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1 An American Werewolf in London An American Werewolf in London Product Image

Why in gods name is twilight above this! David could rip jacob to shreads!

This is the best werewolf movie of all time!

Best werewolf movie ever made!

This movie is great

2 Dog Soldiers Dog Soldiers Product Image

This movie sounds basic, but there is suspense, action, horror and I love it. Very underrated

Is this as crappy as it sounds?

Get that Twitlight crap off this list.

3 The Howling The Howling Product Image

Nice concept. Escape a wolf like killer in the city, go to a peaceful psychiatric camp in the country to get over it, find out that everyone there is a werewolf and try to escape again. It has always been overshadowed by American Werewolf in London. I actually think they are even with each other.

Great werewolves

4 Underworld Underworld Product Image
5 Silver Bullet Silver Bullet Product Image

I love this movie. It is another one that is just as good today as it was in the 80s. The special effects were top notch, no CGI, and I love it that way. Corey Haim and Gary Bussy were stellar!

This movie has several high tension moments, should be top 10.

My favorite, number one in my book!

It’s the best werewolf movie I don’t see how this is not number one

6 The Wolf Man The Wolf Man Product Image

This masterpiece of Universal is about WEREWOLVES AND LYCANTHROPY IN GENERAL. Why the vampires movies with werewolves as deuteragonists are higher in the list? Movies like Underworld made the werewolves weaks, balds and sicks! And Van Helsing is a failed homage to the Universal monsters movies with giant CGI bipedal wolves, instead of Lawrence Talbot, they reeplaced him with a generic werewolf, and the more realistic and classic look is better than this now overrated and more lupine look (Not only in Van Helsing, also Howling, Dog Soldiers and others) Twilight are only dramatics and inexpresive shapeshifters of a Ice Age wolf. But the Wolf Man is better. This is the best, and yes, the Wolf Man remake is great like this.

Best werewolf movie! This werewolf is better and realistic (50% beast and 50% man). The other (overrated by ignorant people )werewolves of modern movies are basically giant wolves with human hands! The 2nd best werewolf is the Benicio Del Toro's Wolfman of the 2010 Universal remake, and the 3rd best werewolf is Oliver Reed's werewolf of the Hammer film "Curse of the Werewolf".

I watch this with my mom every year in October... It is the one that started the genre. Love the black and white atmosphere!

Anybody that didn't vote for the original wolfman can just drop dead. It is the best werewolf movie period!

7 Cursed Cursed Product Image
8 The Twilight Saga: New Moon The Twilight Saga: New Moon Product Image

First, this is a list of WEREWOLF movies, not vampires movies with werewolves as deuteragonists!
I'm not a huge fan of Van Helsing werewolves, but these werewolves can beat that ice age german shepherd. The Wolfman 2010 in his novelization is described as a massive muscled 8 ft tall and powerful beast. In the movie in the extended scene of a party, the wolfman is the same height of Van Helsing. I'm pretty sure that werewolves are superior than those giant wolves whose needs a pack to chase a pathetic diamond fairy-like vampire. Twilight shapeshifers wolves are horse size. And Van Helsing werewolf and Wolfman Talbot are 8 ft height and they can use hands with claws, and more agility and healing factor.
Van Helsing wins 6/5
Talbot Wolfman wins 7/10

The jacob is the most powerful werewolf than any other werewolf in any movie. Though many try to argue on this, this is the truth and the FACT

What What WHAT! A twilight movie is No. 7 What sick Twilight fan added this abomination of Werewolf movies on here?

9 Ginger Snaps Ginger Snaps Product Image

The fact that this is below Cursed of all movies breaks my heart. Ginger Snaps is the greatest.

WHAT? This movie is way better than dog soldiers I don't know why people love dog soldiers

God this movie is great and so is the sequel.

In a just world this would be number one.

10 Van Helsing Van Helsing Product Image

My favourite movie of all time! It's the only movie I've ever seen with realistic werewolves and equally realistic werewolf transformations. There's also a lot more talk about the lycanthrope legend then there is in movies like Dog Soldiers.
Add in the awesome storyline, incredible acting and action packed fight scenes and you've got yourself not only the best werewolf movie, but the best movie of all time ever! Full stop! Plus, Hugh Jackman does make a pretty hot werewolf.

This movie is just sick.

P.S. man keep that twilight crap out of things like this, There are no werewolves in twilight. There obviously shape-shifters, turning completely into wolf form not, lycanthrapy at all.

Pretty mediocre if you ask me

Better story then twilight

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11 Bad Moon Bad Moon Product Image

Awesome werewolf underrated movie

It was decent in my opinion

12 Waxwork Waxwork Product Image
13 Underworld Evolution Underworld Evolution Product Image
14 Wolf Wolf Product Image

Surprisingly good

15 The Company of Wolves The Company of Wolves Product Image

This movie scarred me for life

16 An American Werewolf in Paris An American Werewolf in Paris Product Image

This movie was good it only needs some cgi improvements

17 Teen Wolf Teen Wolf Product Image
18 Blood & Chocolate Blood & Chocolate Product Image

Weird and this movie sucks

19 Underworld: Rise of the Lycans Underworld: Rise of the Lycans Product Image

Michael Sheen as "Lucian" is a raw and powerful performance. A rebel, a hero, a leader of man and Lycan alike. Awesome.

20 Werewolf: The Devil's Hound Werewolf: The Devil's Hound Product Image
21 Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Product Image

This film should be higher on this list. For an entire generation it is their first werewolf film.

Nothing much just a potter head and werewolves are cool as Lupin. just just just not twilight. I mean a potter head. ''Always''

22 Underworld: Awakening Underworld: Awakening Product Image


23 The Monster Squad The Monster Squad Product Image
24 The Boy Who Cried Werewolf The Boy Who Cried Werewolf Product Image

The boy who cried godzilla from wikizilla team: am I a joke to you

25 Wolfen Wolfen Product Image

the werewolves in this movie being werewolves is debatable but still a pretty good movie regardless.

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