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221 Baptism of Fire - Sodom
222 I Am the War - Sodom

This just shows that Sodom still as great as they used to be.

223 Infectious - Overkill V 1 Comment
224 Electric Rattlesnake - Overkill

No band can make such a masterpiece in the year 2012

Mosh for your life

Good song

225 Eulogy - Dead Horse

This does NOT sound thrash metal.

226 Gor Gor - Gwar
227 Battle - Overkill
228 Sodomy and Lust - Sodom
229 The Saw Is the Law - Sodom
230 City of God - Sodom

Very good song, it deserves clearly better rank

Very good song, it deserves better position (204? ) pf you have 100 trash (not thrash) songs before this...

231 In War and Pieces - Sodom
232 Magic Dragon - Sodom

Everything about this song is great, intro, fast party, outro, vocals, drumming, lyrics and offcourse Blackfires guitar work.

233 Gods of Wrath - Metal Church
234 Antichrist - Slayer
235 Psychopathy Red - Slayer
236 Stain of Mind - Slayer
237 Low - Testament
238 Thrash Till Death - Destruction

Very good song, don't understand the 212 place...

239 Independent - Sacred Reich

Why this track is not in this list? Without this track this list is incomplete.

240 Of Wolf and Man - Metallica

This is one of the only few thrash songs on the black album and the best in my opinion - Sabbath

I think it's a thrash album, and this, along with 'The God That Failed' are immense.

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