My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

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My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic is a children's animated fantasy television series developed by Lauren Faust, produced by Hasbro Studios and DHX Media Vancouver . Despite the target demographic of young girls, Friendship Is Magic has also gained a large following of older viewers, mainly young and more.


I hate this show and I hate myself for previously liking it and here's why:the characters are annoying and bland, the plots are simple and not creative, the songs are annoying, most of the reviews suck, you cannot avoid in the internet, Twilight reminds me of Bella Swan and nobody wants to be reminded of Bella Swan, it is highly overrated, am I the only who thinks the animation is crap I don't know it is to bright and flashy for me, I hate pony porn which makes sense and has traumatized me and makes me want to vomit, their are better shows out there (ex:regular show, gravity falls, samurai jack. Etc. ), I hate the memes, it is about as funny as the love child of Bio dome and Son of the mask, the ponies are uglier than Xenomorphs, cutie marks are the stupidest thing I ever heard, the setting is your typical fantasy land, I dislike bronies (not all of them), the villains are generic as hell and they get their ass handed to them by bull like magic of friendship and love, the background ...more

It's a show that is everything a stereotypical girl show has. It talks about friendship and all that crap. The voices are awful, everyone sounds like they were voice acted by two people. The animation isn't bad, in fact it's one of the better flash animations I've seen, but (it hurts to say this since I adore Lauren Faust's works) the art style is ugly, the backgrounds look like they were drawn by a 12 year old who watches way to many bad animes. I could care less about the music department, its bland. It uses too much media references (video games, nerd flicks, you get where I'm going) for me to enjoy. I get that some writers like those kinds of things. Overall it's just another show. Do I like it. Obviously no. Do I hate it. Not as much as I hate Lucky Star. I don't really enjoy it because this kind of stuff is not my taste.

Um guys? Don't get me wrong I LOVE my little pony, plus I'm not a pinky girly girl either! I just need to say the one where she wants to make DRESSES ( rarity ) when they refused, ugh you can't force! I wanted some boots and this plain apple shirt. Um... Please don't get me wrong but that one episode, RARITY! SO THEY don't LIKE IT? I mean they tried to compliment it and they didn't like it, rarity is the worst caractar ( even worse than chaos monster I forgot his name who hypnotized everyone ) they have a different style and raritty, I don't mind you trying, I wouldn't yell in her face, I would say no. I'm wearing what I want and its comfy. And when there style she gets humiliated! Why plan the fashion show anyway? Again : this is not that I don't like it its the episode that makes me rage

This show is uuuh... Well, the show is'nt bad nor good depends on your opinions whether you like it or not.

But for me its... CANCER. Well this show has things that may have problems to me for everything:

Plots- The plots is just bland and lame how it makes sense about mental issues about the characters.

Characters- Speaking of that, the characters (well I forgot their names because I plug my ears) are just useless and mediocre and talking about friendship.

Lessons- Friendship is Magic... is this a joke?
Is it a wizard? An immortal? Ha! Friendship does'nt solve problems or anything and it does'nt have life lessons such as do not talk to strangers and some. You got one job Friendship one job!

Voices- That's the reason why I plug my ears every time. Their voices completely made my headphones destroyed in just 178 decibels in my ears. Ouch! One has accent Texan and British. Jeez, their screaming just wake me up from sleeping during the show and keep ...more

My entire life, I have grown up with My Little Pony (I'm 11 by the way). I had watched most of the generations, such as G1, G3.5, and my personal favorite, G3. Minty was my favorite. She was accident-prone, silly, very clumsy, but she proves herself to be brave and kindhearted. I loved everypony on that show. They all had rich personalities and looked to the positive.

When I was like 8 or 9, I heard about MLP:FIM. So I thought, great! They are bringing back My Little Pony! But then, after a while of watching it, I realized that this show... Ruined my CHILDHOOD!

Life lessons: Friendship, friendship, friendship. Why do all of the lessons have to be about silly old friendship when there is faith, love, family, growing up, and joy? When will Hasbro open their eyes and realize that friendship isn't everything and that not everyone is dependent? Whatever happened to the good life lessons, such as believing in yourself and trusting others?

Characters: This is by far the ...more

The original My Little Pony was much better than this abomination of a cartoon, I respect your opinion. - KennyRulz244444

Honestly, ever since the 1980s, My Little Phony has terrorized little girls for 30 years now.

We dudes were immune to such Stupidity until this Show was created (I mean, if you were an 18 year old guy in the 1980's College and you were caught watching that Pony, you would have had your Arse kicked). Now it's affecting all my Pals and Mates like a Virus.

Whenever we try to bury it out of existence (GRAVE), it just keeps sticking it's hoof up from under the ground and re-continues it's terrorization against innocent little girls and now Dudes as well.

My Little Pony is like Zombies who will never die out. Like Zombies, they will try to come out whenever forgotten and eat brains of 3 year old girls.

But to make things worse, Lauren Faust had to make another adaptation of this nonsense (My Little Zombie. ) and now it's happening again.

My Little Zombie, you will never eat my brains and make me a BRONY.

This show is horrible and dumbed down. What happened to the good cartoons like Courage and Rugrats? This one is so childish and pathetic. Guess the cartoons all have to be politically correct now and stupefied to appeal to the degradation of society. The fans are super annoying and act like it's the greatest show ever. They can think what they want, but I am glad I grew up when the cartoons were at their best and they were actually still good. You won't see the subtle mature jokes that only the adults would get in this series. Why? Because like Dora, it's meant for toddlers. Not grown men.

There are three types of bad. There is being bad in a way that you need a parody in order to make it enjoyable or that it is so bad it is funny. There is being bad in the sense that it is unwatchable garbage (Mega Babies/Foodfight! ). Then there is bad in the sense that it is mediocre and completely overrated. MLP:FIM follows the last category by failing at both the story and humor. The selling point of any cartoon is the humor. If it fails at that along with the plot then it is worthless. The stories are basic you know just like every other cartoon (Hey Arnold!/Doug/SpongeBob). MLP does everything basic. This is not a bad thing unless your fanbase is claiming that it is the most deep show in existence or if the show lacks comedy. Which is what the bronies were doing back in 2010 when they were shoving the show down everyone's throats including myself. The show isn't even that funny. I find myself bored most of the time. The characters are completely basic. They are basically ...more - DerpytheBetrayer

While the show does express things admirable for the audience, It is not as hyped up to be at all according to the fans. This is merely because this show is fueled by the influence of the internet, not by the creators or the studio. They run their job, the fans take care of the rest. I would call it a joke turned out to be a source of sympathy and acceptance perhaps because of those who were INVOLVED with it in the first place. Thus why this mellow phenomenon gains its popularity and spread despite giving some considerable annoyance to a great handful of the other crowd.

This list does have its problems, like Phineas and Ferb & Adventure Time being so high, but MLP has probably the most stupid reasons for being on here! The animation, characters, plots, songs, stories, settings, morals, etc. are all AMAZING, and most of the show is pretty much perfect! So why is there so much hate as to put this show right behind the SATANIC Mr. Pickles? Well, according to the comments: THE FANDOM! The fandom! Not the actual quality of the bloody show itself, but rather because of the people who watch it! That is RETARDED. Now, I might not be the biggest fan of bronies, either, but hating a show because of the amount of attention?! Get a ducking life! And if you don't believe me, check the comments! Almost HALF are complaints about the fandom! If you hate the fandom so much, go to the worst fandoms list (if that exists), but the fans themselves don't have ANYTHING to do with the cartoon. In fact, I'd imagine a good amount of people voted for this show without even ...more - pikacory02

Ha Ha Ha Ha very funny, NOT! Why does eveyone love this show! Why is spongebob, phineas and ferb, regular show, adventure time, the simpsons and family guy higher on the list? Those shows should be last on the list in stead!

One of my best friends (who happens to be autistic and I love him like a brother ) hopes to one day be a animator for cartoons. We used to come up with great ideas for cartoons. One day I walked into the brainstorming room ( aka the lunchroom ) and I saw his latest story board I writhed in agony as I saw the demonic evil of a my little pony cartoon siting there. But who am I to tell him what to draw. I just hate to see all that hard work thrown away. I wish him the best.

Started watching the show in 2011 I was like 5 or 6 years old. Then my interest downfallen during the summer of 2016 and in September or October I left the fandom. I still watch some videos only because I like the music not because theirs ponies but I don't like the show anymore. My newest fandoms is mainly Disney such a The Lion Guard and Zootopia and the YouTube channel super planet Dolan. With my little pony it really blocked me to looking into other shows and It was all I watched but now I watch a whole variety of shows. Also this show is so GIRLY and I'm more tomboyish than I was before.

Let's explain the reasons to why some of the cartoons on this list deserve to be on this list:

Breadwinners - terrible animation, annoying characters, cringey humor

Teen Titans Go - an insult to what is an excellent animated series, and on its own, an insult to both kids and adults everywhere

Dora the Explorer - a terrible way to teach young children

Johnny Test - I don't even know where to let's just skip it

Family Guy - while I adore the first 3 seasons, the show nowadays is just too mean-spirited for my tastes

Cailou - Like Dora, a terrible way to teach young children. Plus, I just want to strangle the main character for how much of a brat he is.

Now, let's see why a harmless and innocent show like MLP is on this list...a fanbase? Seriously...a MFANBASE?! Can everybody stop judging every show on this list based on their fanbase and on whether the show is actually "good" or not.

I am not a "brony" in any single way ...more - OnyxDash

I like this show a lot, but its not something I'm really really into. I like brownies to, but I think they take the show sometimes a little to seriously. For example, there are people who'd say "Yeah I like the show. Its nice" then there are the crazy fans who'd you wouldn't even have to talk to, they have an mlp shirt on, they have all the posters and merchandize, and wouldn't miss an episode even if they were dying. That I think is not OK. Anyway, the characters are cute, the plots teach good lessons, and overall I don't think this show should be marked this low!

Yeah! It sucks! I don't get why people even like this crappy show! Why is spongebob higher on the list? This and spongebob should switch places!

I hate bronies more than the show, but I still have something to say about the show. My Little Pony, to me, is the mashed potatoes of the shows on T.V.. It's bland, full of chunks, mushy, and everyone loves it, also mixing it with other foods, even if it makes no sense, and claiming it makes the other food better. And for me personally, every time I try to eat it, I gag on it because of the texture.

Get this bothersome show off the air brownies drive me insane and the late Transformers Prime is a billion times better.

This show is good, but it's not the best. It's just my opinion, I'm a teenage girl and I don't watch this, but I know. The morals are just the old "friendship is the most important thing", but I guess it's good enough for kids. - redhawk766

I can't believe 30 year old men are acting like toddlers just because some people don't like a crappy kid's show.

Um... This is directed for 5 year old girls.

Really? It's higher than South Park?

This show is outright terrible, it's not funny, it's uncreative, it makes the series look bad and it has very unlikeable characters.

The fandom is even worse, why does it exist? What is the point of it? Why do people like to watch an uncreative pile of a crap like this?

I hate My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, such an overrated and horrible show. - KennyRulz244444

All I can say is this series sucks. All they do was singing for 16 minutes in one episode just like stupid Frozen. The characters were minded-less 6 ponies who thought Friendship can solve all problems.

Um now that I think Bout it...I DON'T LOVE MLP! All it talks about is friendship and that it's more important than competition and you shouldn't do this or that. I'm the most random person ever, I don't like this anymore. I like warrior cat books now. It's way more violent and courageous and dangerous and actioney, sometimes it even gets funny! Haha... And my friends who read it are funny too. I don't like it. My opinion not yours, I'm sorry If I offended you guys

One of the many reasons of the stupidity of society