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21 Taking out the trash

It is awful. Especially in the rain when the trash is really stinky. Or if there's a hole in the bag and it spills on you.

22 Playing piano

If your parent didn't force you to play and if you had something to look forward to, then wouldn't your parents telling you to practice ruin your will to actually go play in the first place? I never had this as a chore, but I do play the piano and do it on my own. I don't ever think it should be a chord and that it should be completely optional. - LowMiner50

Music is never supposed to be a chore. I find it very stupid how some people force their kids to play instruments.

I hate how my mom is like you have to practice piano!

THIS IS SO BORING because I have to practice a lot...

23 Picking up dog poop

Yeah it can be so gross sometimes

24 Opening a clogged toilet

One of the most disgusting things ever it should be number one next to cleaning the bathrooms? I guess the world may never know. Haha

25 Dusting the sideboards

"Its terrible. I wake up with terrible back pain! "

26 Pulling weeds

This is the worst ever I just hate it so much

It hurts your back and it sucks!

I happen to enjoy doing this. - sketchysteve

27 Cleaning out the fridge

There's the left-over mac and cheese from last month!

28 Raking/blowing leaves

It takes me hours. Wasting my life.

29 Cleaning the toilet
30 Weeding

They will just grow back people

31 Cleaning the oven

With a nod to the affirmative of the tasks above, I present here the mother of all household chores... Oven cleaning. What I consider 2nd only to scrubbing the bog (loo), chiseling charred goo off the bottom of me hob has never been a pleasant chore, all 30 years of it. Thanks be to services like Custom Kitchen Detail, who actually LOVE what they do, my roasting cave sparkles like new. Beat that!

32 Cleaning out litter box
33 Turning off the light at night
34 Cleaning nappies
35 Organizing drawers

Organizing drawers is the worst. It can be a pain just to try to find that perfect organizer otherwise the drawer becomes unorganized next time it is opened. On top of that you need to ruin the drawer by removing all items from it before you clean. This is why I believe organizing drawers is the worst chore of all.

36 Tidying your shoes and slippers up
37 Painting the house
38 Shoveling Snow

I always takes so long to do this and it is kinda hard

This always takes too long

39 Preparing food

Dad hates cooking. Leave it all up to mom of course!

40 Giving your dog a bath

Makes a huge mess

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