King of the Hill

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King of the Hill is an American animated sitcom created by Mike Judge and Greg Daniels that ran from January 12, 1997 to May 6, 2010 on Fox.


"I don't know hwhether to laugh, or vomit."

This shouldn't be on this list, or at least not so high up. King of the Hill is a brilliant, and satirical cartoon. There's a few episodes I'm not too fond of, and I don't always agree with it, but it is still a very well written and made show.

And its not like this just because "its kind of old", its just a certain type of comedy doing something different.

Can not stand this show. BEYOND entertaining in any way shape or form. Hank is noting but a backwater inbred redneck who has never said or done anything SLIGHTLY funny or entertaining in any way. This show has NO redeeming qualities what so ever.

King of the hill is the worst cartoon I've ever seen I can't even watch it for 5 minutes and it already makes me bored the jokes are lame I mean seriously it needs to end!

The most boring show on earth, its not even funny, they try to be like Family Guy and South Park but they can't do it

Bobby sucks. Peg sucks more. And quite frankly, compared to the Simpsons this show just feels like the boring unfunny redneck edition

I actually like tuning in to king if the hill and here hank say "damn it, Bobby! "

In my opinion it's the not worst animated show but it can get really boring

King of the Hill actually has some morals in it.

Why is this on here? Take it off its awesome!

This is on this list? THIS IS A MEDICAL DISORDER 100 points to anyone who gets the reference

Who even voted this to be on the list? It's at least acceptable.

All I need to say about this show is... Texan stereotyping.

This show is stupid! It is just about control freaks.

That was mean towards texans who like this show

Terrible show. Mike Judge really failed with this one.

Horrendous writing and characters. Should be #1 on this list.

This T.V.. Show should be called "A move written by the hillbilly emo kid that lives in the dumpster outside the swimming pool". That's how retarded this show is. Pokemon is the best. Mainly Charizard is the best, ASH SUCKS... - Tombraiderinwow

King of the Hill is for grown ups! I hate it!

King of the hill is not meant for children dumbass. Go back to watching Dora.

King of the hill is retarded hank hill is retarded looking peggy looks like a someone steped on her head bobby sounds like he, s on drugs when he talks and their nephew of thiers looks like a prostitute