Ruined for life: Bob The Builder reboot

Know wonder why reboots don’t work out(except for Ducktales, that’s a good reboot.)

We all had a show we grew up with as a kid. Since I didn’t grow up with cable, I watched most things on dvd, vhs, and PBS Kids. I watched a lot of Thomas, Arthur, Pingu, The Magic School Bus, Clifford, DragonTales, and sadly Barney The Stupid Dinosaur. But their was one show I watched a lot. That show was Bob The Builder. I loved Bob The Builder, it was a fun show with fun characters, and fun episodes. Even though you outgrow the shows you love, Bob The Builder surprisingly holds up today, for being mostly a show for kids instead of a show for preschoolers. I’ve haven’t watched most of the other series like Bob The Builder Project B.U.I.L.D.I.T, or Ready Steady, build, but they seem better than the mess of what you call the Bob The Builder reboot. God, this was a hot mess. No, i’m not blinded by nostalgia, because you can literally see how terrible this show is.

So I watched one episode, one episode! And after watching that episode, nope never again. Let’s address out the biggest problem with the show, the animation. For some weird reason, British show reboots have CGI animation. Why is that? The animation in this reboot is absolutely garbage. Bob looks like some 50’s retro guy, or he looks like something coming out of Fallout. And don’t get me started on those vehicles. They look absolutely cheap, and rushed. The animators who made the animation are Rainmaker. The same people who made Escape From Planet Earth. No wonder why the animation sucks, because that was a terrible movie. Why couldn’t they use the same animation from the Ready, Set, Build series. It was in CGI, but it had the same character models. Why couldn’t they do that?

Another problem with the show is the personality’s of the characters. Bob in the original show was just a nice guy, helping everyone. In the 2015 reboot, he just feels like some kind of regular construction worker. As for the vehicles, they’re pretty annoying.
And Wendy kinda feels like a Mary Sue. Even the new logo for the show is ugly. It all looks rusty and slapped on paint. Plus the one episode I watched wasn’t even exiting. It just bored me.

Bob The Builder reboot sucks. This is why you shouldn’t do CGI reboots. Mattel just didn’t know how to do the reboot right. And why is it still going?
It was made in 2015, and it’s still going on in 2019! What gives? This show is absolutely terrible, and shows why reboots don’t work sometimes.


Project Build it was my favourite of the series. The original series is awesome as well. Ready Steady Build is when it went downhill but it was decent. This reboot throws everything out of the window and hired directors who had no clue about what Bob the Builder was about. It's sad. The classic series and Project Build it were huge part of my childhoods to the point I bought almost all of the different vehicles and the fact that this reboot exists just goes to show the new creators are greedy af - darthvadern

Exactly. - visitor

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