Teen Titans Go!

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'Teen Titans Go!' is an American animated television series produced by Cartoon Network. The show follows a superhero group called the Teen Titans, and shows what happens when they go home and have silly adventures. This show is Cartoon Network's revival of the popular 2003-2006 American animated television ...read more.


The commercial says, "You're new favorite show! " Fool! Teen Titans Go! Does not serve any purpose to be on television! Damn waffles! Stupid soccer! Ass Titans! This is not suitable for any Teen Titan fan! I hate this show with a fiery passion! The show does not deserve the spelling of the name! Dumb ass morals that can scar kids for life! Horrendous flash animation! Welcome to the Superhero version of JOHNNY TEST!

This show just needs to be canceled. Here's everything wrong with it

The animation sucks

There's hardly any hero action. The Titans fight over the stupidest.

Here's the character flaws

Robin Acts like an ego maniac that doesn't get NO SORT OF RESPECT WHATSOEVER! Just a total doormat.

Cyborg Acts like a total bum. Sound like somebody else on this show? I can't tell the difference between Beast Boy and Cyborg's personalities anymore!

Raven Just a total downer. Need I say more? Acts like a downer, but she likes a kid's show that rips off My Little Pony in a horrible way.

Beast Boy Just another selfish bum.

Starfire Oh God! Don't even get me started on her! She acts like the biggest retard in the world! She's ditzy, has an unnatural obsession with cats I mean, come ON! She moved out of the Tower because Raven lied about Robin giving her allergies he was in a cat costume, and just. Ugh.

This show needs to die in a hole! It's ...more

Phineas and Ferb is in the Top 10 but not Toddler Titans No?!? You people have gotten to a NEW LOW for this! TTG is seriously AND LITERALLY THE! WORST! THING! IN MEDIA! PERIOD! This "show" just shows that humans are monsters! Cold blooded, black hearted, soulless monsters! I LOATHE EVERY SINGLE THING this unfunny, disgusting, worthless, insulting, offensive piss poor excuse of a "show" PERIOD (let alone a so called "kids show) has EVER TRIED to do! The fanbase are a bunch of bratty douchebag 10-12 year olds who don't know what the word "quality" means! "Your new favorite show" my ASS! I swear to god, I want to blow my BRAINS out just the mere terrifying THOUGHT of this "show" crossing my mind! The fact that this "show" exists just makes me dead inside! This "show" takes the cartoon that introduced me to DC Comics PERIOD and beats it to hell with a hammer, a baseball bat, and MANY sharp objects as well as ...more

Robin is an unlikable jerk to everyone. No. Just no.
Raven is a stereotypical goth girl who can't find joy in anything and she's NOT FUNNY.
Cyborg is an annoying idiot who I wish would die.
Beast Boy, though he's pretty cute at times, needs to die or change his stupid personality. Being annoying isn't funny.
Starfire is a stupid girly-girl with no brains whatsoever.

Now let's look at old Teen Titans!
Robin, a wise leader and a cool guy.
Starfire, a mysterious and powerful alien and a great member of the team.
Beast Boy, funny and wild with an awesome power.
Cyborg, the literal badass.
Raven, half-demon girl who is actually cool and not depressive.

Now what would YOU rather watch? Annoying or well-thought-out yet funny?

Just a unfunny cheap remake of the once amazing Teen Titans. This show is full of butt and fart jokes and that's pretty much it. It seems like a joke-mobile of 5 year olds made this reboot. The creators themselves claimed they have never seen The original Teen Titans. All the characters are nothing like they were from the original. Robin is uptight and always self conscious and screaming, he seems like he needs mental help. Starfire, she is an idiot and uses "The" in every single sentence. Beast boy and cyborg are straight up cancer. No other words. Raven, she is the complete opposite in Teen titans Go! Then when she was like in the original. She's like a whole new character, but with the same character design. This show needs to be canceled

The most moronic, annoying, unpleasant cartoon I've watch, not only that, but the creators think it is a good idea to make THREE episodes aimed at the haters complaining that they have a "limited budget" and most of all "it's aimed for kids" uhm?... Excuse me? Please take a moment to look at all of the other good cartoons, yes, some of the creators had a limited budget, yes, some creators had a limited supply for animation, and yes, it was a kids show and look at how far they got there were people who where adults and still watched those shows and they loved and cherished the cartoon from their childhood, and some of them grew up to be animators, nobody is "too old" to watch cartoons,if it is on television or any other technology device then you are allowed to watch it, anyway on to the cartoon it is unfunny, dumb, obnoxious, I was not a fan of the original teen titans but either way this cartoon is terrible and needs to die in the worst way

Cartoon Network took the awesome heroes and epic crime-fighting of the Teen Titans and turned it into a 'Slice of Life' cartoon. They wanted to focus less on the heroic parts of the team in favor of their menial, everyday lives. But here's the thing, CN: No one cares about the menial lives of superheroes! You don't pick up a Batman comic, wanting to see his morning at Wayne Manor. You want to see him solve mysteries and beat up thugs. That is what heroes are about: the heroics! The original Teen Titans was funny, clever, and an all-around masterpiece, while Teen Titans Go is a petty cash-grab on one of the most successful cartoons in history. But, what really enrages me is that crappy shows like this are on CN constantly, while beautifully crafted shows like Steven Universe and Adventure Time are lucky to get on once a week. If you like this show, then you are either an idiot or are too young to understand what quality entertainment actually is.

This show says that it's your favorite show... The first season was great then the second season ruined it. First of all robin- an team leader who obsesses over star fire and is a control freak. Raven- the best character on the show for beating up every character. Beast boy and cyborg- the most annoying characters in the show in my opinion. Star fire- I don't know what what "it is". The episodes keep making references to video games and other shows which I think is so annoying. The episode plots are so annoying ones about them saying waffles the whole time and one where they change there animation.

Here's a list of bad things about toddler titans.

It replaced young justice

It exists

It's somehow gone for seasons

The characters are horrible

The writers never watched the original show

The writers don't care about their fans

Beast Boy





Their 'screw youcritics' episodes

Their morals are crap

Let's get serious

The songs

Watching a snail walk has more action

And here's some good things

cricket noise

My sisters watch this show a lot. And I just like to watch it to see how dumb and retarded it is. Also, I like to watch Nick Splat at night to see Hey Arnold, Kenan and Kel, All That, and Rugrats, but worst of all, they think that these classics are stupid! They are so blind and ignorant to like this dumb show and loathe all of the classics! Also, I know some of you like it because u think it's a parody, which I'm starting to believe, but if it is a parody, they failed miserably!

This was a pathetic attempt at a "funny" superhero show, not only are the jokes very unfunny, but there's missing pieces that should have been inculded, like HOW ABOUT SOME GOOD ACTION SEQUENCES? Like seriously, you have Teen Titans, one of my absolute favorites in cartoons, and you don't even use it properly, like really? Instead, how about a song about waffles? How about a boring plot about the ulitamite sandwich, a sandwich that tastes very good, now it wouldn't be so bad, IF THERE WAS SOME CONFLICT WITH THAT, like what if a villian tries to take the sandwich for himself, I mean it really isn't that good of a conflict, BUT IT'S BETTER THAN NO CONFLICT AT ALL! How is this show so popular? Is everything popular going to be bad in the future, because it's already heading that direction. It just seems the underground has the better things now, I wish it wasn't that way though. - PinataonSugar

Worst show I've ever seen in my life! Not kidding! The people behind this "show" are actually capable of doing above average stuff and yet they decide to make trash. To make matters worse, they are aware that people, mostly fans of the original Teen Titans, hate this show and instead of trying to improve the program in some way, they decide to alienate the fans even further by making this mess of a show even worse!

This God-forsaken stain on not only Cartoons, but Comic books, and entertainment in general, is the epitome of a brain dead, cringy, disaster. What makes this so bad is because it spawned off of a phenomenal show. On top of being a horrible show already, to add insult to injury, it defaces the grand predecessor, that was the original Teen Titans. This is the only show that I have actually been offended by. It seemingly targets children who can't handle a storyline, decent fight scenes, clever jokes, real-life problems, or entertainment of any kind. - Therevengewedge

"Your new favorite show! Calling smart people boring, no crime fighting! Don't forget, labels are everything! "I'll label it for you, Cartoon Network. An arrogant control freak, an anorexic (who's kind, but is always put down for being nice), a gadget geek, a flat out loser, and an angry demon psychopath who's madly in love. And a label for your show - STUPID! What happened!?

I face palm every time I hear "Your New Favorite Show". Are they trying to force you to enjoy garbage? Good gosh, this show degrades the name of the titans so much. I know kids and their parents who have never even heard of the original show. Teen Titans shined among other shows, but this pathetic degradation is on par with the rest of today's dirt quality cartoons.

Let's compare the best with the worst modern cartoons on one hand you have the beautiful effort of the voice acting in star vs the forces of evil then you have the screaming and stupid songs of teen titans go on one hand you have well thought out and talented jokes of star vs the forces of evil on another hand you have the voice actors pressing their asses on the microphones for teen titans go

This show has good humor. Sure, it won't live up to the original show, but it still is a good show. For the people who hate this show, just consider it a parody and move on.

This show is horrible. The plot lines are always weak and dumb with brain rotting morals. I don't understand how kids can find enjoyment in this show. Even people OLDER than that seem to enjoy an episode dedicated to butt and fart jokes that nobody laughs at, but cringes at. Teen titans Go? More like Teen Titans Go

I have to admit, this show was pretty decent during Season 1. While the show had some pretty lackluster episodes such as 'Staring at the Future' and 'Super Robin', it also had some really funny episodes as well ('The Colors of Raven', 'Burger vs. Burrito' and 'Starfire the Terrible') However, by mid Season 2, there was a VERY significant drop in quality. The episodes went from rather funny with the occasional bad episode, to episodes with really stupid plots. Seriously, they teach you some of the WORST morals meant to mankind. "Girls are better than boys" "Christmas is about presents" "Not enough T.V. rots the brain". "Your New Favorite Show? " Yeah right, more like your LEAST favorite show!

"Your new favorite cocaine-created leech that sucks every bit of life out of a modern animated classic". There, that's better.

Teen Titans used to be a great show. I'm surprised how this replaced Young Justice and the original Teen Titans. There are too many attempts at humor and it completely ruined my faith in Teen Titans. In the original you got to see the team beat the crap out of villans. Now, there isn't much action as there was. Who cares about finding a sandwich?

Overall I'm very disappointed in what happened. - Thegu

I Loved The Original Teen Titans (2003-2006). But This Show Is Awful. The Humor is Nothing But Fart, Bathroom, And Butt Jokes. They Ruined Cyborg By Making Him Stupid. This Show Sucks And Deserves To Be Thrown In The Garbage Can!

TTG is the Nazi of your own television.
It never teaches nothing.
Just watch Disney's "Education For Death."
I mean the short film had some other scenes such as burning books or some how cruelty of a fox eaten a rabbit with the rabbit has no escape inside the chalkboard.
This Disney short film's scenes like this is compared to this show.
(If you did'nt know about the short film just watch it on YouTube.)

The show itself has some useless lessons:
-Books are evil
-Violence is the answer of the problem
-The meaning of Christmas is presents
-Kicking a ball and pretend to get hurt

TTG does'nt have any morals either.
Why does many panned critics think the show has positive reviews.
I used to like this show but it turns out that you guys are all right all along.

The show need to be cancelled like a person who took his own life or something.

This should be number one on this list. Teen titans go! Is terribly stupid and the creators even admit it in interviews. I don't know why grown ups enjoy the show. My own little brother admits this show is really bad. I could go on and on with this rant but it don't see the point.

Teen Titans is my life! But this... This is terrible. They're ruining all of the characters I looked up to as a kid, and even worse, making it so that these crap versions of my heroes are the only versions with which younger generations are familiar.