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361 Ace Ventura TV Series

This was at a time where movies marketed for adults had to have cartoons based off of them that were marketed to children.

362 Shaman King
363 Dragon Ball Dragon Ball Dragon Ball is a Japanese anime television series produced by Toei Animation. It made anime popular in America and is based on the manga of the same name by Akira Toriyama. It was dubbed in English on Cartoon Networks Toonami block and still has many fans today.

Dragon Ball is the classic! Whoever put this, must've been retarded and watch too much Dora!

Not the ideal cartoon as it is an anime, not for all ages, above 7 or 7 I would say I had. Nightmares when I was 3 and watched it but now it's good

A great anime show

I like shows with violence like dis. - Garoto_Oceano

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364 Beyblade: Shogun Steel

I watched all the Beyblade episodes and they are the best

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365 Space Goofs Space Goofs Space Goofs is a French animated series produced by Gaumont Multimedia, and Xilam for France 3 that first aired in 1997. It also debuted at the same year in Germany on ProSieben.

This show is just dumb well not the first season but the second season is candy In the first season acted more smart than the second season bud is smart in the first season well I'll admit that he was a person who is lazy and looks at T.V. and drinks Soda but he is very intelligent But in the second season he just acts like an idiot like that episode where they froze in there house in the second season they froze cause of him he was the only one pushing the buttons knowing ETNO was suppose to push the button he's just a retard its like you just WANNA Punch him In his head and call him a retard and tell him to go away he's a type you WANNA tell to Move and like that episode a dogs life I hate that episode when that dog charged at him in that scene and bud's back was scrunched up and had a scared sad face and was shivering scared I wanted to go in that Computer (Cause space goofs don't play or air in my Country AND I LIVE IN THE US) and punch his scared face and bite his scrunched up ...more

This show is TOTALLY pointless! There's nothing interesting but these aliens always talking about going home! The show is really boring, and I think this might be canceled!

This show is a slap in the face to aliens!

Oh and in all 3 shows, dogs are portrayed as violent beings.

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366 Goof Troop

I can't believe goofy has a child

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367 Generator Rex Generator Rex Generator Rex is an American science fantasy action animated television series created by Man of Action for Cartoon Network.
368 Voltron Force

That show is horrible and has a lot of plot holes

369 Magic School Bus

I remember watching this in class. I was so embarrassed! I thought it was so bad, I turned around and faced the wall until it was finally over!

Hey, I remember watching this show in science class.

The point is to educate, and it does that well.

I used to like it, and I remember I used to watch it at school, but I just don't like anymore. - ClassicGaminer

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370 Doug Doug Doug is an American animated sitcom created by Jim Jinkins. The show focuses on the early adolescent life of its title character, Douglas "Doug" Funnie, who experiences common predicaments while attending school in his new hometown of Bluffington. Doug narrates each story in his journal, and the show more.

The Disney version sucked! The Nickelodeon version is far better!

Don't nit pick the Disney version. (Hair, clothing, fictional cartoon band) Both versions Nickelodeon and Disney finished years ago.

My Dad hated it

My Brother loved it

I love the show, but disney version sucks - Garoto_Oceano

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371 Soul Eater Soul Eater Soul Eater is an anime series directed by Takuya Igarashi and produced by Bones, Aniplex, Dentsu, Media Factory, and TV Tokyo, which adapts the Soul Eater manga written and illustrated by Atsushi Ohkubo.

Soul Eater is awesome! Remove it from this list! The characters are original and this is actually a really well-known anime. REMOVE IT FROM THE LIST!


The show isn't cool, Blackstar is the most annoying in history, (more annoying than Luffy and Naruto combined, ) Death the kid gives Libra (the 7th zodiac) a bad name, Soul's teeth need FUDGING BRACES, the moon BLEEDS from it's mouth and is REALLY REALLY SERIOUSLY (actually) REALLY creepy, and I see a very sad future for Tsubaki and Maka having horrible husbands.

If I have to see any more people doing one and/or any of the following I will have to commit suishibe.

-Catching a scythe with their head,
-marrying a toilet,
-transforming into scythes,
-getting their head smashed with a book
-learning how to use weapons that have no good reason for use,
-being forced by their own will to have almost anything you can think of be symmetrical,
And MOST importantly, -(insert YOUR concern here.

372 The Angry Beavers The Angry Beavers The Angry Beavers is an American animated television series created by Mitch Schauer for the Nickelodeon Channel The series revolves around Daggett and Norbert Beaver, two young beaver brothers who have left their home to become bachelors in the forest near the fictional Wayouttatown, Oregon.

Why is this amazing show on this list?

This One Of The BEST Cartoons Ever! - Ardan

I do not know this show, but the name is gross. Why angry beavers. It sounds like Menstrual cramps!

This show is amazing

373 KNT (SPC)

What was Saban thinking by turning the villain who was originally a fox and changing him into a rat?!?

The Samurai Pizza Cats was annoying T.V. show and a real rip off.

Dragon Ball Z and Sailor Moon were better anime shows and they became legends and we talk about it and made pictures. And Fan Fictions.

However, KNT (SPC) got nothing because it was a bad anime show (both the Japanese and the American show). The show will always be bad and no one will have fans.

374 Mew Mew Power

Imagine 4Kidz Studios replacing Sonic X with Mario X & Pac-Man X. That would be awesome.

One of the worst shows I've ever seen

Al Khan and his 4Kids idiots ruined Tokyo Mew Mew by putting V.O. Actors who are fifth rated and Americanizing the series to death!

375 Wacky Races

This is a classic for most of us and the only reason I can see it here is that it repeated pretty a almost the same episode but other that it's a great throwback show

Take this off this list! This is a classic!

One of the best throwback and classic shows! Why is this on the list?

Classic does not mean good. The Pacer is an old car but it'll never be a classic.

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376 Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H.

Take this show off this crazy list.

377 Girls Bravo Girls Bravo

Yuck! It's a bunch of girls without clothes on!

Horrible plot and yeah, it really is just naked girls.

378 Code Lyoko Code Lyoko Code Lyoko is a French animated television series created by Thomas Romain and Tania Palumbo and produced by Moonscoop.

Why is this even on the list at all? This show was absolutely amazing!

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379 The Land Before Time

! WHAT! you idiot why did you put it here this was first and only cartoon since I was 2 even my elder brothers watch since they were kids too it was my favourite thing especially the songs I loved that cartoon you basted.

Why is this here it is a classic.

Dear god...


380 Max and Ruby

Why's it on here twice?

I can't even explain all my hatred for this show

Hey, didn't this already appear on the list? - Target

So bad it appeared twice.

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