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401 Casper's Scare School

The worst of all the Casper animated series.

I thought monsters were not supposed to talk to humans

I thought monsters were not supposed to talk to humans

More like Casper's cute school

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402 Misha

A very poorly drawn cartoon based on the 1980 Summer Olympics mascot Misha the bear.

403 Maple Town (Saban version)

Saban ruined this classic Japanese Anime by "Westernizing" it to death and adding a live action "Miss Maple" character to bookend the opening and closing of the series as well as using the opening for a Maple Town toy commercial as part of the opening credits! Surprisingly the versions that was broadcasted in the rest of world stay with the original animation and plot line instead of ruining it like Saban did.

How did Saban Productions got the rights to broadcast Maple Town in the Americas and totally ruined it?!?

404 The New Archies

The whole Archie franchise sucks anyways! Why is Betty's hair yellow/Veronica's hair brown anyways?

The lost gap between Little Archie and Archie and his friends in Riverdale High that should of stayed lost.

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405 Dungeons & Dragons

A bastardization of the classic RPG game that in the opening credits shows the game as a freaky carnival/amusement park ride!

406 Heyyyy, It's the King
407 High School USA

The US is retarded and so is high school

Makes sense why this sucks

Totally stupid animated series

A hillarous show.


408 Capitol Critters

The pilot episode was so bad ( where a family of farm mice were slaughtered by exterminators) I'm surprised that They shown this on prime time!

409 Fish Police

the fish police coming straight from the underwater

410 Father of the Pride

South Park rip off involving lions.

I don't really like this show. - Ededdneddyfan55

411 Mona the Vampire

At least this didn't get as much hate as Twilight. Oh wait she has fangs. *face palm*

Vampires are bad, wait I'm a vampire, so mona is bad

412 Dumb and Dumber: The Animated Series

Again. This was made at a time when movies aimed at adults had cartoon spin-offs aimed at children. Movies at that time included not just Dumb and Dumber, but The Mask and Ace Ventura.

413 Attack of the Killer Tomatoes

Is that even a cartoon show

414 Trollz

I'm neutral over this show. Don't tell KirbyFTWAmethystFTL or else he'll kill me!

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415 Ghostbusters

Truly a bad attempt to bring a animated version of the classic 1970's live action series. A strange coincidence is that they (Filmation) were fighting over DiC/Columbia (who had Ghostbusters the movie version and planning to animated it with Toei Animation of Japan) over the rights for the name Ghostbusters hence DiC/Columbia deciding to add "The Real" next to Ghostbusters to avoid confusion with Filmation's version.

A shoddy animated version of the 1970's classic live action series that was also created by Filmation

416 Strawberry Shortcake

Who knew that Tracey Moore actually sung that silly intro song of the franchise? Imagine if Tracey Moore actually voiced Wave the Swallow (which it sounds like).

The DiC version was bad when they changed the look of Strawberry Shortcake and her friends.

417 Fighting Foodons

A Pok´┐Ż - mon ripoff that Make me get food poisoning just watching this crappola!

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418 Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure - Animated Series

Took DiC to totally Melvinize" a bodacious series like Bill and Ted by eliminating the original actors who provided the voices to Bill ( Alex Winter), Ted (Keanu Reeves) and Rufus ( George Carlin) and totally cheap crappy animation replacing the awesome CGI sequences that was used in the first run series by Hanna-Barbera.

When DiC took over the second season from Hanna Barbera when the series moved from CBS to FOX it went from Bodacious to Melvin (idiotic) with crappy third rate animation and the elimination of the original voices who were also the stars from the film.

419 Paw Paws

This show was a classic!

420 Dingbat and the Creeps

A idiotic animated series involving a goofy vampire dog, a Jack O'Lantern wearing a baseball cap and sneakers and a obese skeleton wearing swim trunks and a toilet plunger for a hat.

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