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141 Crocodile Mouth

This is an everyday experience

142 Food Grease
143 Isocyanide

Probably the WORST smell EVER

144 Apple Sauce

Let's bring apple sauce to the top! I too think it smells great! Hail contradiction!

V 2 Comments
145 Bad Country Ham V 1 Comment
146 Cooking Chitterlings

I smelled some one cooking them as I walked by there home and immediately started throwing up. I could not control myself!

147 Smelly Hair
148 Bathrooms V 1 Comment
149 Tar

Every time when they work on the road that tar smell gives me a headache I even roll up my window and it seams to come threw some how I hate being stuck in traffic and this happens!

Tar is almost worse than BO, but not quite. It's up there though. Nauseating.

150 Rotten Watermelon

Got it on my rug - have tried about everything - can't get rid of it. It lingers, just won't go away. I feel sorry for anyone who has ever experienced its vile odor!

151 Kerosene
152 Landfill
153 Pyridine

Tell me whst this is I have a daughter she touches it it means I have to hurt somebody

154 Benzeneselenol

This stuff makes burning sulfur or any other thing you can think of seem heavenly in comparison. "Imagine 6 skunks wrapped in rubber innertubes and the whole thing is set ablaze. That might approach the metaphysical stench of this material." It's that bad.

155 Cesspools V 2 Comments
156 Snake Pee V 2 Comments
157 Meat

Any type of meat cooking makes me feel ill

Vegetarian 😣

158 Foot Odor V 2 Comments
159 Hydrogen Sulphide

Well it is a chemical in farts that makes it smell bad, so yea.

160 Sewer Gas
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