Uncle Grandpa

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Uncle Grandpa is an American animated television series created by Peter Browngardt for Cartoon Network that premiered on the network on September 2, 2013. The series is based on Browngardt's animated short of the same name from The Cartoonstitute.


It sucks to see one of the writers responsible for many episodes of the SpongeBob series, move onto this show. Casey Alexander wasn't the best writer on the show by any means, but he was a hell of a lot better than some of the other ones. It's a shame to see how bad of a show this is. I see some sort of relationship between Patrick Star and Uncle Grandpa, they're both idiots and have the same obnoxious voice. But having an entire show with the star character being that annoying, with secondary characters that make absolutely no sense, like Pizza Steve, and the Tiger who doesn't say anything except growls and farts like Nyan cat. I only watched a few episodes of the series, but from what I've seen, it's made clear that Uncle Grandpa is a huge flop!

This show is one of the worst cartoons ever. I don't like it. It's awful. Uncle Grandpa's annoying and dumb and his voice is one of the worst I've ever heard. I'm not saying "funny dumb" like Patrick from Spongebob, I mean "annoying dumb" because he just screws up. Gus is probably one of the less irritating characters, to be honest. The tiger I don't find that bad either, it just growls and rips off Nyan Cat by flying around, farting rainbows instead of yelling in an annoying voice or doing stuff that's stupid. Belly Bag's voice is pathetic and he's irritating. But Pizza Steve is awful. He acts like he's the best and he's so annoying. But he's just a slice of stupid pizza. The episodes are so boring and flat, I'd rather watch Ratatoing or Bug Bites. At least the Bug Bites plot is more entertaining with better voice acting. - Lunala

This is the worst cartoon ever. How can you be everyone's uncle and grandpa? This has no story line whatsoever, they are the most annoying things on this planet.

Holy crap this show sucks! It should be #1! They just ran out of ideas and decided they needed a new show and just put it in. The show probably started when some idiot decided: "We need a new stupid show that kids will obsess over! " Jeez! I'm 12 and the kids at school LOVE this show. It's really annoying when kids watch these shows that are made (Or look like) they should be for 8-year-olds. I mean, come on, it's just got some stupid characters that are drawn to be "Lovable"... Yeah right.

Well, maybe the show was meant for younger people. I do respect you opinion, but to me this show is decent. - Murvine_Taylor

I hate everyone that hates Uncle Grandpa. It is an innocent adorable show with wacky characters. It is bad in 0 ways - Wudzer

SOMETIMES, I don't have too much of a problem watching this show, but I must say it should be number 2 on the list. This is the absolutely positively most stupid show ever and half the time when I put on Cartoon Network, I'm already losing some of my brain cells. Come on. There are plenty of things wrong with this show.

1. The main character's name is Uncle Grandpa.
2. He's friends with a talking narcissistic pizza, a relaxed dinosaur, his talking fanny pack, and a realistic flying tiger.
3. The only reasonable person on the show is the laid-back dinosaur.
4. None of their lines/scenarios make any sense.
5. And so much more... - JHLover321

This show stinks like gorilla turd stuffed in rotten pies. Would you really wanna watch a stupid/creepy and probably mental child man with a talking bag along with a living jerk pizza and a tiger in which they were so lazy to draw a cartoon tiger that they just put an actual tiger and a lizard who sounds black? I think not. Cartoon Network must burn this show with fire.

Why isn't this show not it the top ten list? This show is so terrible that it makes kids & adults retarded (just like that kid show Clarence) there's no story, no plot & no reason of reality. The first time I watched it made me feel like I was going through kindergarten & sleeping all day. if you don't believe me, look at the ratings, it's worse than you think.

This show is so stupid! I watched episodes multiple times to try and get into it, but it's impossible! IT IS NOT A FUNNY SHOW. A tiger farting rainbows? Really? I'm 16 and I really love watching cartoons but this show is just too horrible. I flip the channel every time it comes on just like johnny test.

Uncle Grandpa truly is the worst show ever aired. It sucks how they replaced the old transition from adult swim to Cartoon Network. Who wants to see uncle grandpa's head come above a mountain, ruining the feel that early mornings give you. The old one brought back memories. Cartoon Network better change this.

Picture the scene. It was a lovely, sunny Saturday morning and I'd just made my self a pile of pancakes with strawberry sauce and blueberries. I sit down to watch Cartoon Network, and this show is about to come on. I thought I'd give it a shot... Let's just say this show is enough to put you off your favourite food/drink. Or any food/drink.

Worst show I had ever seen. Horrible animation, unlikable characters (unless you're like I don't know- a toddler or meth head, and stupid, pointless plots.

He is to stupid to actually exist is is not realistic. Also his friends are a talking pizza and a monster thing. And there is a flying tiger and caravan. And he does not show the little ones a good example, like on one of his shows it shows him counting wrong and kids can copy that

I hate how Uncle Grandpa looks, sounds, dresses, behaves, and he has a seriuosly crappy choice in friends. The only person I hate in the show more than Uncle Grandpa is Pizza Steve, essentially take the most obnoxious, lying, showboating, cowardly, drama queen and multiply that by one million Pizza Steve is still worse than that. The only per on I like in the show is Mr. Gus. PLEASE KILL EVERYONE OFF OR END THE SHOW. Or and the shorts in between episodes make no sense and really, the show sucks balls.

This is a horrible cartoon, along with the following: Family Guy, the new SpongeBob and Fairly OddParents, Clarence, Breadwinners, Sanjay and Craig, Fanboy and Chum-Chum, and Mixels.

If you want to watch a good cartoon, you should instead watch: The Simpsons, old SpongeBob, The Flintstones, The Adventures of Tintin, or really anything from Nickelodeon pre-2005.

Where the hell do I even begin? The setting looks like an edgy 12 year old drew it. On top of that, Uncle Grandpa. sneaks into children's bedrooms and looks like a pedophile.If I saw my children hanging around with anyone looking like that, I would kick that person's ass. Pizza Steve is an arrogant, self centered, jerk who thinks that he is better than everyone else. Then, we have a talking fanny pack and a tiger that acts like a teenage girl. Is Cartoon Network even trying anymore? This show is full of ignorant humor and would dumb your children down.

This is the worst show ever. Just a 15 second commercial makes me want to hang my self. This is another reason for kids to be this retarded. This generation is ruined...

The only thing I like about this show was the crossover with Steven Universe. In that episode, Pizza Steve got eaten by Amethyst. Priceless. I loved how she also stole his shades.

Even worse than some of those stupid toddler cartoons. The only way to even get a little bit of enjoyment out of it is to be drunk or high! What is happening to Cartoon Network?

Remember kids, crappy animation, unfunny jokes, and no effort equals cash! Lots and lots of cash! So watch it and watch as all your money is sucked up by the untalented bastards who made this!

Come on guys, give it a chance. The humor is really funny if you try it out. Like when he went to a school and it was a girls only school and he knew it. Then he said he never had any friends at school. Its really funny. You just don't like it cus its ugly. I don't CARE IF ITS UGLY! I WANT SOME HUMOR! That's WHAT COUNTS! YOU KNOW YOU LIKE IT! YOU KNOW IT! And plus your kinda spoiling it. SpongeBob:SPOILED IT! SPOILED IT! SPOILED IT! SPOILED IT! YOUR ALL SPOILED! - SonicTheHedgehog1

Like what? Humor? Oh, of course I love humor! And that's why I hate this show, because there isn't any good humor in it. I also agree with you in that you think it's ugly. That's another reason why I hate this show. - SumRandomSun

You could be a reviewer because a good reviewer, in my opinion, doesn't conform with other opinions. A good reviewer expresses their opinion regardless of how popular or unpopular it is. - Murvine_Taylor

Uncle Grandpa is stupid! It totally ruined a perfectly good Steven Universe episode! - StevenU

The first season was terrible, but season 2 is great, and because of season 1 nobody watches season 2, so watch an episode from season 2, it isn't flawless but it's still cool to watch though

I hate Uncle Grandpa look at him he's weird and he got a cool friend got Pizza Steve and a strongest guy is Mr. Gus and he a Female Tiger Giant Realistic Flying Tiger and he a got a talking bag and it Named Belly Bag and all of them are annoying look at them their weird and Uncle Grandpa he is Weirdest Character And he is so stupid

I kind of expected this show to be bad, I mean some writers of the new SpongeBob worked on this! - Immersed24

Uncle Grandpa:Good morning! Guy who hates Uncle Grandpa: Good night! (Kicks him off cliff)

Annoying good morning and breaking the laws of physics by a flying tiger and living in a small van that's huge on the inside. I mean why and how can a belly bag talk?