Dora the Explorer

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Dora the Explorer (2000 - 2015) is an American educational animated TV series created by Chris Gifford, Valerie Walsh, and Eric Weiner in which Dora goes on adventures with her friend, a monkey named Boots.


This show sucks because Dora and all of the characters are just stupid, ugly, and bad. Dora and Boots are just ugly looking characters and I hate their acting and Dora's hair looks stupid and this show is not even educational because it just not even math or anything, poor dora you loser and this show will end quick and Dora and Boots are ugly and they are such dummies because the saying of everything was poor and lacking and the music for the intro and the entire show is stupid and annoying and then backpack and the map is annoying and the map is the most annoying character ever "I'm the map, I'm the map, I'm the map".

Dora: What do you like?

Us: Seeing you die, then I'll be happy. Then I'll burn your lands, and I'll promise you that you'll not live!

Dora: I like that too.


I seriously can't stand this show! You get nothing out of it as a child like lets be real here people! They need to stop making them and her little movies where she grows up they are annoying as hell! And seriously the little girl is no joke if she leaves home and goes on adventures she can kick your ass people so watch out. Oh My Gosh I hate the games they are the worst and I only know what they are like because I have siblings. Just a show that is dumb as hell.

I thought this is supposed to teach kids but it doesn't. The most advanced question I've ever heard from it is "which book is bigger? " when one was like the height of the monkey and the other one was in the middle of her palm and tiny, it should be pretty obvious to everybody who isn't completely blind in both eyes. This is THE ABSOLUTE WORST SHOW IN HISTORY OF SHOWS! The creators deserve to be killed and everyone who likes this show is an idiot.

Oh, come now, gentleman! Dora is a cultural icon, with her infinitely-expansive cut of Mexico, clothes that never fit right, and odd monkey-fetish! Also, has anyone noticed for side characters in the show that they seem to get the exact same prepubescent voice actor for each role? I mean, honestly! When have you ever seen more creativity? I'll tell you when. When they decided to make the lemon-headed dwarf a teenager. Gee-whillikers! What adventures will they have in the big city, I wonder? Study sessions? Public riots? Will the cartel finally make an appearance? I cannot WAIT to find out!

Just too patronizing and repetitive. While I appreciate the emphasis on teaching children a new language, the show's format has just become far too shallow and repetitive. In order to properly teach, follow-up concepts and using learned words in new contexts is needed, however, with each set being used primarily for the episode at hand, children are just as likely to forget the lessons as they are to learn them. - TytheGuy

The series is aimed at younger audiences, and tries to educate them. While the animation is colorful and appeals to a younger demographic, the pacing is quite slow and the show doesn't teach kids much, not even Spanish. The constant fourth wall breaking can get boring for a time, and each episode drags on with the same overall story, but with different locations and destinations. Entertaining for younger audiences, but would not recommend for educational purposes. 6/10 - naFrovivuS

A lot of the people in this comment section are 7 year olds trying to prove they are big kids by saying they hate Dora. This show is for LITTLE KIDS. However, I will criticize it. Once thing I can appreciate about little kids cartoons is if you do research on child development, have amazing educational concepts, and seek to appeal to everyone and not just the target audience, you get greatness. If you don't do your research, have trite educational concepts, and seek to appeal to the lowest common denominator, you get this. This show spawned all the mediocre preschool cartoons we have today. Not to mention the voice acting is terrible, the main character is unrealistic and a Mary-sue, and it seems like a good idea on paper but on T.V. nope. 1/10. Extra point because its overhated - Cartoonfan202

As a kid I NEVER liked this show, nor did my brother who is 4 years younger than me, this show is annoying, AND I HATE IT WHEN THE THEME SONG GETS INTO MY HEAD! (Gravity Falls theme song fixed it though ), and how can Dora be so stupid that she has to break the 4th wall and let the audience help her, why did they make this show so terrible, I like Gravity Falls better since it has more action,more animation, amazing adventures, and mostly everything in Gravity Falls I prefer kids watch other shows (except for Happy Tree Friends or anything with bloodbaths/deaths with blood).

Stupid Show, Shut it Down she always say Espanol not English and Dora is Stupid and always asking babies stupid questions when Dora is looking right at it. Plus What Kind of Mom Dora Has? She Let Her Go anywhere, that's Subliminal, Teaching Kids to talk to Strangers, Trolls and Get Lost. Dora I Will Kill you.

Dora is nothing like your typical explorer. Why does pretty much everything talk? Its just freaky to hear an iPad talk by itself. She is so dependent on you to do her dirty work for you. Alright Sniper, snipe this insolent fool for mankind. We all hate Dora. Sniper, you know what to do.

Please donate to our cause, we are trying to create a time machine to go back in time and kill the creators of this horrible show. Any contributions are accepted.

Dora is stupid, she asks kids where something is, when something is right behind her! Don't let your kids watch this garbage if you want them to have the best childhood EVER!

My little sister loves this show, and she makes me watch it with her, and every time that Swiper fox comes sneaking behind Dora and that stupid monkey, I'm always hoping that he will kill them and take their stuff... Seriously I can't stand this show -__-

This is usually how the episodes work: Dora loses a toothbrush, for example, then the map tells them to go through some not so complicated places, Dora is blind so she doesn't see anything, she says some words in Spanish, they find the toothbrush on, for example, Rainbow Mountain, and she brings the toothbrush back to the house, then does a stupid dance. THE END.

Ewww. When I was lil I still hate this show. one time I was watching it and it say where the mountain I say its over there and she say where the mountain MAN SHE DUMB I MEAN ITS RIGHT IN BEHIND YOU DORK - 123wmx

No wonder this is #1! Dora escapes from her parents and grandma's house thinking she's a qualified explorer without telling them what she's doing. And when she sees Swiper, she tells him not to rob her instead of calling the cops. And Swiper walks away saying "Aw, Mann" instead of shooting Dora. How come Dora always abandons her dog Perrito? Also, she reads the map while she walks and could stumble into something dangerous.

It's like the worst show in the world. I might be 14 and I should not watch this show, but I watched it one time to see what's the deal with it and I simply hate it. Not because I'm not that old that I shouldn't watch it, but it's not even good for kids. Really

Everyone I know how to fix this. Show an episode where Dora sneaks off by herself and gets in big trouble. When she manages to come home her parents beat her with a flogger until her skin turns purple and she is wailing. Then her parents lecture her and she will go with a parent again and not be so stupid.

Wow. How do people come up with stuff like this, they must be really creative... To come up with this kind of crap! I mean they ask "you" which path to take, plus almost everything is in English and you don't need to awswer them, it's done for you! They can go around the crockidile lake and all that. Think if Dora was in the backpack and wasn't chosen, that would be great. She would be consumed by a living bag. Also you can't stop a fox from taking something by saying its name! In all it's clearly the dumbest show ever, and is claimed to be " educational"!

Before anyone brings up that "but its for little kids" argument, keep in mind that there are other cartoons intended for little kids on Nick Jr and PBS kids, that were a lot better than Dora the Explorer.

I was 10 years old when Dora premiered, so I was too old to be in its target demographic, however I still managed to enjoy other little kid shows on Nick Jr like Blues Clues and Little Bill. I even still loved FACE, and I mean the original FACE not that newer obnoxious one they brought in years later.

The point is, if I managed to enjoy those other Nick Jr shows, then Dora the Explorer had no excuse. Also many times her Spanish is very inaccurate. Its like Peggy Hill taught her Spanish.

This show premiered when I was like 9 or 10 years old. And I hated it since.

I've watched a lot of Nick Jr shows at the time. Usually with my younger brother, but oftentimes I actually enjoyed a lot of them despite my age. But Dora the Explorer was the first one to be so bad that it was insulting.

I know a lot of people who like childish shows when, they're my age (12+) like Doc McStuffins, or Max & Ruby, or maybe even Yo Gabba Gabba. But there is absolutely no one I know who is my age and likes Dora. They say that her head is shaped like a taco. - JHLover321

This show is so bad that it makes Fanboy and Chum Chum look like the best show ever. While that show is bad, nothing will ever be worse than the abomination called "Dora The Explorer".

UGH! Where do I begin on this show?!

She has a backpack and a map with FACES who sing *Backpack song* SHUT UP YOU'RE A BACKPACK WE GET IT! Boots the monkey is just... tolerable. And Diego should be infected with Rabies from his pet jaguar!