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41 Jericho

Just amazing, so original. Could listen to this for hours. - DeadAsian

One of the firsts

42 Android

Original Old Skool- Only those who know the score will vote for this! Zo/

Ol' Skool bro...pure and classic gold song

43 Colours

This one is so nice

44 Nasty
45 Piranha
46 Break and Enter

Driving late at night with this on makes me think there's a killer in the back seat. It's so chilling.

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47 Rebel Radio

This is the prodigy. Thanks Liam

48 What Evil Lurks
49 Rhythm of Life

Brilliant piece of music.
I've loved this song since the 90s, and still love it just as much as ever.
Please play this song again Liam!

50 Mescaline
51 Everybody In the Place

I love the raw energy of this song, sends a chill down my spine. It takes me back to my teenage years. long live the running man!

52 G Force (Energy Flow)
53 Rok-Weiler

Loved it from the first time I listened to this song!

54 Invisible Sun
55 Ibiza

This song gets stuck in my head a lot

56 Action Radar
57 Back 2 Skool
58 Full Throttle
59 Wild West
60 Pandemonium
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