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21 Tourette's Syndrome

I have Tourette's but it's pretty mild compared to some of the stuff other people with Tourette's have to deal with. I jerk my head, I shake for a little second, and sometimes I make a weird noise. It's really embarrassing when in happens in front of people. But motor tics can be disregarded and overlooked when they're mild, and people can look at me as more than 'that twitchy kid'. But it sucks pretty bad when you're impulsive. I do stupid things I end up regretting every day. I don't take time to think about some of the things I do and when I get really pissed off and I kick stuff and bash my forehead into things. Also, sometimes I do it to try and impress my friends by crushing apples with my head. I do this to make my friends laugh all the time and most of the time I say to myself "That was so stupid, what is wrong with me" afterwards. And unfortunately, most people don't really know much about it. They just think of motor tics, but not the lack of impulse control for some ...more

Just how bad is it to live with uncontrollable reactions to certain things. To the point where people don't understand you, you get bullied and harassed, rejected from society with no real way of getting back in. The saddest part about Tourette's syndrome is that it doesn't have to be so bad. People could be more understanding of such matters, but society has perverted it like most everything else to where one who has it has no chances of living a normal life.

I have got it. People always make fun of you. Once this boy and a mob were chasing after me shouting; Tourette's freak, chips (which I say when I tic), creep I ran inside I was sobbing. Please don't freak out. At this I used an sometimes bite my hand. Because I fell cross at myself and my dad called me evil hearted and he used to slap me round the head when I ticked I am getting better now and getting help

As someone how has TS, the fact that it's even on this list is super annoying

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22 Yellow Fever

Damages your adrenal glands and your nervous system causing unirrational fears such as water and lots of people have been found dead after a yellow fever epidemic

It's irrational fears and it is bad untreated it can kill thousands of people

I got bit by a mosquito in Brazil and caught this, thank god that I am still here. - SoloPotato


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23 Stroke

Not a disease

24 Epilepsy

Epilepsy is bad the reason why it is bad because you don't know when your going to have one which is a seizure that is what epilepsy really is I have them I had a seizure one time I was talking to my step dad and after I got threw talking to him I laid down and he came down to my house I went to sleep after I got threw talking to him I woke up and I on the couch I had dirt all over me and I had a black eye from were I had fell outside and what made it so bad I did not even know that I had even went outside but I did and I didn't realize it but my step-dad woke me up on the couch and said what happened to you and I said what are you talking about and he said well you have a black eye talking about me I said what I don't have a black eye.but I did and I I also had a couple of wrecks in a car from seizures.because I wasnt taking my medicine like I was post to be so that's why I was having my seizures but when I take my medicine I'm alright but I hope I don't have none taking my medicine ...more

I've taken a hockey puck to my face, and the pain was nowhere comparable to the anguish experienced due to tonic-clonic seizures. Anguish is a good word - not just pain, but pure intellectual agony of recollecting thoughts blown apart by a seizure.
Epilepsy ranks BELOW the FLU? This list is a JOKE. Have a few seizures and you'll know. People with epilepsy are GODS compared to human diseases that just cause PAIN. Epilepsy is PAIN BEYOND HUMAN COMPREHENSION. Pure mind-blowing pain. That's why it knocks you out. MIND-BLOWING PAIN.

Epilepsy turned my friend's neighbor into a vegetable with no memory, cognitive abilities and mobility. every time after an attack he is pretty much a new born child, you have to learn everything again, and he has these attacks on a daily basis. He actually used to be a really smart person before epilepsy. It's horrible when you come to think how such a disease can turn a person into a nobody. Sounds rough, but it's just like that.

So, sit down. Tell me, honey...

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25 Smallpox

Fever, and the bumps are pretty itchy, once you scratch blood and chemicals start coming out

Thank God that this disease is gone! (That's what others are saying. I REALLY hope it's true.)

Killed one third of the people that got it.

In school, I learned people can bleed from their eyes because of this disease. PLEASE.
HIGHER. - TeamRocket747

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26 Tuberculosis

This disease is the highest death toll in history, over 500 million died of it, the bubonic plague only killed about 200 million.

I have it its not pretty but have faith I fell a lot better now just don't give up keep fighting

Very sad and scary.

Antibiotics can cure it but they come st quite a lot I live in England so mine are free. Most cases are contagious and are prewar easily most poor countries don't evdn check for TB it makes you swell as your stomach or lungs could be filled with fluid. It can kill you with or without treatment

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27 Depression

Depression is tough. I had it for a while. Eventually I met my life partner and he kicked me out of it. He told me that it's my choice to take control of my life and to make the most of it, it's not anyone else's. So no, no one else is the cause for your bad run, no one else is the cure for your depression.
I found my 'cure' in understanding that we are all here for the simple reason that we will have an impact on other people whether we like it or not.
It's YOUR choice to be a positive or negative impact.
I realised that and I fought hard against the Devil and the negativity he was planting in my mind. I am strong now, and I fight every day to be a better person. Depression is 'curable'. You just have to realise that you do have a purpose, whether you like it or not.

It is the worst thing you can imagine. I would love to have cancer instead and die on that. What makes a depression so terrible? You don't have any positive feelings anymore and you think you will never have them again. All I can think of is death and tragedy for the ones I will lose. There can't be a god if there's such a thing as depression.

I suffer from depression. Let me just say that it destroys your happiness and will to live, and it eventually makes living unbearable. I'd rather have a disease that is curable, thank you very much.

With other diseases you have a will to fight and a will to get cured. The thing with depression is it takes away that will. It leaves you with no emotions, not even sadness. It just makes you hollow. It takes away your life but not your breath.

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28 Lower Respiratory Infection

I once saw a man with pandas eat bamboo

My sister has pandas, she makes noises like a duck

What the hell kind of name is that?

PANDAS stands for Pediatric autoimmune neuropsychiatric disorders associated with streptococcal infections which is when a person is diagnosed clinically after a patient develops a number of behavioral and physical symptoms following a streptococcal infection such as strep throat, sinusitis, cellulitis and/or scarlet fever. - Thecyanryan

Naw AIDS is the deadliest disease

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30 Lung Cancer
31 Multiple Sclerosis

I have ms and I wish people /family could see what my husband and daughters see. For they see the pain the frustration when you can't hold a pen or fork, when your walking along then your in a heap leg less your speech is slurred, tingling in your feet, hands and legs, bladder problems, sight. Yet people /friends and family say there's nothing wrong with you. You look so well. Yet I know there is lots more to look forward to. It's my husband and daughters I feel for, as you can see the sadness and pain in their eyes

No cure. Progressive. Ridiculously expensive to manage. And still a very mysterious disease. I have MS. It has taken so much away from me. It affects everyone differently, but my pain (8/10 when uncontrolled) itching, burning, multilayered pain that is the worst in my upper right leg, never completely goes away. Never. Managed with meds, ice, a TENS unit...I can get it to a 3/10 on the pain scale...sometimes. But it never completely goes away. Never. And then there's the fatigue, depression, mood swings, confusion, balance issues, spasticity, soreness, weakness...and one of the worst parts is how it's "invisible". I HATE hearing, "You look fine". Of course I do. I'm tough and you need an MRI or autopsy to see my scars. So I live with little understanding or empathy. But my being attacked by my immune it's a virus that needs to be destroyed. One more time: my immune system is trying to destroy my brain, and there is no cure. There are a lot of ...more

MS effects you physically, emotionally, and cognitivly. Currently, I have seizures, spacticity, heat sensitivity, severe fatigue, poor motor skills in my hands, a limp, problems swallowing, bladder issues, and this skin hypersensitivity that feels like I'm being electrocuted every time I'm touched. I have short term memory and word recognition problems, which makes for a tough sell to potential employers.
However, the worst part is how it destroys me emotionally. I am apathetic about life. I don't really care about dying anymore because it would be easier than the future I'm up against. My boyfriend of 5 years is the only one who sees my suffering, every one else thinks I'm fine because I look normal. It is really hard on him not being able to do anything to make me feel better. He can't even touch me for months at a time. Not even a hug.
This isn't some disease I can fight and win or even fight and lose. This is a crippling, degenerative disease that only promises to get worse.

Yes MS is bad, I am currently living with it and I'm only 17 years old. Yes, I go to the hospital all the time, and I have problems and things that a lot of people can't help me with and my doctor said I should still live a long full life.

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32 Leukemia
33 Asthma

My best friend had asthma and died because of it. One night she had an asthma attack at school and the teacher was so STUPID that she thought that she just had mucus in her throat. When she kept coughing nonstop, she finally brought in the school nurse. The school nurse was smart enough to call the hospital, but by the time she got there, she was dead

It really isn't that bad! You may have to go to the hospital every few years, but in the end it's not bad at all. I have a pretty healthy life even though I have asthma.

It's bad when people are around you like some teachers are dumb - donovanthorn

I have asmha I have only had a asmha attack once when I was 2 but in hospital it was bad cose there was a baby being abbused and it died and the mum cryed for a long time

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34 Acid Reflux

That burning feeling coming from your stomach going up to your chest, which makes it harder to breathe. I had that experience, and it was bad, really, really bad.

Haven't been through a night without waking up because of this.


If you get this sickness you die straight away

From the Middle East spreading to Hong Kong, SARS is one of the worst diseases

This is the worst trust me, my wife is a NP, she told me that if this gets out, we are done

This list is a total JOKE. J O K E. Schizophrenia is actually ABOVE this?!?! Stop treating it like it can kill you on its own. Sure, you might have hallucinations, but SERIOUSLY?! This should be WAY higher. Ugh! I hate other humans sometimes.

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36 Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease

There is a cure for cancer. This disease you can't escape from and it lasts a very short time. - Curtis_Huber

CJD is a degenerative neurological disorder (brain disease) that is incurable and invariably fatal.

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37 Influenza

He met a big bird, his name was Ezra, he crushed him with his talons, rest in peace Enza.

I had a little bird, his name was enza, I opened the window, and in flew enza (influenza)

Sadly enza was hit by a truck in 2019

38 Manic Depression Manic Depression

I'm so sorry. When it comes to this kind of thing, its good to know that someone is here supporting you. I know you have no idea who the heck I am, but I have hope for you. - username34

I had a family member with this and trust me its horrible it pulls your lives apart. lucky it can be fixed with medication.

I have been struggling with this illness for 30+years, I am 100% in compliance with everything I can do, meds, sobriety, etc. it's devastating, it severely impacts your functioning, it also impacts your relationships. Unfortunately there is still stigma & descrimination. DBSA is the national assn. (, depression, bipolar support assn. ) you can find support groups with chapters in your area.

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39 Dysentery

I love dysentery it feels good

"i love dysentery it feels good"

lol what

This and tree :P

Whhhat how can a desesise feel good. YOU ARE CRAZY!

40 Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG)

It's basically a brain tumor that happens to be highly aggressive and affects the brain neurons terribly. Just to let you know, it affects children (Approx. age 3-7) and survival rate is 0%. Let that sink in for a while... - CrimsonShark

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