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101 Let There Be Death - Onslaught

Dude clearly one of onslaught's most fearsomecompositions
Yet its at 55?!?!
Please hear it bro.

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102 Hardwired - Metallica

Come on, does it really deserve 38th? Moth into Flame is better.

Awesome song and spectacular fast beat

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103 ... and Justice for All - Metallica
104 Metal Command - Exodus

Favorite ever exodus song! And yet we have a7x higher nice logic

105 Critical Mass - Nuclear Assault
106 Freewheel Burning - Judas Priest

Well, It does contain the speedy riffs, and the solos, and it sounds somewhat aggressive, so I guess it qualifies for thrash.

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107 Reborn - Slayer

Brutality personified, with a middle finger up at everything. Classic Slayer.

108 Wachturm - Sodom
109 It Is True - Havok
110 A Dog's Breakfast - Tourniquet

Well, at least its doing better than Symphony of Destruction

111 Cult - Evile
112 Hell Awaits - Slayer

It should be at #666 forever.

Woah baby no 68?
People need to escalate their senses.

Thrash has come alive with this cd - Storm1668

Top 10 damn

113 Sins of Omission - Testament

This song is great! The LYRICS, the GUITAR SOLO, the INTRO... all is great.

And I gotta say another thing: Cage the Elephant, The Offspring and AC/DC aren't thrash! - rock2metal

Just listen to the alex's skolnick riff in the begging. Thrash metal hymn! Why you guys are so stuck with Metallica and megadeth? Testament and overkill are the only bands that they have not changed their thrash sound and sounds more thrash as the years go by! Just the two of them! So why some of their legendary songs are so low in this list?

114 Prepare for Attack - Havok

This song should be at least in the top20... Havok are the best modern Thrash band around and deserve more fans and this song is just one of the most powerful songs I've ever listened to.

Why do people not like this song?

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115 Assassin - Assassin

Yeah, I have their debut and 'Interstellar Experience' on vinyl. Quality German thrash.

I love this song. It's pitty that this song is not found in the web.

116 A Lesson in Violence - Exodus

Great song, extremely underrated thrash metal band. Great live.

117 Medusa - Anthrax

One of the best of Anthrax

One of the best of Anthrax

118 Napalm in the Morning - Sodom

One of the best songs of the band, an example of classic thrash well done, it deserves to be in the top 20, not here.

One of the best songs of the band, it should be in the top 20 for sure!

119 Thrasher - Evile

A great thrash song, very underrated. One of the newer up coming thrash bands of today. They have only been around since 2003 but have made a good mark on thrash metal history!

120 Khomaniac - Artillery

Disappointed to see this not placed in the top 25 at least. Khomaniac is a great thrash song with insanely technical riffs. I cannot speak for the rest of the Artillery catalogue but I can say without hesitation that this is a masterpiece of the genre.

Hell yes! A TECHNICAL thrash cult classic. Brilliant song off a brilliant album (By Inheritance, 1989). Listen to it with the intro, 7:00 from Tashkent, first. Catchy riffs, badass gang-up chorus, Exodus-style, very complex and technical in the vein of the "Rust in Peace" era of Megadeth.

Yea they are pretty cool. Sadly not many people know of them

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