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81 Rainwhisker

Rainwhisker is adorable, as compassionate and loving as a kit:3

How did you die again? It never said.

He died in the badger attack that killed cinderpelt

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82 Eaglescreech
83 Snowfur

Snowfur is awesome! She forgives Thistleclaw for what he does, and though Bluestar hates Thistleclaw, she respects her opinions.

In my opinion, Snowfur should be higher up on this list. She's my favorite, and she's an amazing character in the series!

Snowfur was so sweet and loyal, she saw beauty even in thistleclaw.

She's pretty and a
Good mother - Icypelt

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84 Graywing

I know this isn't the right Gray Wing but everyone is putting down the one in Dawn of the Clans so this is were in voting for him. He was very courageous and I'm happy he decided to foster the orphan kits I think it built up his character. He could have been a better leader but he was a good character over all. Sad he dies from asthma.

How is Gray Wing not the first? He created the clans! He risked his life to save his brother, he stayed behind for the journey to protect the remaining tribe cats, and he was brave enough to fight against his own brother! 'Sniff sniff'.

Graywing- the one you guys are commenting about is actually spell Grey Wing. This Graywing is actually supposed to be the Riverclan she-cat. But I suppose it doesn't matter now... Well Graywing from Dawn of the clans was a noble and great cat! *SPOILER ALERT* Sad how he died from not getting enough air.

It's Gray Wing! You forgot the space!

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85 Blackstar

Blackstar is such a cool and fierce leader! GO BLACKSTAR! Take your place in the top ten! If I could choose any two warrior cats I would like to meet, I would want to meet you and Firestar!

Blackstar is awesome! :3

Blackstar is a fantastic and well developed character. He needs much more love from the fandom.

One of the only bad cats/Tigerstar&Brokenstar rogues that turned good afterwards and went to StarClan. Not the best, but I respect him, a lot. - Lizardstep

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86 Willowbreeze

It doesn't matter who her mother is or how pretty she is. She is compassionate, gentle, wise, and strong.

"Oh, my precious love," her last words to Crookedstar make me cry every time I read it. She loved him so much!

Mother of silverstream, the prettiest!

She's so sweeet - Icypelt

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87 Brightflower

Brightflower is awesome

For sorta teaming up with Broken, she deserves to be in the dark forest. - Lizardstep

Apparently she is in the Dark Forest. - IcetailofWishClan

One of my favorite cats. though she was hardly mentioned, she was a strong and kind mother, and cared for every cat.

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88 Hopefeather

*Sigh* Another cat who doesn't even exist. - Lizardstep

Who is hopefeather - Icypelt

89 Runningwind

His death was most tragic you stupid Tigerstar! I think that Tigerstar is the worst character ever for killing him!

What the StarClan was that pooper thinking!?

Wait why are you so low? 78? I know he wasn't in the series very long and he wasn't very important to the plot line but I still love him. He was a brave and loyal warrior till the end; dumb Tigerstar.

This guy (and mousefur) really gave the warriors universe small characters that affected us when they left, not in the plot, but in our hearts - Swiftflame

Well, he's 89 now. Not very significant.
But what if...he switched destinies with Firestar? - Lizardstep

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90 Breezepaw

How are YOU higher than Honeyfern? (she started sobbing) I hate you! GO to 160, or even better, get off this list!

I feel sorry for him though. He's not my favorite character, but it was hard for him to see his parents fight all the time. - Oliveleaf

Breezepelt? Good? You've got to be kidding. - RiverClanRocks

He sucks :/ - Icypelt

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91 Rainswept Flower
92 Nightblaze
93 Ratscar
94 Thornclaw

Thornclaw? All he did was not kill himself like Swiftpaw and bright heart.

Thorn law? He trained in the dark forest

I Love Thornclaw! He is so tough!

THORNCLAW IS AWESOME! And he never trained in the Dark Forest, Dovewing's Silence was just really messed up.

95 Pinestar

I think pinestar should be higher because he is really wise and picked blue stars mentor

I think Pinestar should be higher on the list.

I don't think pinestar is bad at all. He made his own desicion and left his clan with a strong leader. The only mistake he ever made was his son.

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96 Breezedust
97 Grey Wing

Grey Wing is the best cat. He saved his brother and his group of cats from the fire, and risked his life to do it.

I hate Clear Sky; he stole Storm and then let her go die; and rejected his own son, and brother! Gray Wing is so much better.

Poor Grey Wing! Storm shouldn't have died like that.

It's too bad that he died all because from the fire.. he would have been a great leader

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98 Silverflame

Silverflame is in "Yellowfang's Promise" if anyone is wondering. I think she was an elder.

Silverflame is epic, from her personality to her name!

Yellowfang's secret, not promise.

She's Brightflower's mother (who's Yellowfang's mother) Basically she's Yellowfang's grandmother.

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99 Harrykit

We know where Harrykit came from thank you very much. Really Leafstar should meet Sorreltail and Brackenfur sometime they could teach her how to name kit and warriors!

Let's face it, Leafstar can't think of names to save her life. Now Solkit? That's a cool name. - RiverClanRocks

Harrykit is Leafstar's son, named after Harry (really Sol), a kittypet who saved them from an old twoleg.

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100 Redfern
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