Top Ten World Cup Teams

The best ten teams to play in the World Cup and since the World Cup features only the best teams on the planet, in effect, the top ten soccer teams of all time.

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21 Trinidad and Tobago 2006

jason scotland 'the tartan armys on the go with trinidad and tobago so come on scotland, jason scotland legendary - tooly91

22 Belgium 1986

This was the golden generation of Belgium.
From 1980 until 1994.
Only bad luck in 1986 was Maradona, or else it was final of the World Cup for Belgium.
Boss players like Gerets, Ceulemans, Scifo, Vercauteren,...

23 Brazil 1958

This team had the best players according to Pele.

24 United States 2002
25 Portugal 2014

Ronaldo is the best soccer player of all time

26 Costa Rica 2014
27 Iran 1998
28 Croatia 1998
29 Scotland 2008

Scotland were amazing who else can they came third in a group with france italy and ukraine only missing out because of the worst refereeing call in history

30 Chile 1962
31 France 2006

+France were great in the world cup and they played like Brazilians!

32 Argentina 1978
33 Germany 2014

Their game against Brazil in the 2014 World Cup Semi Final was insane. I don't think we'll see anything else like it for a few decades at least. Brazil got absolutely hammered that day.

34 Turkey 2008
35 Portugal 2000
36 Holland 2014

This should be lower on the list.

37 Brazil 2002
38 Holland 1988
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