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141 Asylum - Watchtower

Progressive Thrash from Texas. You can't go wrong with that.

142 Rattlehead - Megadeth
143 Dead Embryonic Cells - Sepultura

This list is a joke, too much metallica and megadeth, why is st.anger even on this list, it's the worst thrash song ever. This song is amazing, it's fast and heavy. Old Sepultura rules.

The best thrash song off all time, awesome riffs, awesome vocals and an awesome breakdown

144 Walk With Me In Hell - Lamb of God

Everything about this song is great

This song was awesome

145 Fear of the Unknown - Heathen V 1 Comment
146 King Nothing - Metallica
147 Chemical Warfare - Slayer
148 Sudden Death - Megadeth
149 This Day We Fight - Megadeth

This is the very song that made me search for this list... The very word "thrash" itself is exemplified by this song. This list consists of some very good songs but for me, this one takes the cake by far; one insane guitar riff after another

150 Metal and Mayhem - Nihilist

One of the best thrash metal songs by an unknown band. Whoever put this on skate 3 must have a really great taste in music. This song is just as good if not better than many songs by Metallica and Megadeth. - DarkenedBrutality

151 Troops of Doom - Sepultura
152 Amok Run - Kreator
153 Christian Resistance - Holy Terror

Politics and thrash in this incredible thrash album 'Mind Wars'. The whole album - production aside - is killer.

154 Fuel - Metallica

This is a Thrash Song on a Reload
If you want to argue then heres my argument: If Jump in the Fire off Kill Em All is Thrash so is this song because this song is heavier than that song is and has more Thrash Elements in it - christangrant

155 Perilous Nation - Testament

if you haven't heard this songs, you must consider your life incomplete - rock2metal

156 Dawn of Destruction - Evile
157 Five Serpent's Teeth - Evile
158 The Pestilence - Kreator

People, there is much more thrash bands than only the big four. Everything high rated is from the big four.

159 Hook in Mouth - Megadeth

143. place...shame... it's one of the best thrash song...

160 Morbid Symmetry - Havok
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