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Johnny Test is an American-Canadian animated television series produced by Warner Bros. Animation, for the first season, and Cookie Jar, for the remainder of the series.


There are a LOT of cartoons that are ridiculous, but I have to say, this one takes MOST of the cake. :3

One thing is the gross humor. I hate how the creators think putting barf and other things I should NOT mention in the show as jokes is "Cool". No, it's not! It's just teaching little kids that being "Bad" and "Cool" and "EATING CANDY AND PLAYING VIDEOGAMES UNTIL YOUR EYES FALL OUT AND YOUR TEETH ROT" Is considered "SUPER RAD." It's completely the opposite.

Also, it puts down things like liking school and it makes fun of homeless people. I've seen an episode with that in it, and maybe it is their fault they are on the street, but it's no reason to hate them or ridicule them at all. My little bro waved at one of them one time! Now THAT is a good kid, in my opinion.

The Albino Wolf, away!

Every episode has the same plot. Johnny, want something but is not able to, so he forces his sisters to make an invention that will help him. It's not long before Johnny misuses it and it destroys the city. Johnny and his family bring down the thing with some superpowers and crap and Johnny still doesn't learn any lesson.

This show should not be within 5 miles of any child. It teaches them that if they want something, they have to insult and sometimes blackmail someone in order to get your way. The only good thing about each episode, the credits to tell that it's over.

Not only am I shocked about some of the shows that are on the countdown, like Futurama, Robot Chicken, Family Guy, Avatar, etc. Etc. Etc. (Not saying that all of these needs to be off, Fanboy and Chum Chum I agree), but I'm also shocked that this isn't on the top 10 list, let alone the top 5 maybe.

This show consists of horrible characters, a ripoff of (... What's the show that I'm looking for? Oh yeah... ) Dexter's Laboratory, horrible background sounds, and laughable animations. The show was okay when it was in Kid's WB, but when they've put it in Cartoon Network, it got worse. It's just horrible.

As much as I don't like Phineas and Ferb anymore, Johnny Test is worse and deserves to be higher than that show. Why? 1. It ripped off more cartoons than Phineas and Ferb did. 2. All the characters are more unlikable than the ones on Phineas and Ferb. 3. This show BARELY teaches good morals, if not, AT ALL. 4. The repetitive music, tiresome gags, ANNOYING WHIPPING SOUNDS, awful animation, and horrid voice acting make this cartoon awful! 5. It went even more downhill than Phineas and Ferb. 6. Scott Fellows sucks at writing! People, do as I say and bring this show higher. I can't believe I even used to like this god-awful Canadian cartoon! Watch Ed, Edd n Eddy instead of THIS. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Why is Phineas and Ferb above this? Phineas and Ferb is at least not a rip off of Dexter's Lab.

Johnny Test is what happens when Deedee is given her own show and is a boy. Johnny is a selfish jerk who does whatever he wants and breaks into his sisters lab. His sisters are selfish and boring, having half the personality that a normal cartoon character has. The characters are all jerks and the show is always blasting guitar riffs. The show's humor is terrible and almost every episode is a ripoff. None of the episodes are original. The show doesn't even try to be original and is ripping off classic cartoons like Tom and Jerry and Scooby Doo.

The villains are generic parodies (Mr Freeze and Darth Vader) that aren't funny and the show's plots are predictable.

These retards... Voting for their favorite shows just to tell everyone that it should not be on the list. USE YOUR BRAINS YOU NITWITS. Anyways, Johnny Test is a cartoon that needs to die. It has nothing going for it... AT ALL. It's a ripoff of Dexter's Labratory in the most painful way. There are several animated shows I'm not a big fan of and this is definitely one of my least favorites. This show needs to die and die now. I despise people who like it almost as much as people who like... Toddlers and Tiaras. Yeah... It's that bad.

Ok Let's start with the theme song. While is not that bad, is clearly a rip off of American Idiot song. Like at least most of it sound like identical to American Idiot. Let's now get to the mains shows problems. The animation of this show is really lazy, while not as lazy as other shows. The Animation gets lazier every season. Season 1 used hand drawn animation though. The show is also very stupid. Really Annoying Idiotic and just bad. About this cool kids that tries way too hard to be cool. It's like a switched version of Dexters Lab but way worse. The Main Character is the annoying one and his sisters are the smart ones. Does someone else notice that? That said there are definitely worse shows than this one.

Why is this not number one? I would watch any other show in this list over Johnny Test. At least Dora does different things. Every episode of this show is exactly the same. I'm dead serious a f the show has been going on long enough. I pray every day and night that kids get better taste in what they watch. The reason why kids listen to explicit music and inappropriate videos is because there's no good cartoons anymore like there used to be when I was a kid. - bishop.moore07

Possibly one of the laziest productions in Cartoon Network's history. Nobody likes it, and it's clear that the only reason it gets renewed is because it's so cheap to make. Its episode plots are generic, the characters are all ripoffs of Dexter's Lab in one way or another, and the animation is abysmal.
And seriously, count how many times they use that damn whip sound effect. It's literally EVERY TIME a character lifts their arm. I watched a 2 minute clip, and counted at least 40 whip cracks. Somebody fire the foley artist.

I heard that this show is actually Canadian. They transferred it from some Canadian cartoon chann to Cartoon Network.

If that's true, then Jesus Christ, Canada! You made the Total Drama series and Atomic Betty, for God's sake! Show some dignity!

If it's NOT true, then are you kidding me, Cartoon Network? You made masterpieces like Dexter's Lab, The Powerpuff Girls, Samurai Jack, Ed, Edd and Eddy, Johnny Bravo, The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, Regular Show, Adventure Time, etc. , and you give us THIS? A, dude.

On September 17th, 2005, 'Johnny Test' first premiered on T. V for the first time. Decent animation, decent voice acting, and decent stories that would please children, preferably boys due to Johnny's zany antics, made up a decent show. However, as the years went by, the producers and studio changed and in two years the budget dropped dramatically. The voice actors changed, the animation became terrible, which transitioned to low-budget Adobe Flash and the stories were recycled excess toxic waste with the same repeating plot: Johnny and his talking dog were Guinea pigs for his genius sisters. This show continues today, and will keep on going until the producers finally lose their studios.

The animation looks as though a five year old puked it up on microsoft paint. The character movements make it look as though they suffer from severe arthritis. Comedic moments in this cartoon are non existent and I laughed more watching Schindler's List than I did watching two episodes of this pukestain

This is basically a stupid version of Dexter's Laboratory. You how Dexter works in a lab like Susan and Mary do and they have that one annoying sibling that breaks in and messes with their stuff (Dee Dee and Johnny).

I'd take that over Johnny Test any day.

You saw this coming. Lazy animation, unlikable characters, no episodes are good, no enjoyable songs, basically Teen Titans GO! Without fighting teenage heroes. Not to mention this is a rehash of Dexter's Lab just backwards (Dee Dee as the main character). Putting this on the list because CN still airs this on occasions (aired all of Christmas 2014 as a possible "screw you" gift to older viewers).

The first season is actually good. With good animation and decent plots. But then the animation went way downhill along with the writing. Now its one of the worst shows ever. So just look at the first episode and you'll see that it used to be good.

It's so bad its good. No, it's so bad its horrible.

I love this show it's funny and repetitive but it's supposed to be like that, it pokes fun at cliche action movies and always ends up with a monster raging through town and the colonel bringing tanks into the city, it's just so clever and funny

The show consists of unlikable characters, poor animation, bad humor, annoying sound effects and is just a horrible show. Why does this show even exist?

Every time Johnny opens his pie-hole, with those grinny teeth, I just wish I could punch them straight out of his mouth. No seriously, the reason I hate this show is because its main character is so obnoxious I can't even bare to look at it. And that's not even taking into account the overwhelming absurdity of the show's premise.

This show is awful. The characters are stupid and the plots are ridiculous. WHY ARE ADVENTURE TIME AND REGULAR SHOW ON HERE? THOSE SHOWS ARE GREAT!

The animation style is lazy and Johnny's voice is annoying. The episode's plots are very boring as well. Lots of episodes are about dumb and stupid things like NEARLY KILLING MILLIONS OF PEOPLE OVER POINTLESS AND CHILDISH, DUMB THINGS? - Lunala

I can't believe Jimmy Neutron, Symbiotic Titan, and DEXTER'S LABORATORY ran shorter than this. 9 years. The show ran for 9 DAMN YEARS! - sandycheeks

You guys are SO ass-backward! This show was amazing in its first season, the second season was okay, season three was average, it was the other three that were a mess. If you don't like it, don't watch it, duh!

This show is awesome. I think it's hands-down bar-none better than Steven Universe. Yeah, I said it.

The horrible animation, voice acting, sound design and all around horrible production makes me think that this was most likely written by 1 guy who did the entire show in his basement

It's essentially Dexter's Lab in reverse if you think about it, in Dexter's Lab it's a genius brother with an idiot sister and in Johnny Test it's genius sisters with an idiot brother