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141 Cloudstar

Cloudstar tried his hardest to look after his clan. And he didn't fail-Skywatcher kept the memories of Skyclan alive, so now Skyclan is alive today!

I love SkyClans storyline and cloud star helps that, He was the leader of my favorite clan when they were forced to go to the gorge and begged the other leader for land so they could stay. When they said no he was forced to suffer for the trechery caused by Skystar in DotC arc (The Great Battle). SkyClan was punished for their ancestors wrong doings. Cloud star lost his mate and kits and lead SkyClans with great strength. I'm really hoping the SkyClan comes to the lake since it is said that they make an aperrience in the visions of shadows arc

142 Tangle V 2 Comments
143 Lion's Roar

Lion's Roar/the tribe's Lionblaze basically created the clans. He should be higher up on the list!

THIS GUY NEEDS AND AWARD! He suggested a groups of cats leaves the mountains, and guess what?
He technically started the clans!

Lion's Roar, convinced Half Moon/ Stoneteller to let a group of cats leave the mountains.

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144 Beetlewhisker

He was killed because he stood up for what was right even though it cost him his life he did it anyway. That shows that he deserves to be voted best warrior cat to me!

SOMEONE HELP BEETLEWHISKER TO GET HIGHER! Beetlewhisker died in the darkforest standing up for what is right! He should be a lot higher!

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145 Moonflower Moonflower

I think she is really nice and caring and I am on blue stars prophecy

I love Moonflower it was so sad when she died- Bluestar and Snowfur were sad also. Stupid Hawkheart

Moonflower should have never have died the way she did stupid hawkheart

Go moonflower! I like all posts in moonflowers favor!

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146 Whitewing

Cloudtail and Brightheart's daughter so I'm okay with her

Umm HELLOW? No comment? She was the mother of Dovewing and Ivypool! She was sweet and gentle, so like this comment and make a comment urself! If u don't, I will make you. (Not really) and hay! COOL! I'm the first comment

Your not the first comment anymore! she was but she obviously isn't very important. -Falconstar

147 Jingo

She is doing so well as leader I can't believe she isn't on this list already

Um, I'm sorry don't hate but who is Jingo? What book is she/he from? Please someone I need to get the book.

Oh, jingo. Can I be with you, and follow you?

Where is this cat from?

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148 Hawkheart Hawkheart

Awesome. He may have killed Moonflower, but she was raiding the med den! She would killed MANY MANY cats if she took away the supplies. Sure, Moon's death was sad, but one unimportant cat or the whole of WindClan?

My opinion I hate Hawkheart HE KILLED MOONFLOWER(Bluestar's mother)

Hawkheart killing moonflower was wrong, but he was a great mentor to barkface

I hate Hawkheart. Yes, I know Moonflower(my fave cat Bluestar's mother) raided their medicine, but it was PINESTAR'S ORDERS! She had no choice to obey or she could have been ejected from Thunderclan. His name should not be Hawkheart. Why? BECAUSE HE doesn't HAVE A HEART

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149 Jake

Why are people so thankful to Jake JUST because of Firestar? Jake was much more than that. He and Tallstar were such a cute gay couple (even if Erin Hunter don't think that there are gay couples in warriors) and without him Tallstar would have killed a cat and would never be the leader he was- he might not even have gone back to the Clans. Jake is just this cute cheerful ginger dude and he is baywa (better than any warrior). And yes I guess we've gotta thank him for Firestar- but was Firestar really that good? He lived, like, forever! Jake is such a great kitty- sunheart360

Jake was a friend of Tallstar and father of Fireheart/star and was a great cat

Thank-you Jake! Without you we wouldn't have had the most awesome leader around the lake- Firestar!

Tallstar's mate

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150 Flowerstar

Leader of Shadowclan. Chosen by the medicine cat, when new leader died of greencough before choosing a deputy.

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151 Midnight

Midnight really helped the clan cats and did everything she could. Nobody should blame her for any deaths, she truly tried her best.

She isn't a cat, but she's to the Warriors series as Yoda is to Star Wars. - RiverClanRocks

Cool! A talking badger!

Midnight sa badger not a cat she should not be on the list

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152 StarStarStar

What the heck? Who even is Starstarstar? Somebody, if you know who Starstarstar is, please explain him/her.

What kind of idiot put him on here? I've read every book and no one has ever heard of him

What the heck? Who even IS Starstarstar?

Why is he/she higher than Bright Stream? - IcetailofWishClan

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153 Bright Stream

How can no one remember this beautiful she-cat? She died for Gray Wing! I know she isn't a clan cat but she would've been if she'd survived the journey. How can no one remember her? I had to add her to this list!

Don't worry, I can remember her... So sad she died-when she was carrying kits too. :(

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154 Reedwhisker V 1 Comment
155 Cedarstar V 1 Comment
156 Sol

His life as a kit with his mother, wasn't a nice life at all. So he joined Skyclan, and then he was suddenly a sly and evil character. He was exiled and then went to the other clans... and you all know what he did then...

He isn't a very nice cat. I wouldn't want to meet him.

Sol actually did die guys. I made it up.

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157 Brick

Ahem... I have read every single book and there is no cat what so ever named Brick. I mean really. Brick?

How is Brick good? He was in BloodClan, for goodness sake. What so great about him?

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158 Rowanberry

Aww I love Rowanberry. Her name was one of the first unique names introduced in the series. She's Yellowfang's sister, from the book Yellowfang's Secret.

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159 Mothflight

She was also one of my favorite of all warrior characters! Totally awesome! I feel bad for her for losing Micah and separating kits!

What the freak? She deserves to be number one or two! She is one of my favorites! WHY IS SHE 130?!?! #IVYSUCKS

She deserves better than this! all the medicine cats should be thanking her she found the moonstone after all!

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160 Sparkpaw
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