Nothing Wrong With MLP:FIM

There is nothing wrong with this show. Seriously you would rather watch Jeresy Shore, Fanboy and Chum Chum, Hannah Montana, Bakugan, and the Problem Sloverz over this. I have more reasons to like this show than you to hate it. I am a brony and I was the one who put this show on the list. The characters weren't obnoxious they were well developed and not overly stupid. SpongeBob is an idiot who lives in a pineapple and is gay. Lauren Faust did not make it for kids. She made for kids and parents.

You MLP:FIM haters have only a couple of reasons to hate this show:
This is a girls show being watched by man children which is proven false because Lauren Faust said that she made it for both kids and parents. Not enough guns and boobs, you are an original brony who likes Gen 1 better which is a possibility, you like shows that are poorly animated and contain overly crude humor, you hate it because it is not adult enough and is not like the Simpsons or Family Guy (overly crude shows that haven't been funny in years and recycle too much humor), you want to learn how to disrespect your parents, you prefer shows that have extreme stupidity (Ex: The Jersey Shore and the NEW SpongeBob SquarePants), the humor is mediocre, the show is lacking testosterone, or the fanbase is annoying but every single show that is popular has a crazy fanbase, or incredibility girly (this reason is complete nonsense. The storyline and character development make up for it),

While we Bronies have many reasons to like it (excluding stupid ones that are not listed Well developed characters that have multiple personalities that are portrayed well, The pony cast are all very likable, none are overly obnoxious, well developed stories, teaches kids lessons without shoving it down their throats, does not teach kids to disrespect their parents, not brainless, not overly crude, not gross, characters are not too annoying, doesn't give people ADHD, storyline not repetitive, there is a lot of fan art although some of it is bad, way less girly than the Winx Club and Totally Spies, the villains aren't lame and say something stupid like "All the candy in the world will be mine, " the writing is well written, the dialogue is well written, morals which can range anywhere between being simple and obvious (ex. Learning to share) to being an incredibly mature lesson valuable to even adults (ex. Learning to accept and respect the differences and opinions of others) unlike Disney Channel which has baby morals to cover their greedy practices in order to make themselves look good and teaches kids to disrespect their parents while shoving it down the audience's throats, and this show is similar to the older cartoons, the characters on this show are not used as sex toys and actually have personalities, and the characters are not stereotypical morons, the show will not put you in a 30-minute nap, the characters are not lesbians (rainbowdash is a tomboy), does not contain toilet humor, you are never too old for a well animated cartoon, the bronies think that this is the best show ever (it is not the best show ever. It is a cartoon gaining fame because every single cartoon on T.V. is total crap), and good art work, and a combination of jokes aimed at adult viewers and a sense of nostalgia for older cartoons,

The popularity of this show enrages Stuart Snyder the man who created CN REAL and wanted to destroy all cartoons in favor of live-action because he thought that CN REAL would be supreme. Stuart Snyder is the idiot who is running the network. Lauren Faust left because Stuart Snyder said that no one would watch a show with a female protagonist.



On my top tens profile page I thought it was weird and unnecessary to say I was a brony (profile: ashduck) but this made me realize it's not. Great comment [ANONOYMUS] - ashduck

MLP is the best show ever! Maybe the non-bronies (especially the haters) should read this, then they should like the show. I try to tell them all, but they don't belive me (I'm in middle school so... yeah) - visitor


It is not the best and never will be. Brony or not. It is filled with plot holes - visitor

Really just stop saying it's the best show ever and that the animation is amazing. It's flash animation ok so it's not amazing. There are no jokes and the characters have no personality. There is no good storyline. It's just a bunch of ugly horses talking about friendship. There are annoying, and unlikable characters. They are the main six ponies. Pinkie Pie is no exception because she is the worst and most annoying one. I'm guessing you are biased against every show of today (not including my little pony) because you said every show except that is bad even after you said it's not the best show ever. There are good shows on now like Gravity Falls, The Amazing World Of Gumball, Dan VS, Wonder over Yonder, The 7D, and Clarence. (To name a few. ) The show is not well written. The only good thing about this show is how they surprisingly got Tara Strong to voice one of the characters. Really, how did they get her to be in this show. No I don't like crude shows or Hannah Motana or Jersey Shore. Just saying that before you accuse me of liking it because I don't like you precious pony show. - mrcoolface

... So you gonna keep getting annoyed then eh okay then. - visitor

I agree with you completely. I want this post destroyed - DerpytheBetrayer

Good points. People hate the show because of OPINiON not FACT. - visitor

Yes Thank you good sir finally someone who doesn't judge a show by it cover. - visitor

85% of haters haven't seen ONE episode yet. - visitor

I saw one and I didn't like it. - cosmo

Why does everyone assume that people hate the show because they haven't seen it and why do they also assume the shows that you watch if you don't like my little pony. Also I've seen this show and it sucks. The characters are awful, annoying, and unlikeable. They barely have a personality. The animation is awful. When I saw Motorcity I thought that flash animation was beginning to improve. How can people watch this awful show when the writing and plots are so bad. - visitor

Exactly. This show sucks! - cosmo

It was made back in 2010 when there was nothing on. (actually Adventure Time came out in the same year and is also better than MLP. Now there are tons of cartoons on that are better than MLP) They are on Disney and Cartoon Network. Even the HUB has better shows than MLP. MLP isn't even the best show on the network it is on. Nickelodeon still sucks and always will since Korra is gone. This decade of cartoons is looking way better than the late 00s (except for Nickelodeon which looks worse). - DerpytheBetrayer

Mlp rocks & - DubstepLover

This is the worst show in history. Should get CANCELLED SOON! - cosmo

I've seen a few episodes and to tell the truth I kind of like it, but I'm not a fan. - visitor

Please don't like this show. There are tons of shows way better. This is garbage. - cosmo

I wrote this list when I was mad at all the haters. Now that I realize that MLP is complete overrated garbage. It is not the worst cartoon. It is the cartoon with the worst fanbase. They are glorifying a flash cartoon. The reasons I stated why the show is good are complete bull. One thing I hate about Bronies is that they treat MLP like it is the best thing ever which is what I did when I wrote this post.

I created this post by using my own opinion and copying posts from other bronies who have defended this show and fused it into one bad poorly written post. I didn't have very good thinking skills since I believed everything the internet showed me.

Let me tell you why I hate the show and every other animation that follows these rules. If a cartoon can't tell a good story in either an episodic or continuous story or tell good jokes it fails.

MLP does have continuity unlike SpongeBob (ALL SEASONS) and Fairly OddParents but that is where the pros end aside from okay artwork and okay flash animation and maybe iconic (not necessarily good or developed) characters. I like the show for its light hearted nature which is the only thing it has going for even then it fails at that because there are other shows and movies that do the light hearted slice of life stories better. A lot of bronies like the adventure stories at the beginning and end of a season. These adventure stories are equally poorly written.

It doesn't matter if a show has continuity if it doesn't have good enough humor or good character development. Western Animation has never been about continuous stories, it has always been about the humor whatever it is clever jokes or pop culture references it has to be funny and if it is not funny then it is not a good cartoon.

MLP doesn't have good humor at all or good character development. The majority of the cast is flat. The cast is basically consists of 90s cartoon character stereotypes with only a few traits. It is like Hey Arnold and Doug but with no charm or nostalgia. There is development but it is really really bad character development and is only used to move the story forward in a bad and stupid way like Twilight becoming an alicorn or discord changing (which is not development but actually derailment).

The writing isn't nesscaly bad, but it isn't great either. The writers consist of the same writers from the 90s cartoons and one person from SpongeBob is in here and she is considered to be the worst writer on the show and the best writer of SpongeBob. The writers completely lost their skills in comedy and can only remember the basics in humor and storytelling.

A lot of people don't realize how important a setting is for a show and forget about this aspect. MLP's setting is a generic fantasy land that is more cliché and generic than an overrated MMO called WORLD OF WARCRAFT.

The jokes are terrible memes and unfunny punchlines that go nowhere. You know like your favorite show which I also consider to be overrated. (Fairly OddParents was okay at first with some clever and funny gags but then the humor faded and become annoying and repitivie) Except unlike Fairly OdParents, MLP had no charm from the get go.

If the bronies truly cared about the story then they wouldn't have derpy has their favorite character. They freaked out when she was gone and became overly excited when she arrived in an episode for a few episodes and didn't contribute anything to the plot.

There is also Doctor Whooves, a poor mans version of David Tennant. Yay, another reason why Whoivans have been ruined by the reboot series that brought in a lot of annoying fan girls. Congratulations, you now brought Whovians up to second worst fandom because of you. This person is the worst example of ponification.

This show turned a respected artist, Lauren Faust, into the biggest sellout other examples of sellouts include Butch Hartman, JohnTron, PewDiePie, Stephen Hillenburg, and Steve Moffat. Bronies worship her like she is a god even though she only wrote one episode (the first episode) and it is one with tons of cliches.

I am not a Brony anymore. I seek to destroy the fandom. There is still one fandom worse than the bronies and they are the extreme haters. These type of people tell people to kill themselves for liking a show that they don't like. They were sending death treats to a 11 year old boy who liked MLP on youtube. Look up MLP sucks and the first thing that shows up is a fat kid who talks about that bronies have no life. The haters are the most insecure people on the internet and force their hatred on to everyone. - DerpytheBetrayer

I love this show. I can only respect Cosmos opinion, actually. Because AT LEAST SHE doesn't CALL BRONIES GAY, RETARDED, OR LOWLIFES! Although, it was Cosmo's brother actually.. - Pony