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61 I'm Broken - Pantera V 1 Comment
62 Inner Self - Sepultura
63 Cowboys from Hell - Pantera

I don't know but have you heard dime on this song believe you will change your opionion

V 1 Comment
64 The Toxic Waltz - Exodus
65 Beneath the Remains - Sepultura

Why the hell is "Whiplash" higher than Beneath the Remains? Beneath the remains deserves to bet at least at the top 15. - Halt

The fast drumming... I just can't explain they are just mind blowing.

The best not American band.

66 Eyes of the Insane - Slayer
67 People of the Lie - Kreator V 2 Comments
68 Among the Living - Anthrax

This song deserves to be much higher on the list!

69 Pull Harder On the Strings of Your Martyr - Trivium

Trivium is on the list? OK, who's guilty of buying the 12 year old kiddies laptops?

70 Ironbound - Overkill

Overkill are the fathers of thrarh metal.. Can't believe they are so underrated

This is really classic overkill song! Amazing song pure overkill!

Very good song, pre classic thrash demonstration

This song is great!

71 Madhouse - Anthrax

A thrash metal classic. Just a killer opening riff by Scott Ian.

How the hell is this #75. It should be in the top 20 at least. Awesome riffs, great vocal performance from Joey Belladonna, a real classic. And St. Anger is ranked above this.

I like this more than Caught In a Mosh honestly, still a great song though. This needs to be higher.

Thrash metal classic why is it 65! This song should be number 5!

72 Five Magics - Megadeth

Awesome song, incredible musicianship. Starts slow and builds into a incredible thrash metal song.

Best intro no doubt. Don't listen to the remastered (re-recorded) version though.

Great song great bass, vocal and guitar riffs

73 Good Mourning / Black Friday - Megadeth

This song should be top... Greatest thrash metal song ever...

74 Stone Cold Crazy - Queen

It was the first thrash metal song ever!

I wouldn't say it was the first thrash metal song and just because it has an amazing riff I wouldn't call it thrash metal. If anything I would say it might have influenced the genre. The song is too pop to be considered metal, it would be like call a Beatles song thrash Metal, just because it had a heavy riff. - germshep24

This is the first thrash metal song like @AggressiveBlaze said.And yes metallica didn't create thrash metal song.Just listen this songs riffs.thrashy riffs - zxm

75 Poison Was the Cure - Megadeth

I can't believe this song doesn't get any credit, it's pure thrash! Fast, explosive and precise as hell. Also, hands down one of the best riffs ever written by Dave.

I voted for this because it definitely should be higher than 249. That riff is fast and technical, it deserves more credit... - somekindofaguy

76 Arise - Sepultura

This was the first Sepultura song I ever heard. And I instantly loved the band! - IronSabbathPriest

V 1 Comment
77 Whiplash - Metallica

First and best thrash metal track! Should at least be in top 5. I personally think that Master of Puppets is better than Holy Wars in the top

78 After Lifeless Years - Sylosis
79 Head Crusher - Megadeth
80 Motorbreath - Metallica
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