Master of Puppets - Metallica


First of all, Megadeth is trash in comparison to Metallica's EARLY albums. Remember first of all that Megadeth wouldn't exist without Metallica so that counts for something. And also, listen to Metallica's first four albums and come back and say they aren't thrash if Battery or Whiplash aren't thrash I don't know what is. Secondly, I do admit holy wars is awesome but puppets has its entire album to back it up. And at least Megadeth doesn't take what 6 years to "create" a new album. Dystopia is also WAAAY better than Death Magnetic. Megadeth just has like 2/3s of rust in peace to back holy wars. I do admit that Metallica's later prog metal albums reeked but I mean, Megadeth went soft for a couple albums too. I'm not saying Megadeth is bad or that Metallica is god, but face the facts that Metallica first of all, can hold a lineup. Second of all, they can change their sound successfully *cough cough Risk*. And also, Metallica's been around way longer and knows how to get an audience.

First of all Metallica is thrash metal. They have sang other music but usually sing thrash. Megadeth just couldn't grasp that you have to change sometimes. Let me also say that I love Megadeth but Metallica is better for 1 reason: structure. Megadeth only has a couple well-structured songs and those are their hits. Their songs sound a lot like their wasn't much thought put into them. Metallica has solos of all types and sound like it took a long time to make. Metallica utilizes all instruments and mixes them perfectly. All set aside Megadeth and Metallica are both great but Metallica has better songs.

Holy wars is good, I actually really love that song, but seriously master of puppets totally blows holy wars out of the water. It is better with lyrics, vocals, and has one if the coolest guitar solos I have ever heard. It is so much more complicated and pleasing to listen too. Really has to be the best one here. But I have to admit Kill em All and ride the lightning are probably more thrash sounding, but this has to be the best. Hetfield and Hammet really did amazing on guitar too.

This wins easily it has the best intro I've ever heard and some of the heaviest riffs, I don't see how holy wars is number one, because it's not even a thrash metal songs, it's mainly a speed metal song with too many riffs put into it... Anyways master is awesome both lyrically and instrumentally

Holy Wars is good, yes. But it lacks the stylistic range, definition, and epic vocals that make Master the best. Just because a song is faster, doesn't necessarily mean it's better, and Holy Wars' tremolo picked, palm muted Es can just sound like a continuous whoosh as opposed to the downpicking in Master of Puppets, and the just because the lyrics aren't political commentary doesn't make them inferior - in fact, they are social commentary, and are just as meaningful.

Not only the best Metallica song but the best thrash metal and in fact the best heavy metal song ever. The song is just fantastic. Kirk's riffs, Hetfield's voice and rhythm support, Lars' insane drumming and of course, Cliff's bass. This was Metallica's last album with Cliff and indeed the best... Metallica forever

Even though my #1 is fade to black. This song is also awesome. I don't think that there will ever be a band like Metallica. NEVER EVER. Especially that new heavy metal bands suck compared to 80's heavy metal bands.

This is way better than Holy Wars, it came out first, one of the most played songs of all time, and just a masterpiece. It shows variety with the powerful rift to the beautiful middle. It definitely deserves to be number one.

Master of puppets is a masterpiece from an incredible band. Holy wars is a good yes yes I love it, but master of puppets has the better riffs, better solos, better lyrics, and has harmony also, holy wars is very repetitive at times and Dave isn't the best singer. Megadeth outside of this "the top tens" will allways be second. VOTE PUPPETS!

Why the hell is this song still number two? I love holy wars but we are talking about master of puppets. It has a great atmosphere two great solos heavy riffs meaningful lyrics and great vocals. This should be #1

Metallica's 9th symphony. The other songs are all excellent but lyrics, speed, depth, complexity, and power all collide melt together in what is hottest furnace of nuclear metal.

All of the listed songs are great. But really Master Of Puppets deserve the first place. Song is not only about how fast is it, its about harmony and the meaning of lyrics. It really deserves number one.

I really like Holy Wars by Megadeth, but Master of Puppets is richer, and the bass line is more accurate than Megadeth's one. Master has a particular sound, and the changing of the rhythm is very good!

This is a best song of all time! Perfect riffs, perfect bass (Cliff), perfect solos, perfect drum... Metallica is the best metal band and this is best song of MEtallica. I miss you old days of MEtallica

Best Song Ever! The riff, the solo, the interlude, the lyrics, the meaning of the song itself, the bass line! This song is a legend so is the album! Holy Wars is great, really great, but you gotta admit this song is better!

The best thrash metal song ever! A song you can never get bored of. From the kick ass guitar riff, kirk's solos to the amazing lyrical content. A masterpiece from start to finish!

Ok what? I hate how all the stupid Megadeth fans say that this is close to the top because of fanboys, but they don't realize that they are more of megadeth fanboys than most they people here! I love Metallica for their REAL METAL stuff nothing else! And please, little kids think Metallica is heavy? News flash! This song is way heavier than Holy Wars! Wars is faster, but not a bit heavier! Megadeth is a close 2nd, but their not better than the REAL Metallica!

Like em all on this. This one gets my vote for the lyrics, storyline and vibe helped by the classical interlude... Oh and those riffs! Masterpiece of puppets

It's so sad that anybody who wants to prove that he is a huge metal expert says that Metallica sucks and stuff.. What's wrong with u guys?! If it wasn't for METALLICA maybe there were no Metal Music Left til now... It is the Ultimate Band and has the greatest Songs In Metal and even Rock music! Please accept that METALLICA is the biggest Metal Band of All Time.

Metallica is my favorite band! In my opinion they're the best band ever! Their first five albums all had great songs! And I think the most thrash metal song is Master of Puppets!

I never hear a song like this. because this song I start to live and hear real music. I love metallica and master of puppets is the number 1 reason.

Simply the flow of music and the solo are great as well as the song is meaningful. The lyric is like a narrative which is great. MetallicA Rocks ii/

When it comes to best thrash metal, I can't choose between Holy Wars...The Punishment Due & Master of Puppets. MOP has better vocals, better rhythm guitar, Holy Wars has better solo and drumming. - zxm

Metallica's first four albums are better than any other album of thrash metal. Then comes megadeth rust in peace. - renanborges

The god of all metal song! It brings me in into metal world! The song always gives me a goosebumps! And a awesome solo!