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1 Cleaning your room

I am comfortable in my own mess. I know exactly where everything is and how to get to it. Then what is the point of cleaning my room!

Yup. This one certainly tops the list. I like my room exactly the way it is and don't really see how a lack of organization is a big deal but my parents freak out about it. Every time my dad enters my room he nitpicks the heck out of it. Seriously. Whenever we are in my room talking, the conversation somehow turns to "Well your room would look so much better if you would pick this stuff up off the floor and put the these clothes away and straighten up your table so you can actually draw."
Even though it is true, my room could look better, I'd rather just do some 3D modeling on my computer... Or clean someone else's room.

My room is always a complete mess so I dread the days that I have to actually CLEAN it.

I always I have a messy room so I hate, cleaning it and it's like the worst job ever plus boring.

2 Cleaning the bathrooms

I live with four siblings. The males always miss, and the females never flush. Absolutely disgusting. The youngest one is nine years old!

Especially after your sister! Hey. Everyone should love walking their pets and feeding them... It's a labour of love! Now scrubbing poo, THAT should be blammed.

I hate it. I once missed "the simpsons" because of it. Really? I asked my dad if I could do it after the simpsons and he just said "No. Go clean."

I live with 9 other people. Imagine the torture of having to clean the bathroom. And there are two of them!

3 Changing baby's diapers

Imagine this. You are the oldest in the house and female. Your mother wants to try again for another girl. You end up changing diapers for 7 boys before you end up actually get the girl. 14 years of changing diapers. My mother needs a new hobby.

Yuck worst than dishes

I can imagine it, yuck!

It kinda stinks

4 Washing the dishes

OMG worst thing ever. I have 9 different people to do dishes after and then family that comes over every day and in that mountain of dishes I only contributed a spoon.

I hate doing dishes because you have to touch the gross plates, it's so "girly" and I always have to do it even though I am a boy, and my shirt gets wet after doing dishes. Doing dishes/washing dishes is the worst chore SO FAR

I hate washing the dishes. You have to stick your hands in dirty gross water that's disgusting. One time I put my hand in the water and I got cut on a dirty knife. I HATE IT!

It's just gross and my mum makes me do it after I eat anything and not only mine... every one's. Even more gross.

5 Cleaning the toilet
6 Doing homework

This is usually the teacher's fault and not the parents. Unless your parents give you some homework.

M= mental. A= abuse. T= the. H= human

7 Cleaning up after your dogs

EEW! That's the most disgusting thing that I've seen in my life, like who would want dog poop on their hands.

Why is this not higher? This is a disgusting task.

This is why if I'm getting a dog, I'm going to teach it how to use the human toilet

8 Organizing drawers

Organizing drawers is the worst. It can be a pain just to try to find that perfect organizer otherwise the drawer becomes unorganized next time it is opened. On top of that you need to ruin the drawer by removing all items from it before you clean. This is why I believe organizing drawers is the worst chore of all.

9 Sorting the laundry

My Step-Dad made me put away his and my moms laundry. I have no idea where any of it goes.

It takes FOREVER before you even make a dent in that pile!

10 Scrubbing the big trash bins

I mean it's filled with crap all over it. It smells horrible and it's so large the I have to crawl in. My mom makes me scrub it all of the time.

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11 Mowing the lawn

We live on 1/4 an acre of land, which doesn't sound too bad, until you hear that our whole backyard is covered with grass, slopes downhill, and has multiple trees that I have to navigate around. I thought Saturday was supposed to be a relaxation day.

While it's true that it really all depends on what mower you have, but if you have one as bad as mine this would be your #1.

I hate mowing the lawn, especially when your dad wakes you up in the morning so you can do it early.

You have to mow a lot. Luckily, I get paid for doing it, but I feel bad for everyone else.

12 Making your bed

While I took Karate classes the teacher made us make our bed or do 25 push-ups and if you are Green, Purple, or Red 50 push-ups. What does that have to do with Karate?

What's the point if you're just going to mess it up the next night again?! It's not like your parents are gonna come in your room and stay in it! It may be fine if guests are coming but its stupid if you do it just like that!

I mean what is the point of making your bed if you are just going to mess it right back up again.

You're just gonna mess it up again in half a day. So this chore is pointless.

13 Vacuuming

If you live in a big house and you really like to be organised, vacuuming is one of the worst chores because it will take ages to vacuum, moving furniture to vacuum at certain places and also vacuuming tiny places that the head can't fit is really annoying. It ruins my concentration and if you have to do it frequently (like me), it ticks you off so much. And also, the big part of the vacuum following the vacuum head is so hard to lug around and makes doing this chore very uncomfortable.

It gets way to loud when your mom is vacuuming and I can't hear a sound from the T.V. and I have to listen to the loud noise

I try to watch TV but the vacuum is too loud to listen to it its like living in a a dungen!

I actually think it is fun. Don't judge me for that!

14 Taking out the trash

It is awful. Especially in the rain when the trash is really stinky. Or if there's a hole in the bag and it spills on you.

I HATE THIS! I need to walk 100 m to take out 3/4/5/6/7/8 bags! It VERY crappy when it rains and it's night!

Its super gross!

15 Feeding the dog

I think that is a common responsibility that a child or someone needs to do to show that they don't only care about themselves.

16 Walking the dog

I love walking my dog... Who put this on here?

17 Cleaning fish bowl

My fishbowl is really gross and I have to scrub it!

Go to the mall

18 Watering the plants

My dad made me do this today after I rode my bike.

19 Sweeping

My dad and I have a deal that if I sweep, he does the dishes. It's not worth it. And those dishes have seemingly eternal stains.

Tiding your hole house

It's so pointless!

20 Changing grandpa's diapers
21 Cleaning out closet

It's absolutely terrible if your closet has a lot of stuff in it. I like my closet just the way it is

The meaning of the chore evades me.

22 Cleaning out litter box
23 Playing piano

If your parent didn't force you to play and if you had something to look forward to, then wouldn't your parents telling you to practice ruin your will to actually go play in the first place? I never had this as a chore, but I do play the piano and do it on my own. I don't ever think it should be a chord and that it should be completely optional.

Music is never supposed to be a chore. I find it very stupid how some people force their kids to play instruments.

Music should be a choice! Not a chore! Parents shouldn't have the right to force kids to play instruments. It's stupid!

I hate how my mom is like you have to practice piano!

24 Setting the table

I hate it it wastes time

25 Washing the truck
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