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281 Hagemaru V 3 Comments
282 The Jetsons

Come on! Stop Putting the Jetsons on the list! It's a great show!

My dad loves it a lot even the flintstones he likes two shows when he was a kid but I like it too!

The first series was great. When the returned a decade or so later and restarted the series it stunk.

How Much Does The Person Who Made This List Hate Cartoons? I Mean a Lot of The 1s on Here're Actually Awesome Including The Jetsons

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283 Power Rangers

Grass exploding! Dance-like movement! Terrible looking rangers AND villains!

Not a cartoon but embarrassing that I watched this when I was little.

Again Technically Not a Cartoon

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284 Brandy & Mr. Whiskers
285 Stripperella

Stan lee why a T.V. show about stripper who is a super hero come on stan lee I have lost all respect for you

I have lost all respect for Stan Lee.

What was Stan Lee thinking?!?!?

Stan Lee sold out.

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286 The Thing

Really bad especially when they (Hanna-Barbera) changed The Thing's Alter Ego from a Top college football hero turn craggy war hero to a scrawny nerdy weakling who had to use two rings to summon The Thing.

Hanna-Barbera's total bastardization of Marvel Comic's The Thing by giving him a geeky nerd as his alter ego instead of a craggy football star turned war hero.

287 Dirtgirlworld

This show is Annoying Orange and Angelica Anaconda combined!

288 DinoSquad
289 Little Mouse on the Prairie

A major ripoff of Little House on the Prairie. - monsterhigh200

290 Ned's Newt

Why is it place near-bottom on this list? It should be number 10 for being an Aladdin ripoff, and the bad animation, and characters ranging from uninteresting to unappealing.

291 Mad Balls: Gross Jokes

I don't even know

292 Christmas in Tattertown
293 Butt-Ugly Martians
294 The Wizard of Oz

The Wizard of Oz has alway sbeen bull since its origin back in the late 19th Century.

295 Mia and Me

Just kidding the baddest show in the world!

It is the best show ever. it has a Very beautifull theme song and a Very beautifull design

296 3-2-1 Penguins!

A little weird and boring.

297 Cherub Wings
298 Special Agent Oso

How is that bear yellow? and do the kids parents even know about oso? and that robot ladybug thing seems to just record random kids which is creepy and illegal

Horrible, its basically about neglectful parents that don't help their kids and this multicolored bear has to help them. It has bad messages.

Just another god awful, unintelligent show that shoves life lessons down your throat

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299 Casper and the Angels

Oh! Casper I remember you, you don't how I missed you right now

300 Sonic Boom

This show is actually the best show of Sonic. People judge the show because of the games without even giving the show a chance.

What? I thought Sonic Boom was the name of the music shop in Austin and Ally...

Cartoon Network look what have done to Sonic

I love this show - Tyler730

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