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Phineas and Ferb is an American animated comedy-musical television series. Originally broadcast as a one-episode preview on August 17, 2007 and again previewed on September 28, 2007, the series officially premiered on February 1, 2008 and ended on June 12, 2015 on Disney Channel, and follows Phineas more.


I want to share my opinion, but I want this to be LESS than 2 days long, so I'LL make it short.

Story: Every cliche children's show plot ever. It's about these two, stupid kids who do the same thing everyday. And the pet sucks too. But not as much as the stupid kids, what were their names? OH YEAH!
Phineas and PERV. And the bratty sister tattles on them and the mom thinks she's crazy, and the whole world blows up. I hate this plot cause it NEVER, repeat NEVER changes. It's always the same thing. ALL THE TIME!

Animation: BURN IT! It is so atrociously ugly that it makes Angela Anaconda jealous! It's that ugly! It has ugly characters and puke-like colors, And every thing is so...BLAND.

Characters: Bland, generic, stereotypical and cliche. NOTHING is interesting about them. No character development or emotional states, or ANYTHING. And there so bland, I have run out of things too say bout' them they so shallow...

Writing: I don't know what 2nd grader wrote ...more

Sir, you are obviously a sadistic loser with no life. This is a show for little kids, and also much, much more than you can ever better than anything you can do in your life, so take your hypocrisy somewhere else, then maybe we don't have to be subject to your torture. - anon1234567890

This show is sucktacular, especially Dr. HEINZ DOOFenshmirtz. I mean, come on! First thing that I hate about him is his name. Who names their kid after a bottle of ketchup AND a synonym for butt? Then there's his last name, which has DOOF in it. DOOF! Short for DOOFUS or BiDOOF. (You pokemon peeps know what I'm talking about when I say Bidoof. ) Then there's the fact that he gets beat up by a platypus which apparently "doesn't do much" and in one episode he gets beat up by a potted plant. It's a plant. That's pretty bad. RABBITS can defeat plants. And what's up with the pharmacy coat? A lab coat goes down to mid-shin not mid-thigh DORK!

Phineas and Ferb must be the laziest show on children's programming. I'll sum up this show: write a simple formula, throw in a few references for the adults, call it a deconstruction/satire of formulaic shows and BAM. People will call it clever, and you'll be able to write whatever plot you want, no matter how generic or tiresome, with the same boring "charm" without anyone saying it's lazy; you make them believe that you think really hard about the plot and the references, and that you want it to be intentionally cliché; when in reality you're so out of ideas that the only way to make money is to "mock formulas". - Fatalinger

Worst T.V. show ever, for so many reasons. Reason 1)The really bad songs that they sing all the time. Every single episode. Reason 2)The same old general idea every time. Every single episode, though they make something different, is practically the same. First, Phineas says, "Ferb, I know what we're gonna do today! "Then, they do what ever it is they were gonna do. After that, Candace tries to "bust her brothers" by telling Mom, only to fail horribly. Finally, the show ends. EVERY EPISODE! I find it hard to believe kids like this crap.

Worst show ever. Here's my top 10 biggest problems with this overrated piece of crap:

10. The fans are terrible and disrespect opinions.

9. The songs are stupid and uncreative. I mean, "Aglet"? "Let's Go Digital"? That takes zero effort to write!

8. The characters are not normal in any way. Phineas cares way too much about summer, Ferb rarely talks, Candace is a mean teenage brat who acts like a 6-year-old, Isabella is annoying and thinks she's the only one who can say "Whatcha doing'? ", Baljeet cares too much about grades, Buford is a stereotypical bully who has no personality at all, Jeremy is just a generic hot boy, Suzy is a copy of Angelica from Rugrats, Perry is the reason why I don't like platypuses anymore, and Doofenshmirtz is not evil at all, though it's kind of cool that there characters from good shows who are worse than him.

7. The plot is extremely repetitive. Can't you come up with something new for ...more

This show SUUCKS. I actually used to be a fan, but the jokes got generic, and Phineas and Ferb began doing really dumb stuff. In addition, Heinz Doofenshmirtz. Yes, it was entertaining watching Perry the Platypus beat up the good doctor for the first couple of episodes, but as you learn more and more about his life, you realize that its just a Platypus beating up a sad old man who had many tragedies in his life. Also, the stereotypical indian kid, Baljeet, is really just a stereotype and a racist one at that.

I think I have seen plenty of episodes of this particular show to say it doesn't require much attention to be given to know exactly what is going on. All the episodes are the same. There is hardly any variation from the norm.

The two boys make some wild invention, the sister tries to get them caught but fails and is ultimately deemed insane by their mother. Oh, yeah. The pet platypus is a secret agent and always stops the villain. Throw in a song in there and that is what it takes to make an episode of this show.

It isn't particularly clever in any way really so it confuses me how much people like it and regard it as something worthwhile.

Eh. They're running out of ideas. Also, the show is about at 300 episodes, meaning their summer is not 104 days and almost a year, they do multiple activities every single day, or the creators were just like "screw it. The kids won't care." As for the ideas part, they're turning it into such weird and bland ideas. They ride spaceships meet aliens; not like the original stuff they used to do, like make some crazy invention that all the kids loved to come and see. Just... I think they should really stop the show now for their own sake.

Lemme start this off by saying that this shows first few episodes were ok. Like any other show, it went downhill after a while. When I say downhill, I mean it turned into crap. First off, according to the show, a platypus can beat up a middle aged man. Second, there are way too many songs, there's like a song every episode. If there was a soundtrack for this show, it would be at least 2 hours long. Third, the characters are annoying as crap. Fourth, some of the things Phineas and Ferb make are just plain stupid. Like, for instance, Cheesetopia. Fifth, the platypus character is a complete a-hole. Half the time, the bad guy (can't spell his last name, I'll just call him Heinz) doesn't even do anything bad, for example, he made a machine that sent him into stores so he can do his Christmas shopping a lot faster, and ya know what? The a-hole stops him from doing THAT! I remember he was also in a pizza throwing contest, and guess what? The platypus character destroys the stage and probably ...more

The first few episodes of the show were okay. THEN they came up with the episode Flop Starz, and after that the characters sang ALL THE TIME. I cannot think of a single episode that aired after Flop Starz where the characters didn't sing. Also, how does summer last for over 6 months? What came over them when they tried to replace Baljeet? Why are all the characters hippies?
And don't even get me started about the main antagonist.

I couldn't really get into this show. I love cartoons, mostly all kinds. But this show... I don't know. I don't want to say anything negative about it because it may be an insult to someone who actually likes this show, but I'm just not a fan of Phineas and Ferb.

Phineas and Ferb would've been a good show to last 1-2 seasons, not 5 (or 6, whatever). It's been going on for way too long. I'm glad it's finally done. It was running out of ideas and it had episodes with pretty much the same storyline which get tedious to watch. It was a creative idea at first, but now the show feels very overdone. The songs are horrible too.

This show makes no sense what so ever. Its the same plot every time, it goes like this: Catchy theme song plays, Phineas say "Hey Ferb, I know what were going to do today", then that weird triangle headed kid say wheres perry?
And so on so on! Simpsons, Invader Zim and Spongebob: ROCK ON!

Phineas and Ferb isn't a show that I ever liked, The characters have no personalities, and all the episodes kinda suck... It's just like "I want to build something! " Then they build something, and it disappears before the mom gets back. IT HAPPENS EVERY SINGLE EPISODE! The only thing I liked in the show was when they animated Slash in the show, that was sorta cool.

It's annoying. It basically the same thing happens every episode. I know what we're gonna do today, where's perry, perry gets trapped gets out and defeats doof. That all that happens and it gets annoying.

Why don't they go to school I don't get it. I only get 8 weeks of damn summer vacation. Plus there has been more than 30 episodes it is not 104 days of summer vacation (as mentioned in the theme song). In feature episodes they should start going to school. I think it might be cancelled in the 2020s somehow. No wonder why they build so much stuff and who the hell cleans up the mess that candace sees it and tells the mom and by the time the mom comes it's gone what the bleep?

Typical BORING American Disney channel cartoon...
Just because they use famous Disney stars like mitchell musso or ashley tisdale, doesn't mean the show is good or has to be.
It sucks.

Really...really stupid, childish and meaningless show. The songs are annoying. My brother watches it everyday...

I did like this show when it first started. It was a new show on Disney Channel and it seemed harmless, but after a good few episodes, man did it get old. They've really run out of ideas, and every episode is the exact same premise. It is very repetitive, and it should just die. DC should put all of their focus on food shows like Gravity Falls.

You know they can build those things but how do they pay the things they needed to builds those big things if their mom sees the bill they need to pay Phineas And Ferb will be dead!

How to make a Phineas and Ferb episode:

1: Start with the boys doing some mundane task.

2: Have them get inspiration from one of their friends, their parents, or the T.V.. Remove parents from premises with some stupid reason. (Errands, visiting a friend etc.)

3: Cut to the boys building the invention, only for Baljeet, Isabella (with her obligatory and annoying "Watch'cha doing? "), and Buford to appear while some random person asks Phineas if he's too young to be doing this, only for him to say, "Yes. Yes I am".

4: Perry goes to HQ and is assigned a stupid task to stop Doof from completing.

5: Candace discovers the invention and says they'll be in so much trouble when their Mom gets home instead of just taking a photo of it.

6: Perry arrives at Doof's only to be trapped and have the whole plan explained while he starts to enact it.

7: Song number about the invention sung by the boys and their friends

9: Perry ...more

Although Vanessa is a hottie, but rest of these characters on this show is terrible with weird shapes of there heads.

Ran Out Ideas Season 2, could have made normal things but larger, they could have made things to help the world but Phineas is selfish (Ferb Is One Of The Only 3 Cool Characters, Him, Perry, And Doofenshmirtz) Phineas was cool in season 1 but now he's just WHINY!

You speak as if you weren't whiny when you were 10...(Yes, he's 10 years old.) - anon1234567890

I just voted Phineas and Ferb to say this show is awesome but if you people mean Phineas and Ferb saves Summer and Summer belongs to you. I agree. Why:Doesn't have Indonesia and replaces it with North Pole! Seriously, Disney? North Pole doesn't have summer and only 1 thousand people or less live there!

Phineas and ferb used to be kinda funny but now it's just terrible. It always ends in curse you perry or with a dumb failing invention that makes their gizmo disappear and the mother asks hey who wants snacks, ridiculous