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481 Sinbad Jr. and His Magic Belt
482 The Mighty Mr. Titan
483 Shelldon V 1 Comment
484 Ring Raiders
485 Lil Elvis and the Truckstoppers
486 Teenage Fairytale Dropouts

The name says it all - PatrickStar

Crappy show I ever seen it sucks

487 Dodo, The Kid from Outer Space
488 Saban's Adventures of Pinocchio
489 Saban's Adventures of Oliver Twist V 1 Comment
490 Bob in a Bottle

Doesn't make sense. - Ededdneddyfan55

491 Eagle Riders

Saban's idiotic renaming of the classic Japanese anime adventure series Science Ninja Team Gatchaman aka known to the older viewers as "Battle of the Planets" & "G-Force: Guardians of Space" (not to be confused with the Disney film involving Guinea Pigs).

492 Dinosaucers
493 Luli's WonderWorld
494 Toddworld

Good Show, Stupid Designs - Ededdneddyfan55

495 Eliot Kid V 2 Comments
496 Sandra the Fairy Tale Detective

Pretty cool, but it's a slight ripoff of The Fairly OddParents if you ask me... - Ededdneddyfan55

497 Pippi Longstocking (The Animated Series)
498 Super President

Pretty weird show if you ask me... - Ededdneddyfan55

499 Ultimate Muscle
500 Horseland

Oh my gosh, a horrible show about a group of 12 and thirteen year old girls and one dude who basically ride around on seriously annoying horses played by horrid voice actors. But the on character I CAN NOT STAND IS Alma that accent is so FAKE. And Bailey the only guy is to afraid to stand up to those girls when they are having little feuds and what not. They stereo type and do not even act or look the age that they are. Will on the other hand looks and talks like he's 28 years old, HE IS SIXTEEN. And the diva fights are so fake.

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