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21 A Corpse V 1 Comment
22 Morning Breath

My mom has REALLY bad morning breath. It always makes me gag! This morning I had to wash my face with soap because the breath was that bad. I usually offer her a piece of gum

Its worse if you don't brush your teeth... - Lucretia

Mines are bad, but so are my brother's. - Pony

My brothers morning breath smells TERRIBLE its almost as bad as his underarm B.O and we share a room and he always breathes in my face and I cannot bet away

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23 Rotting Fish

Even a tiny piece of fish leaves a big impression. The stench intensifies as it gets more spoiled.

One shrimp can knock out a whole room

24 Blood

We dissected a pig in biology, it wouldn't have caused half as much of gagging as it did if the blood stench wasn't so strong

I like the smell of blood it reminds me of cloudy days and makes me hungry

I love the smell of my A+ blood! It smells like tin. - Animefan12

Why are you smelling blood

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25 Cat Pee

One smell you can NEVER EVER GET RID OF! I call it (DEVILS PISS! ) laugh out loud

Worst smell on this earth.

Dog pee is worse, but gross still. - Lucretia

Do u ever just walk outside after it rains on a hit day and smell the cat pee! I do all the time I don't know if it's just me but both me and my older sister Hadley do all the time!

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26 Animal Feces

Dead bodies, badly digested then shat out. Hyena poo makes you want to drown yourself in a lake of bleach, if you survive nearly retching and gagging yourself inside out.

2 words, cow fertilizer. Cow fertilizer.

I go to high school and they put fertilizer in the field and you have to watch your step or else you will end up with a bad week

27 Petrol
28 Burnt Hair

I straighten my hair but it smells fine but when my sister does she burns her hair so bad and I don't even get why she straitens hers because it is naturally that way! and mines a tiny bit on the wavy side.

I have 4 sisters and smell it every day

I hate it. This is why I don't go to solons... - Lucretia

29 Onion Farts

My onions fart all the time

Silent farts that have an onion smell. I'm dead.

I don't think onions fart...

My brothers pinned me against the wall after they ate beans onions and broccilli they pinned me to the wall with their butt and told me to slouch down for each one (i had to do whatever they wanted for a month I lost a bet)they told me which one smelled worse THEY ALL DID

30 Stagnant Water

Leaving water to stagnate for several months creates a smell powerful enough to make you puke.

31 Leather

No leather can't be on this list think about how good it smells

32 Dirty Socks

Absolutely... Oh my god it can make you die.

33 Dead Animal

! My dad hunts a lot and Eww!

Smells good

Ugh oof ooof eww uugggle ogggle goo. My apologies for vomiting from the smell.

Yea I have been there I have seen dead animal skunks dead on the road it stinks 😝

34 Weed

You know the quote: "The stench of pot and body odor was beginning to reach McConnaughey-vian proportions" from American Dad? One time I was in a second hand game store, and it seemed like every customer could have been described using that sentence. Weirdly, I was the only female there. Also the only reason I can't stand the smell is because it was constantly wafting through the paper thin walls of my cheap house from my neighbour's grandson's bedroom all the time.

The worse the smell the better the weed... The bud that smells like a skunk is awesome lol. But it does reek!

The smell of a block of rough council flats. Makes cigarettes smell like expensive perfume.

I kind of like the smell of weed. It smells like McDonalds and Skunk. - Lucretia

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35 Raw Meat
36 Wet Dog

There are many disgusting smells that don't bother me as much as they should because I'm a mom who's raised three kids... Vomit, rancid farts, regular poop, diarrhea, etc. The #1 WORST smell ever for me is wet dog. Sometims even just a dirty dog needing a bath is enough to make me puke. Either of those smells just ruin it for me & I'm nauseated & unable to eat for days!

I love my dog to bits.. Siberian husky! But when he has been on a 2 hr hack with my horse through puddles and bog there is no worse smell! The drive home is challenging!

I absolutely hate the wet dog smell it is one of the smells that will gag me.

And a dog you din't try right after they showered... - Lucretia

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37 Rotten Milk

I just spent an hour trying to rid an entire clump of moldy milk from the kitchen sink with my friend. It was the worst experience of my life and I'm pretty sure it gave me every form of Depression. I tried everything from the vanilla extract trick to placing twelve candles in the room I found it in, to the kitchen in which is was dumped. Nothing worked. I finally had the courage to push it down the kitchen sink drain. I can confirm it was the most scarring and horrific experience of my life.

Rotten really badly gone. I thought I was doing a good deed by trying to find a container for a coworkers flowers (she left them behind at work)...the tallest most sturdy container was a coffee thermos. Turns out it had ancient coffee with milk/cream in it - holy god, it was putrid! Bad smells don't usually make me want to barf, but this a gag reflex-er for sure.

I put chocolate milk in a locker for two months and it smelt like death. I almost died having to drink that for a dare!

Yes. I hate milk and will never drink it. It smells like a mix of everything bad in the world multiplied by infinity - Lucretia

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38 Metal

Metal was made in 1920's Today metal smells so bad from long ago - SpencerJC

I like the smell of metal music - Lucretia

It's just weird

39 Sulfur

Why is this number 32... this should be like -2. Sulfur smells disgusting, and I literally throw up when I smell it.

One of the worst smells imaginable. - Pony

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40 Boys

I am a boy and I don't smell bad girls you are just jealous that you are way more smellier than boys

Boys smell like eggs

Boys sweat more and usually shave less... - Lucretia

B.O.= disgusting. Boys smell way worse than girls! The fact girls smell worse than boys, is OFFENSIVE!

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