite warrior cat name. She is amazing!

I love her name! She was and still is wise and gentle. She reminds me of Spottedleaf.
*also: if she had a different name I think Echorise would be fitting*

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64 Cherrytail

Cherrytail was awesome, she Reminded me of Cinderpelt when she was an apprentice - Bramble

65 Purdy

He makes me smile almost every time the book mentions him he is telling a story to Mousefur and or Longtail

I love Purdy! He is so funny and when he tells his stories, oh how I will sit with him and listen to it all!

I love Purdy! He's amazing and I love his personality. I would beg to pick the elders ticks so I could hear his stories!

I laughed whenever he was telling Mousefur and/or Longtail a story and they were just like 'can you shut up already? ' He's very clueless sometimes but also can be very wise. He's also very sweet and thoughtful
Purdy. Is. Awesome :3333333

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66 Dustpelt

My favourite Warrior Cat together with Blackstar, just before Thrushpelt, Longtail and Jayfeather! I voted for Blackstar now, but seriously someone has to vote for me on this guy!

I don't see why Dustpelt is so low in the ranks. Sure he was mean to Firestar at first, but he became nice.

He is really loyal, I know he was mean a little bit but he became nice. I would put him at least in the top 50

This guy was cool in midnight - Swiftflame

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67 SnowTuft

Snowtuft was a Dark Forest cat introduced sometime in Fading Echoes I'm pretty sure of...

Honestly, I haven't read far enough to see this Snowtuft, but, what kind of a name is that?!

It doesn't mention Snowtuft, but he seems really interesting to learn about

His name is so cute:3

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68 Goldstar

Goldstar is a selfless, noble leader. He should be higher!

Plus he has an awesome name.

Goldstar was leader of lionclan

Who now?

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69 Dustwing V 1 Comment
70 Clearsky

Clearsky is awesome! GO CLEARSKY! I know you rejected your son and killed lots of cats, but you were sorry about that. You were only trying to do what you thought was right.

Yay! I finally found besides myself someone who loves Clear Sky! Go Clear Sky!

Go Clear Sky! You rock! You're the best cat that Erin Hunter has written! - Sumwantin

At first, I HATED HIM. But now I do - lilydoestopten

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71 Fallenleaves

I adore Fallenleaves! He is such a lovely cat with such a sad past, being under the tunnels with Hollyleaf! Love him! Am I right?

I feel this cat is strong, independent, and lovely! He welcomed Hollyleaf so willing, he cares and understands he's dead. He takes in like a warrior, to me, he died a Sharp Claw.

I adore Fallenleaves it was so sad how he died in the tunnels. He deserves higher on this list then 56

I love Fallen Leaves. Go HollyleafxFallen Leaves :3 - lilydoestopten

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72 Mistyfoot

Mistyfoot is so nice and kind. She is the best cat ever!

Mistyfoot/star is the best cat ever! Despite being half ThunderClan, half RiverClan, she stays loyal to RiverClan, but still loves her mother in the end. She forgives Mothwing (Sorta because of the omen, but still), she stays loyal to her friend Silverstream and does not spill her secret about Graystripe, and so much more. Do I really have to list everything? And I feel sorry for her. She lost three of her four kits, she lost her mother without even really knowing her, her brother Stonefur was cruelly killed, and she almost died, and her littermate Mosskit died. And Mistystar had to prove herself because she is half-Clan! She did not give up and ended up being leader and living a long life. She really deserves that, but not all the pain. Go Mistystar!

Misty foot or as we should call her misty star had a father who was a deputy and a mother as leader and no matter what anyone could possibly say she was loyal to her clan, her brother and she tried to save blue stars life

Why is Mistyfoot on here when there is already a Mistystar on here?!

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73 Jagged Peak

I hate Clear Sky; he kicked his own brother out! Jagged Peak is so nice! I love him!

Jagged Peak is adorable

It's bad that Jagged Peak had the accident

I feel bad for him, knowing he got an injury. - lilydoestopten

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74 Smallear

I love this cat! He was hardly mentioned though

It really rolls off the tounge. Keep saying it...
Okay now if just sounds weird.

His mate was Speckletail, and his kits were Goldenflower and Lionheart and... Snowkit *I think*

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75 Littlerose
76 Sasha

After you read the manga you have to like Sasha. She really should be higher, I named my cat after her! She gave up living with her true love even though she was expecting his kits because she knew it was the right thing to do. I mean, after knowing something like that, who would want to stay near them?

I like Sasha. Even though she's the mother of Hawkfrost, she's an awesome cat. She really loved Tigerstar, but she left him when she realized what he was planning. Even though her mate and son were evil, she was a good cat.

Why is sasha so low? She is an amazing, selfless cat, but she needs a better taste in toms...

She created Hawkfrost! How is she good?

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77 Mousefur Mousefur

! Mousefur is, like, the best cat in the forest! Okay, maybe that's a little too high. I'll say the best ELDER in the forest, after Longtail, because I LOVE LONGTAIL! !

But actually, the best cat in the forest is Ivypool

In the beginning... I admit it, my favorite cat was Hawkfrost. I like his name, but still. When I began the third series Mousefur became my favorite cat. She was there from the beginning, and although she is cranky, I smile whenever she makes a sarcastic comment. I LOVE MOUSEFUR!

Can the person that posted the comment below learn that people hate ivypool so technically she might not be the best cat in the forest even though I love her but some people hate her by the way Bluestar is my favorite cat even though I love ivypool

I love her grumpy, short-tempered personality. MOUSEXLONG FOREVER!

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78 Whitetail

For some reason I've always liked Whitetail; brave warrior of Windclan. She always seemed ready to defend her clan; but wasn't overly aggressive. Go Whitetail!

She would make a great leader of Windclan, better than Onestar...

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79 Redtail

Redtail is my most favorite character next to Crookedstar. STUPID TIGERSTAR! He was Tigerstar's first victim and an amazing deputy to bluestar! -Redtail

Why in the name of Starclan is Redtail so far behind on this list?! He was an amazing deputy, killed by the leader of all the idiots in the forest, (Tigerstar.) and gave Firestar one of his lives, even though they didn't know each other. It was sad Firstar didn't get to meet him. (Well, in the forest when he was alive I mean.)

Yes Redtail was the perfect deputy!

Sandstorm's father peeple! Best cat!

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80 Shaded Moss
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