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181 Ninja Hattori

Remember when Ninjas And Vampires & Werewolves (I'm Talking ta you Twilight- although this list is bout cartoons)? I Sure as hell don't...

This is an anime not a cartoon. A pretty decent show.

What! Best cartoon in world who idiot will put it here please remove it from here

Looks childish to me. English translation sounds terrible.

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182 Numb Chucks Numb Chucks

Deserves to be higher.

Screw this cartoon.

I gotta say I liked this show
it's a ripoff of angry beavers

183 Boku No Pico Boku No Pico Boku no Pico is an anime series created by Katsuhiko Takayama, who created other groundbreaking anime series such as Fullmetal Alchemist and Future Diary. Boku no Pico aired in the year 2006.

This is ANIMATED GAY CHILD PORN. Why isn't this higher?!?!

Heard about this from one of my friends. Absolutely disgusting. Why does this exist?

We get it, it's about pedophilia. But there is one flaw... Since when was this called a "cartoon"?

Disgusting and has no one who could enjoy it. The creator made this to get attention. - Wudzer

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184 Pucca

This show MAY be creepy at times for obvious reasons (the main character, Pucca) but it's a funny and entertaining show, It can get a bit messed up at times and graphically, this cartoon looks horrendous, but leaving those details aside, this cartoon can be enjoyable.

Pucca is just a stalker teenager and spends the day kissing Garu by force and he has no desire to kiss her, he feels disgust every time, he simply don't like her. Everybody, in her village, has no problem with the things she does, things she does for love, as they say. That's the routine in this cartoon, also Garu is treated like a toy by her, she just pays attention to him when she wants and interrupt anything he's doing. It's funny at the beginning, but it's annoying after some time.

Pucca is so annoying really all she does is fantasize about garu, chasing him and forcefully kissing him she's just a fangirl sure she can be nice sometimes but her love obsession for garu is really annoying she's like a sad, pathetic, hopelessly lovesick girl who has nothing to do in her life but chase after a boy who's not even interested in her in fact I think that's all she ever does chase garu and kissing him, helping out at the chef's restaurant and hanging out with her friends that's it I mean really doesn't she have anything else to do? She has no redeeming qualities and lacks personality also she's a mary sue she can just take down about anything and anyone she's not interesting

Pucca just goes around to find Garu and when she does she tries to get to him, I just couldn't tolerate, not only that the theme song sucks (sorry to offend), while I used to watch this, I just couldn't anymore... - ClassicGaminer

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185 K-On! K-On!
186 The Fairly OddParents The Fairly OddParents The Fairly OddParents is an American animated television series created by Butch Hartman for Nickelodeon.

Old ones are good

Ugggh! Their movies and cartoons are so annoying, and they will always be! Their jokes repeat over sixteen times in one cartoons, and since when do characters get their minds stuck on a ten year old who had a sex change once and got whatever he wanted all because of his fairies which make me barf and catch the flu? If they played The legend of Zelda when they were two and a half, I guess I would agree, but I don't care. Where are the other actors? I miss them! And the cartoon nowadays is so stupid! Now if you excuse me, I am going to have a tantrum in San Diego.

The short awesome
Now the characters are steroid there voice especially Timmy cosmos and Timmy mom make your ears bleed

Seasons 1-5 awesome
Seasons 6-8 okay
Seasons 9-10 Sucks

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187 Pac-Man V 4 Comments
188 The Secret Show The Secret Show

Why is this here?! This was a childhood show! - airplain313

This show is really funny! The bad guys are called T.H.E.M. and their leader is Doctor Doctor. Come on. That's funny. It's a good spoof on traditional spy stuff.

189 Littlest Pet Shop (1995) Littlest Pet Shop (1995) Littlest Pet Shop is a toy franchise and cartoon series owned by Hasbro. The original toy series was produced by Kenner in the early 1990s.

That's a thing O. O

Cartoon making 101: cartoons based on toys ALWAYS suck.


No. Just this one sucks. Toy Story is cool

190 My Little Pony (2003)

Why is Friendship is Magic at number thirteen? Sure it has the worst fanbase next to the Sonic fandom, and there are a few mediocre episodes (Spike at Your Service, looking at you), but by God at least the show is actually decent for the most part. It has good animation for Flash, has some entertaining characters and is often humourous, but most of all it does not pander to children. Unlike the '03 version, which did nothing but pander to little girls. Yes I'm aware that who it's aimed towards, but to alienate other audiences by making it painful to watch is a massive sin. While I don't think it's the worst cartoon of all time (that would most likely be Breadwinners or R&SACP), it's still pretty awful and deserves to be much higer than Friendship is Magic.

I can't believe I used to like this show! But now I hate it so much I could kill it with fire! The newer version is far better in my opinion though.

Lauren faust REALLY saved the mlp franchise, because this show is FULL of crap.

#kill it with fire

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191 Franny's Feet V 1 Comment
192 Lazer Tag Academy

Very weak plot line, and the minions of the villain look like Oocla's (from Thundarr the Barbarian) scrawny siblings.

193 Johnny Bravo Johnny Bravo Johnny Bravo is an American animated television series created by Van Partible for Cartoon Network, and the second of the network's Cartoon Cartoons.

From what I remember Johnny was a womanizer. The jokes were offensive... I could be wrong since its been so long since I watched it but the art style is boring

This is a good show

Very funny so handsome yet everyone hates him

He likes girls but they hate him

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194 Pound Puppies (2012)

Had some interesting and heartwarming moments.

I like the original pound puppies but I think this version is overrated.

Why is this on the list? This version is a million times better than the nightmarish Hanna Barbera craptacular from the 1980's!

195 Scooby-Doo, Where are You! Scooby-Doo, Where are You! Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! is the first incarnation of the long-running Hanna-Barbera Saturday morning cartoon series Scooby-Doo.

Stop saying jerkass. That was the best cartoon forever. Nothing is weird!

Why is this thing on this list


This cartoon is not jerkass. it is very interesting

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196 Legends of Chima

More Like This Is A Bad Show. It's Not Nearly As Good As Ninjago And It's Not Different.

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197 Pepee
198 Police Academy
199 Kuu Kuu Harajuku Kuu Kuu Harajuku

When you look at it you pass out that's how bright it is and it is way worse than fanboy and chum chum and family guy and Teen titans go

It's so stupid


When I First saw This Show in the Nick Commercials, I Thought it was the Stupidest Thing Ever!
It Tries Way to Hard to Look Like Anime
Characters Look Way Over the Top
The Humor Sucks
And Just Overall A Horrible Nick Show That's Just Not Fitting in

200 Futurama Futurama Futurama is an American animated science fiction sitcom created by Matt Groening for the Fox Broadcasting Company.

Tell me this is a joke! Futurama is the best show of all time! Long live Professor Farnsworth, long live the League of Robots, and long live Kwanzaabot!

I liked Futurama. Simpsons is a better show. (Oh its gone down hill but suddenly Lego! Its cool again. No you are just bored. Imagine if Futurama was still around in 27 years later today, oh its gone bad as the Simpsons.)

This should be lower. And I mean under 10. The show's humor is about as funny as reading Tom Preston comics. The characters are annoying and unlikable. No wonder Fox gave this garbage to Fox.

this is a joke
tell me
just tell me
IT IS AWESOME - Garoto_Oceano

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