Top Ten World Cup Teams

The best ten teams to play in the World Cup and since the World Cup features only the best teams on the planet, in effect, the top ten soccer teams of all time.

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1 Brazil 1970

I watched the "aging Pele" score 4 goals and added 5 assists (he *MADE* Jairzinho a World Class Striker with his playmaking...Jairzinho scored 7 goals in 1970). With Gerson in midfield and Carlos Alberto on defense, this was a truly great team. To be fair to Italy, they must have been exhausted after a close extra-time win over a tough West German team that had Gerd Muller on it, but I think that even with extra rest (a week intead of 4 days) they might not have done much better.

There isn't a close number two. Pele was at the end of his career, but he was still dominant. Easily beat Italy 4-1 in the Finals. Jairzinho scored seven goals. They could play any team and they wouldn't be beat once.

becuz pele all the way baby uhhu

They are the best world cup winners than any team ever formed

2 Germany 1990

they were great
Beckenbauer was the best coach

I think this team will win

They were the best.

They created a dungeon for other teams

3 Argentina 1986

Messi is the best we have seen and I think that Argentina is a very versatile team with a great frontline midfield and defense.

maradona is the best, and he is the best player of the century no doubt

they are the best. with maradona as their captain


4 Spain 2010

Best squad ever!

Agreed as a Dutchman.

Spain won the world cup

They had the best squad out of all the teams on this list with Casillas, Puyol, Pique, Ramos, Albiol, Iniesta, Xavi, Alonso, Fabregas, Busquets, Martinez, Silva, Mata, Pedro, Navas, Villa, Torres, Llorente

5 England 1966

i luv england! they will be nothing without Beckham who is now moved to LA Galaxy!!!! luv yall the guy named birchall is hot

we had a great team, bobby moore as the star and alf ramspy as the greatest manager everr

Only one country has that passion to play perfect football and that's England.

so classy. 11 gentlemen on the pitch. sad about alan ball though RIP

6 Italy 1982

Zoff in goal and especially Rossi striking made the difference against tough teams like Brazil (3-2 Italy with Rossi scoring all 3 goals) and Germany in the final where they might have lost without Rossi scoring and Zoff making great saves.

Think about some of the greatest soccer teams in World Cup history. Brazil, Germany and Argentina. Italy 1982 beat them all. Defending champs Argentina, the favorites of the tournament Brazil, and Germany in the Final.

Italy is the best

7 Brazil 1982

Best team ever,& were really playing with only 10 men.Football as they played will never be seen again

This is the best team ever in attack the Brazillian falcao in midfeild sokratis junior zico eder in defense felipe santans dad sanchez santana

8 France 1998

no one can win againts france 1998
zidane in top peformance

Perhaps the best team... Ever
Except for maybe the spain team that took euro 2012

The 1998 French team was the best in soccer hisrory. The team included stars such as Fabien Barthez, Lilian Thuram, Marcel Desailly, Laurent Blanc, Patrick Vieira, Youri Djorkaeff, Thierry Henry and the great Zinedine Zidane. To this day, their 7.5:1 goals scored to goals allowed average is the greatest of any champion. They also played beautifully in every game, leaving no question of luck. Finally, they proved their superiority by doubling uo with a EURO two years later.

9 Brazil 1962
10 Hungary 1954

greatest team to never win anything. only lost once in the first half of the 1950s and that was under very controversial cicumstances they had ferenc puskas

Almost won

Sandor koscis was the ultimate

1 word: Puskás

The Contenders

11 Uruguay 1950

The final four teams were:Brazil(host country and big favorite), Uruguay(who only needed to win one match to access the final round, squashing Bolivia 8-0), Spain (who had left behind England in its group), andSweden (who won the pass over the defending world champion, Italy)

Alcides Ghiggia - Brazil 1 URUGUAY 2, World Cup final match, 1950. Brazil the host was runaway favourite to win the World Cup for the first time, in front of at least 199,000 in the Maracana, but outside-right Ghiggia scored the key goal ten minutes from time and Uruguay won the world cup for second time.The incident, known ever since as the Maracanazo, gave the stadium a legendary status only a month after its inauguration.

When Uruguay met Brazil in the last match, the hosts needed only a draw to win the World Cup. They had beaten Sweden by 7-1 and Spain by 6-1 in their two earlier games in the group and were favourites. Uruguay had drawn against Spain and beaten Sweden by a single goal. A World record 200.000 spectators watched the game and couldn't believe the outcome. Uruguay stunned the crowd and won 2-1 after coming from behind.

With a 2-1 victory over Brazil, Uruguay won the title for the second time in the history of the FIFA World Cup,20 years after their initial success in Montevideo. The term "Maracanazo" roughly translated as "The Maracana Blow") has come to be used in reference to this game.

Uruguay beat, against all odds, their Brazilian counterpart at theMaracana stadium, and as a result, the term Maracanazo , roughly translated as "The Maracana Blow") has come to be used in reference to this game.

12 Uruguay 1930

Having won 2 consecutive Olympic GOLD Medals and with 2-time COPA AMERICA MVP Jose Nasazzi leading the team, they'd have given any team trouble and they had a variety of strikers as well as 2 of the best defenders of all-time (Andrade also a great defender). A tough nut to crack for even the greatest modern teams, a true powerhouse for many years, better than Argentina (1930's World Cup finalist with the great Stabile as a striker). Thay came back after being down at half-time to win convincingly.

Hector Castro - URUGUAY 4 Argentina 2, World Cup final, 1930. The centre-forward scored in the last minute in Montevideo to confirm the hosts as the first-ever world champions.

13 Holland 1974

Tootal Footballllll and the Graet Youhan Cruff

14 Italy 2006

Surrendered only two goals during the entire World Cup; one in the final game and an own goal in group play.

the Italian 2006 team was really superb, team line up and defense were extraordinary and they played like a world champions.

Should be much higher on the list. Pirlo and Gattuso are one of the greatest midfield pairings of all time

Buffon lead this team through a battlefield and they came out on top

15 West Germany 1974
16 Romania 1994

The best Romanian team that ever existed

17 Turkey 2002

They played the most entertaining games in the tournament. Gunes was a smart coach...

18 Australia 2006

Was a team growing in confidence. Remember that for a time they pushed Brazil in the group game, perhaps should have gotten a draw there.

Would definitely have been Ukraine in the quarters and then from there, who knows.

The World Cup as always favours the 'BIG' teams at the expense of those still making their way. The penalty given against them was one of the most disgraceful calls of the tournament!


These guys were awsessome ( especially Kewell and cahill),they put Aussie back on the map in the world game

19 Portugal 2006

they may not have one the whole thiing but the heart of the team and the determination took them to play the 3rd place of the best

Should have won. Lost semifinal on bad penalty call and were outplaying France until then.

Thanks to ronaldo portugal made it to the semi final

Ronaldo helped Portugal to the semi final

20 England 2010
21 Trinidad and Tobago 2006

jason scotland 'the tartan armys on the go with trinidad and tobago so come on scotland, jason scotland legendary

22 Belgium 1986

This was the golden generation of Belgium.
From 1980 until 1994.
Only bad luck in 1986 was Maradona, or else it was final of the World Cup for Belgium.
Boss players like Gerets, Ceulemans, Scifo, Vercauteren,...

23 Brazil 1958

This team had the best players according to Pele.

24 United States 2002

The by the hard

25 Portugal 2014

Ronaldo is the best soccer player of all time

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