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21 Banning Bambifan101

All Bambifan101 wants is better articles about Disney related stuff. And he gets banned for it? And did you see his edits under the account BravesBoy for example? Like look at the edits The Great Mouse Detective for example. They need to reconsider that "banned means banned" crap. It's stupid! I mean, nobody's perfect, right? Everybody makes mistakes. It's a simple fact of life. And did you notice Bambifan has lots of wannabes just like Willy on Wheels and other vandals? Plus they ban people that aren't him just because they edit a movie article or a T.V. show article. Like if they edit Teletubbies or The Lion King. And did you see all the Disney articles are blocked? Despite saying it's "The free encyclopedia anyone can edit". Not if they blocked all the articles! And they even block Bambifan edits in other languages even when it's an improvement. Like they deleted Gordy in Polish. And Portuguese. And other languages. And now they know he likes Liv and Maddie!

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22 Not Enough Information V 1 Comment
23 Engrish

Unfortunately, I have seen bits of Engrish pop up every now and again on Wikipedia. - drdevil

24 Too Much Information

Wikipedia really does have a habit of finding things better off left alone.

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25 Americans and Brits arguing over what to call *insert name of page here*

Nobody really cares if it should be named full stop or period! It doesn't make a difference! - sameera62

I agree. It's pointless arguing over full stops and periods. It's obviously meant to be a British full stop. Period. - Barry2013

26 Mojibake

When it shows different symbols instead of right language. Burmese and Gothic language is all boxes and nothing else. They really need to fix this.

27 Admin Abuse / Bullying

I VERY MUCH agree with this. - DLindsley

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28 Misinformation

This would be one of the reasons they've been petitioned in the past. - DLindsley

29 Lazy Articles
30 Trolls Editing Pages
31 Blocking

Well, this is often a good thing, because some vandals need to be blocked since they're nothing but a nuisance. - drdevil

I'll agree with that, too. The admins can block you for anything. It's ridiculous. - DLindsley

Wiki and Instagram are like the only two social media sites where you get blocked. But Wiki does it worst. Sometimes, Admins block people for 999 years for stuff that wasn't that bad,

Shouldn't be here - blocking is in a way absolutely essential to keeping Wikipedia running, otherwise it would be ruined by vandals, trolls and spammers who would be free to disrupt the site all they like.

Of course, unfair blocks can be an issue, but they are fortunately pretty rare. - Entranced98

32 Creepy Pictures
33 Requires Citations for Everything

For example, on the Super Mario article, it says "The 1-UP Mushroom gives Mario an extra life [citation needed]. LOL, do we really need to prove that?

34 Too Many Policies

This is one of the reasons the site is slowly losing contributors, and eventually will die. They're so strict about them, too, because if you violate even ONE of them, you're gone for any length of time. - DLindsley

35 Falsely Advertising Itself As "The Free Encyclopedia That Anyone Can Edit"

Apparently, they're "the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit". Well, not if they're going to harshly backlash, delete your content for unknown reasons, and block you just because you made a mistake. I find that funny, too. - DLindsley

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