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21 Missing You

I can't belive this isn't the top ten! Love it's

22 What You Get Is What You See
23 Something Beautiful Remains
24 Paradise is Here

This song is so looked over... - veryboredchild

I agree, such a great song, beautiful melody, and haunting vocals, I would place that in my top ten along with Afterglow x

25 Two People

I love that song something slow and mellow -a contrast from what she did with ike

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26 It's Gonna Work Out Fine
27 Ask Me How I Feel
28 I Will Survive

One of my favorite songs, I could listen to this one every day. Love it.

29 A Fool in Love
30 Disco Inferno
31 Do What You Do
32 Steele Claw
33 Afterglow
34 I Might Have Been Queen
35 Why Must We Wait Until Tonight?
36 Love Thing
37 Undercover Agent for the Blues
38 Nutbush City Limit

Tina wrote this song and changed the music industry with it. The fans want and expect to hear it in every performance. This is where the fans really learn her and merge with her. The fans are able to take a real piece of Tina with them from this song. THIS IS HER SONG.

"Have a picnic on Labor Day"... - Britgirl

In my teenage yrs, we always really got into this song.. It was the jamm for us! And of course love all her songs, she's very powerful, skillful entertainer!

39 In Your Wildest Dreams
40 Whatever You Want
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