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161 Sparkpaw
162 Dustshine

Dustshine is a warrior in Thunderclan and has a handsome ginger coat with amber eyes

163 Alderheart

He's a nice cat! It's too bad he became a medicine cat..

164 Monkeystrike


165 Dawnstorm V 1 Comment
166 Heavystep V 2 Comments
167 Tall Shadow
168 Wolfheart V 1 Comment
169 Jaguarspot
170 Petalmist

What is this even an actual character?

I highly doubt this is even canon. - IcetailofWishClan

V 1 Comment
171 Oakclaw
172 Petalfur
173 Tigershark

Yet another fake cat someone posted on here. Move along. - IcetailofWishClan

174 Swiftflame

Swiftflame is more of a clan name for him he suits it๐Ÿ˜…

175 Fluttering Bird Fluttering Bird
176 Mothwing

I admire Mothwing's loyalty to her brother (when they were young) and her Clan despite her mother leaving, and compassion to other cats. I find her relatable and understandable.

I admire Mothwing's determination to serve her clan, even if she didn't believe in StarClan. I think she deserves a higher spot on this list than her brother.

She tries her hardest to look after her clan. What more could you ask of her? Mothwing doesn't have to be able to interpret signs from Starclan.

V 2 Comments
177 Leafstar

Best leader ever! Truly believes in the warrior code. She went from rouge to leader in a few moons. She faced many difficulties ( rats, sol, rogues, twolegplace cats, floods, etc. ) and led skyclan through it all. I think she should appear in more books. If I am correct the only books leafstar is in are firestar's quest, skyclan's destiny, and a few mangas. Really? Leafstar deserves more than that! Go leafstar! :)

-floodstar leader of moonclan

Best skyclan leader ever! She really thinks things through before she acts. That is something other clan leaders despretly need. Let leafstar guide you skyclan. :-)/-/

Why doesn't anyone care about Leafstar? =( She is such a great leader! And THIS is what people think of her? Hasn't anyone read all about what a good leader Leafstar is? I have, and I think Leafstar should be in the top ten!

Bottom of the list? Seriously? Mapleshade, Tigerstar, Clawface, and Darkstripe are so much worse than her. She is a great cat, and she doesn't deserve to be here. Come on! Even stupid Foxheart is ahead of her! - Lizardstep

V 34 Comments
178 Millie

You're ok, Millie, but I really think you should spend time with your other kits. I liked you better before Briarlight had the accident.

Millie helped bring Graystripe back to the clans, and for that, I thank her.

What about Millie? :(

Her attitude to Briarlight and not to her other kits is just SAD! - Lizardstep

V 21 Comments
179 Boulder

What a nice, loyal tabby Tom, I always thought he should be called Blueboulder because of his gorgeous sky blue eyes and sleek grey fur

What a nice warrior he even helped Tigerster the Meanest leader ever! - Brackenfur101

180 Onestar

I love One star he is a great warrior! He should be way up in the list. He is my fourth fave warrior! Vote One star!

Great development he's my dear wife, people should understand his character and how great he is

One star was awesome! The only flaw (one of the seven deadly sins, even) was his pride.

WHY IS HE HERE? He has been a great friend to Fire till...he became a leader. After that, he's still not too bad except he's grumpy and unjudgemental. - Lizardstep

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