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Sanjay and Craig is an American animated television series produced by Nickelodeon. The show is about a 12-year-old boy named Sanjay Patel who owns a talking pet snake named Craig. It ran from May 25th, 2013 to July 29th, 2016.


This is the grossest, most obnoxious show I've ever seen. All the characters are dumb and just plain weird but I hate Sanjay and Craig the most. He is an annoying, obnoxious and useless character and his pet snake Craig is disgusting and has no point whatsoever. The animation is lazy and the episodes have to do with something crazy, gross or pointless. Most episodes don't even make SENSE! And the gross humour I just couldn't laugh at, it was more of disgusting than funny. The characters are dumb, the episodes don't make sense and the jokes are gross. Sanjay and Craig is definitely one of my least favourite shows.

Avoid this cartoon at all costs, it is disgusting and is filled with non stop toilet humor. I've only watched one episode ( I was unlucky enough for that episode to be "fart baby" where the sanjay and craig give birth to a fart... ) and I felt not only disgusted, but insulted. I'm not sure why I felt insulted, I just did.

This nightmare of a show has been on for 3 YEARS! I can't STAND to see this GARBAGE every DAY on Nick! This ABOMINATION of BUTTS AND FARTS is why I NEVER watch Nickelodeon along with Alvin and the chipmunks, breadwinners, those cliche on sided "magic romance" shows and of course, those SITCOMS and I will STILL hate Nickelodeon until it FINALLY climbs it's way out of the bottom of AWFULNESS!

This show needs to be cancelled. I HATE this show. It's just a giant ripoff of adventure time. It's damn UGLY. The theme song is annoying. The acting is horrible, and the humor is annoying. It is annoying as HELL.

Think about it. It follows the adventures of a human kid and an animal. And that human has a crush on someone. Sound familiar?

Why does sanjay and Craig suck
- bad writing
- annoying voice acting
- unrealistic levels of toilet humor
- annoying characters
- it's like they didn't even try
- it almost made my brother an idiot
- it drains your intelligence bit by bit
- the stories make no sense
- it ripoffs adventure time and regular show
They either lost a bet or hired a canadian amateur to make the show

Oh. My. Goodness. This show is all around bad. It relies almost solely on toilet humour to 'relate with kids' and 'be cool'. What more can I say? The animation kind of looks like a Bob's burgers ripoff style. Just by looking at the preview, you will note sanjays face and animation to be uncannily similar to Bob's Burgers. The plots are uncreative and boring because they always use toilet humour. Thus, they are predictable and bad. I mean, in one episode they had Sanjay be a dad to a fart that he held in. What. I'm done here

Did Any One Ever Notice That It Has The Same Animation As Bob's Burgers, So Yeah In A Way It's Kinda Ripping Of Bob's Burgers Too Not Just Regular Show, Also If Regular Show Is On The List Then I Would Have Five Words For You: TAKE IT OFF THE LIST!

The only humor there is are butt and fart jokes. This show really tries to be something it isn't; funny. The plots are about riding scary roller coasters and talking for 11 minutes about some Tuff Lips guy. I'd rather watch season 7 sponge bob and season 10 fairly odd parents than this trash.

This show sucks. I mean farts! Come on, this is so immature and why is farts so funny. They aren't. If I have to rate this show I would say zero stars.

This is one of the most bad influencing cartoons out there. The plot is literally only butt, fart, vomit and more disgusting things, terrible writing, terrible characters and kids will pick this up. Seriously? A snake and kid barfing in each other's face?

The animation is completely ripped off from bobs burgers the characters have irritating voices this should be #1

This show is a ripoff of Adventure Time and Regular Show. Seriously, a snake and child? Definitely cancelled. - 05yusuf09

This show is horrid! Sanjay is weirdly animated and has an annoying voice. Craig is..weird. Young kids should not watch them say the word starting with "F" which describes gas coming out of your bottom.

I'm sorry I really need 2 get this off my chest THIS SHOW NEVER SHOULD'VE AIRED, IT HAS CRAPPY ASS PLOTS, FART JOKES, MAINLY THOSE damn FART JOKES! I swear to god Nickelodeon is trying 2 make bull like this

This cartoon never made me laugh, nor giggle. The humor isn't good for kids. Seriously... butts? Fart jokes? Pretty much all of those makes me vomit badly and its like the creators wanted to make you have vomits every minute

Is television even TRYING anymore? Seriously, this crud is just about a boy with an IQ of 8% and a really sassy snake. The episode with the butt transplant made me wanna barf and get a brain wash, I mean come on! If they made a show about serious anime, (by the way, I HATE anime) I would watch it.

Bro, you're not the only one who practically hates that show! The whole plot of the show is immature and idiotic! I just HATE that show! It is boring and extremely disguising! :( - ShadowSwashy

Example episodes: episode about birthing a fart, episode about peeing the bed and the list goes on and on and on

THIS show I would rate as the WORST show that is alive. Nickelodeon, grab some damn Vikings, strap them to a burning boat and kiss Sanjay and Craig BYE BYE.

A really dumb show with characters that do dumb stuff that makes people feel dumb and stupid

Sanjay and Craig is the most stupidest show you ever seen and their voice are getting annoying and he got bunch of friends and family and

I absolutely hate this show. Most of the episodes have to do with some to of butt or something else. Like that episode when the neighbor had hideous leg flabs.

The creators really misunderstand children because they think that the majority of them only like Potty jokes and don't care about how good the story is

I will slap someone if I have to watch this. I'M NOT KIDDING!

This is the worst show ever. Toilet humor, stupid plots, and a lot more. Do I really have to say more? It's worse than Fanboy and Chum Chum and Dora The Explorer.