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441 Tom and Jerry Kids

Well I like many episodes cause in those Tom is a jerk but others piss me of I mean like in one episode Tom does next to nothing and gets beaten up anyway

Wow, you guys are just on crack. Tom and Jerry Kids is not at all bad. They turned the cute Tom and Jerry into an even cuter duo of still rivals as kids!

So stupid, the Droopy skits are so repetitive and boring and it's not fair that Mcwolf always loses due to racism. Tom and Jerry are also incredibily annoying. and Spike's son is not supposed to talk!

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442 Dino Dan

I dared my 12 year old sister to watch this in public

443 Camp Lakebottom

The show is crap, the jokes are corny and old, and the whole concept of the idea is unrealistic Really, who would send their kids to a desolate island where the camp staff are zombies, abnormally large monkeys or old ladies who serve radioactive waste for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I used to love this show, but now even I'll admit it's just a ripoff of Gravity Falls

This show to me is good only for the fact that it shows all the horror movie tropes in funny ways

Just vote for this show. It is just made of crap

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444 Hulk Hogan's Rock 'n' Wrestling V 1 Comment
445 Dennis the Menace and Gnasher

The "Yanks" never accepted the British version of Dennis the Menace ( who's a mega star in Britain and stars in the famous British comic book Bongo Comics) since they had their own version that ironically was created at the same time like the British version.

446 Casper's Scare School

The worst of all the Casper animated series.

I thought monsters were not supposed to talk to humans

I thought monsters were not supposed to talk to humans

More like Casper's cute school

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447 Angelina Ballerina: The Next Steps

I liked watching the original, when it was semi education and intelligent. But the CGI version is horrible.

A Americanized CGI monstrosity of the Classic British animated series Angelina Ballerina that should never have been thought of in the first place!

448 Misha

A very poorly drawn cartoon based on the 1980 Summer Olympics mascot Misha the bear.

449 Maple Town (Saban version)

Saban ruined this classic Japanese Anime by "Westernizing" it to death and adding a live action "Miss Maple" character to bookend the opening and closing of the series as well as using the opening for a Maple Town toy commercial as part of the opening credits! Surprisingly the versions that was broadcasted in the rest of world stay with the original animation and plot line instead of ruining it like Saban did.

How did Saban Productions got the rights to broadcast Maple Town in the Americas and totally ruined it?!?

450 The New Archies

The whole Archie franchise sucks anyways! Why is Betty's hair yellow/Veronica's hair brown anyways?

The lost gap between Little Archie and Archie and his friends in Riverdale High that should of stayed lost.

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451 Dungeons & Dragons

A bastardization of the classic RPG game that in the opening credits shows the game as a freaky carnival/amusement park ride!

452 Heyyyy, It's the King
453 High School USA

The US is retarded and so is high school

Makes sense why this sucks

Totally stupid animated series

A hillarous show.


454 Capitol Critters

The pilot episode was so bad ( where a family of farm mice were slaughtered by exterminators) I'm surprised that They shown this on prime time!

455 Fish Police

the fish police coming straight from the underwater

456 Father of the Pride

South Park rip off involving lions.

457 Mona the Vampire

At least this didn't get as much hate as Twilight. Oh wait she has fangs. *face palm*

Vampires are bad, wait I'm a vampire, so mona is bad

458 Dumb and Dumber: The Animated Series

Again. This was made at a time when movies aimed at adults had cartoon spin-offs aimed at children. Movies at that time included not just Dumb and Dumber, but The Mask and Ace Ventura.

459 Attack of the Killer Tomatoes

Is that even a cartoon show

460 Trollz

So overrated!

I'm neutral over this show. Don't tell KirbyFTWAmethystFTL or else he'll kill me!

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