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She was the sweetest and most loved cat I know! She was gentle and caring, but stern at the same time. She died a horrible death, (Clawface, I really want to claw your face), and I believe she should have lived longer and at least should've had an apprentice, (thank the lord for Yellowfang) I know she had no control over the warrior code, but if medicine cats could have mates, I believe Firestar and Spottedleaf would've been perfect for each other. (I totally ship this) Spottedleaf, in my warrior fantasy, you are well respected and remembered, and my character's sister was named after you, because of her sweet personality and her pelt/eyes. -her name was Spottedfern- I love you Spottedleaf!

It's SO NOT FAIR! She could have had two perfect lives with Firestar! But no, she had to be killed TWO times!

"The truth is that he and Sandstorm are happy, which is all that matters. I could wish and wish for things to be different, but they aren't, and never will be. I would not change a single heartbeat of my life, nor all the time since, if that meant losing a moment of Firestar's friendship."

Like look at how much she loved him! It tore her heart when Sandstorm became Firestar's mate, but she died saving Sandstorm. That's real love.

SHE SHOULD BE THE FIRST! CURSE YOU MaPlEsHaDe! HATE you CLAWFACE! FIRESTAR HAD A CRUSH ON HER! She did so much for the clan! She and Hollyleaf were my favorite, and they both DIED! CURSE YOU ERIN HUNTER! (except she is a great author, but she kills all my favorite characters! Like willowbreeze! -also mapleshade's fault.

I love Spottedleaf so much! Why did she have to die? I wish Clawface died instead. Then again, I guess that's just how it works. But does it bug any of you, how all the good characters die, and the evil ones just seem to live on and on and on? I don't know about you, but it drives me nuts. My opinion of Spottedleaf is that she is not a Mary Sue, but just caring as a medicine cat should be.

I don't like Spottedleaf. Mainly the reason because she didn't really develop. All she was was Firestar's crush. That's all. Because of that, I didn't really feel so hurt when she died. I know a lot of people like Spottedleaf, but I just don't.

Spottedleaf deserves to be number ONE because she's a sweet and loving character. She helped Firestar and other cats so many times. She is beautiful and gentle and such an on going character. I probably wasn't the only one crying when she died in the great battle.

Spottedleaf was a great medicine cat in my opinion she should never have died. I wish spottedleaf was still in the books she was my top favorite character since they introduced her to the series! Spottedleaf died again saving sandstorm and now she's not in the books at all!

I love her! Don't you? She is so sweet and kind, always there to help. She never shows Of and isn't flirty. People say that she loves Firestar, but she really doesn't, there are just friends and Spottedleaf just helps him nothing more! I love you Spottedleaf!

She was so brave and awesome! She gave everything up to save Firestar. Without her, who would ever have told Firestar what he needed to know!? SHE ROCKS AND SHE SHOULD BE AT A MUCH BETTER SPOT! She wasn't jealous of Sandstorm and she leads Firestar through the dark.

She was with us since the very begin, and stayed till the very end- she died to give one last gift to Firestar and who knows if she's deeper in the stars, or has forever vanished with no trace, I'll miss you Spottedleaf.

I'm ashamed that she isn't first! She should be everyone's favorite warrior cat. She is a lot of people's favorite. Me and my friends have Spottedleaf as our favorite warrior.

She should have lived! Spotted leaf was so kind and a great medicine cat, she could have served ThunderClan for many more moons. I HATE you MAPLESHADE AND CLAWFACE! :claws them until they run away: For StarClan's sake you two FIRESTAR LIKED HER! Any way SPOTTEDLEAF ROCKS! She should be #2 at least Firestar still on the top though I'm in love with him.

To be honest Spottedleaf is pretty cool! I feel really bad for firestar : ( First he loses her then when they're fighting the dark forest she dies a second time! *SPOILER ALERT*(kinda)(For new people) To be honest though, all the good cats in warriors are the best. Even tigerstar. (YES I SAID TIGERSTAR! )From his point of view he was doing something good for his clan when he brought Bloodclan into the forest. I'm sorry I know I'm supposeed to be talking about spottedleaf but I can't help it! SORRY!

If spottedleaf lived she would most likely would have been Firestars mate, which is a bad thing because she is a medicine cat and medicine cat's can't have mates or kits. I love spottedleaf I really do, she's one of my favorite characters, I can't believe I'm saying this, but it's probably best if she had died. FOR THE SAKE OF THE WARRIOR CODE!

Oh. My.. God. I absolutely HATE this character! She is SUCH a mary-sue! I mean come on. Like, in the books she's always, ALWAYS, not just by Firestar, described as having a sweet scent. Mary-Sue, much?

Spottedleaf was always my favorite cat. She was sweet, lovable and just was perfect. I loved her and how she had to die AGAIN and never get to see Firestar again...

I was shocked when spottedleaf died so early in the series I was reading. I was so sad and I want to read more about her now because she is a great character.

Hey! I agree that spotted leaf Is totally awesome but maple shade had a really hard life. Worst than bluestar's so I think we should give her a break.

I did quite like Spottedleaf, (though I only knew her for about half a book because I haven't read the super novella's or anything like that)

3 reasons why Spottedleaf is the best character

1.She sacrificed herself for Sandstorm

2.She is so kind and pretty

3.She was a skilled medic

She says two words to firestar, appears in several unclear dreams then all of a sudden they were deeply in love?!

Spottedleaf was my favorite cat. She loved Firestar so much that she gave up her life for Firestar to be happy.

I just love her name. And she made me want to be a medicine cat.

She was an awesome medicine cat and SHOULD NOT have been killed! SERIOUSLY Mapleshade and Clawface- what kind of warriors are you?!

Mapleshade? Clawface? Come here... I have a surprise for you