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101 Allergic Rhinitis

Can't have pets because of this, even a teddy bear.

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102 Psoriasis V 1 Comment
103 Marburg Virus Disease

A sister of the deadly Ebola virus, The Marburg Virus causes this deadly disease.
The virus was found in the German town of Marburg when lab technicians got exposed to the bodily fluids of infected Grivets. The case fatality may range from 23% to 90%.

Sister of the Ebola virus. Another one from the depths of hell. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

Like Ebola, but you bleed on the outside instead of the inside

104 Autism

My hero, Temple Grandin has autism. She is very intelligent and has proved people who said autistic people were dumb wrong. She is so amazing. Keep up the good work, temple!

Excuse me, but last time I checked, autism was a DISORDER, NOT a disease.

I know right? People need to pay a little more attention to this. - MusicalPony

I also have autism and posslibly ADHD and ODD But autism did make my life alittle more interetsting. I just hate it when everyone thinks I'm stupid just because I have a disorder

I have autism but no one cares its okay though

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105 Common Cold

This isn't the worst diseases ever, and far from deadly. But they are so annoying! I am a person who gets them so often and I swear I'm gonna go crazy because of them!

I love them I get to stay home from school

Bloody fantastic. Makes me want to whip out my tichy Thomas and choke my chicken.

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106 Asperger Syndrome

I wouldn't consider this an actual disease, however I agree. No one knows you are suffering from it, and assumes you are just a whiny jerk.

I have it, not proud of it. - Goatworlds

I have this

107 SIDS

This disease kills infants in there sleep. So don't put a baby to sleep on its stomach. It's so sad when a baby dies from SIDS ( sudden infant death syndrome. )

That is very sad. I feel horrible for the people who have to go through the pain of their child leaving them so early. - username34

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108 ADD

I wouldn't consider this a "disease". More of a disorder.

With ADD, it just makes it so you can't focus or pay attention. I have it, and I've grown used to it. I have to take a medication so I can focus though.

Hey, it doesn't kill you.

If this was true I would be dead right

People who don't have it say its terrible

My brother has it he does just fine

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109 Scoliosis

It doesn't hurt you unless it goes untreated... then it can give you heart and lung issues, but even when it's being treated/ monitored, it can be scary knowing your spine is shaped like a snake... O_O I was recently diagnosed with it, and it's so bad for me I might need surgery... :( The curve in my spine is 65 degrees, but I've seen people with it so bad their backs arch to the side badly, and their ribs stick out so far they look like skeletons... It's pretty scary! (Heh heh.. I'm a scaredy cat so it's twice as scary for me... )

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110 Rheumatism

I was 10 when it started When I was 12 I was diagnosed. I am 14 and still not done with the meds or doctor visits.

111 Shingles

Can be very painful and lifelong troubling

112 Mononucleosis

Mono is terrible at least it can't kill you

113 Progeria

It's really terrible for these children

This disease is EXTREMELY rare, (one of 800 million births have it), but it's terrible.
Progeria causes you to age rapidly, so you only live to about your mid-teens. It's sad.

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114 Morgellons Disease
115 Meningococcal Disease
116 Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

I don't know. Because we don't watch the news, instead we watch YouTube

How could you people not be aware of this horrible epidemic?

Don't drink alcohol when pregnant I warned you

117 Adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD)
118 Paranoid Personality Disorder

It's the worst illness that destroys the close relatives of the sick person but not the sick one. Living with a person who is suspicious of everyone is miserable that kills the close ones bit by bit while the sick one thrives very well without any insight of what he or she is doing to others due to senselessness and dependability on others. The sick one even refuses any treatment and is very smart in hiding their sickness from outsiders. Scienyists need to pays more attention to it hopefully one day can find a solution for this horrible mental problem. It leads to serious medical problems for the close ones like hypertension, diabetes, heart attacks and eventually death.

119 Tularemia
120 Tay-Sachs disease
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