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1 Tony Hawk's Underground Tony Hawk's Underground

I borrowed this game once for around a week, and it's still my favourite one in my mind. I have Tony Hawk's Underground 2 which is my second favourite Tony Hawk's Pro Skater game. I liked the Vancouver level because I live in Vancouver. I liked using the Moon Physics cheat to jump up the side of the building in the Vancouver level and also other levels!

I really did love this game to death, it really was the perfect skating game, no skating game will ever beat this game, this game was my bible back in high school, if I have a kid I will make him bring this game into show and tell and say, "this is the best skating game of all time. "

I just personally played this when I was younger. My Dad and I would constantly play this and gave us good bonding time together. Great game in general.

I play the story mode every year, all time favorite, never gets old!

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2 Tony Hawk's American Wasteland Tony Hawk's American Wasteland

I hate people who always think the original is the best I know it's there opinion but it gets on my nerves then they say tony Hawks pro skater 1 is better than tony Hawks underground and tony Hawks underground 2 and tony Hawks American wasteland I love tony Hawks pro skater 1 but is not better than tony Hawks underground or tony Hawks underground 2 or even tony Hawks American wasteland by the way tony Hawks American wasteland is the best I respect the other tony hawk games

This was my favorite game because it was my childhood. I used to spend hours every day just playing this and having the time of my life. I love the cartoon aspect of the game and it is just so much fun.

THAW is the greatest. No questions asked. Not to mention, it's the first one I ever beat. Everything from the punk feel and humor, to the gameplay, this game is God's gift to Tony Hawk fans.

This one the best

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3 Tony Hawk's Underground 2 Tony Hawk's Underground 2

I love this game, I first played it in 2005 and am still playing it today, I remember the first day I rented it from blockbuster on xbox, playing it nonstop, then I decided to buy it and got it for pc, the day I played it on pc I fell in love, after I changed my controls it played like a dream, I love it to this day and still play it all the time, its my number 1 game, of all time

I really wish you could vote the whole underground series to be #1. They had plans for an underground 3 but the Tony Hawks Ride made them go poor, sad. But underground is so well put together and it's a nice mix of easy and challenging. No frustration no pain just an amazing game well both of them, the controls are fresh and easy. Where can you go wrong?

I have played them all from pro skater 1 on PS1 up to proving ground on XBOX 360 and this my favourite. I just love the soundtrack, the levels and the characters and the story. Being a huge Jackass fan helps but this one is awesome! If you haven't played it yet then get it! It's well cheap on ebay or from a charity shop etc so just go out and get it, you will never look back!

This game is underrated. It's 10 times better than U1.
Game is funny. Has some awesone features. What to say? Best game ever. - igisha5

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4 Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3

The PS1 version was the first Tony Hawk Game I ever played and the one that got me into these games! now I'm a huge fan and have all of the Neversoft developed ones! - dragon13304

The original time based career was the best! they need to make another game like this again for the fans! - dragon13304

Played this with my cousin so much as a kid


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5 Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2

Just great and awesome I just loved the secret skate heaven level and the school level was my favorite one of all. And unlocking spiderman was really fun and his specials were cool

Good level designs, fun missions, countless hours... This game was my childhood, everything Pro Skater had, Pro Skater 2 improved on. This is one of the most fun games I have ever played. Why is it below THAW and THUG2?!?

By far the best Tony Hawk game ever! It's number one to me.

Classic game that moved us into future installments

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6 Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4

AC/DC's song T.N. T on this game was my childhood. I can remember playing this on the gamecube for hours with my older sister.

I remember spending countless hours playing this game as a kid, This was the game that actually got me into skateboarding and caused me to become the skater I am today. PERFECT COMMENT. BOOM.

This was the game that changed tony hawk games forever. Turned the levels into open world and featured the best levels to date!

When my oldest cousins where still kids, my dad would play with them all the time

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7 Tony Hawk's Project 8 Tony Hawk's Project 8

Very good Tony Hawk game! It is actually my favorite! You can skate in an amusement park, factory, down the street, in a capitol, in a school, and even more without any load times! There are A TON of goals including classic goals, to spot challenges, and even to pro missions where you skate with pro skaters! If you haven't already, give this game a try!

Too bad not allot of people really played this game.. I honestly think it was the best in the whole series. I loved the seamless game play, load up the game and WHAM you're skating in a massive environment and you're free to do what you please

I just voted this #1 so I could get it higher on the list. Underrated because it came out when the series was on a major decline. But the best graphics and control, all in all. My favorite of all time is a tie between THUG2 and THAW.

So much to do in this one I loved it but it was a really hard game but really fun to play

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8 Tony Hawk's Pro Skater Tony Hawk's Pro Skater

Absolutely loved this game. The music, the multiplayer, the maps. All of it close to perfection. Completely lost interest in the series after Underground 1 and 2. Not bad games, but the decline in quality was too obvious for me.

This list sucks because of the order I mean how is project8 and thug2 ahead of, this game

The best one to start the series fun and easy to follow!

Why is tihs so low the other ones suck compare ti this one

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9 Tony Hawk Proving Ground Tony Hawk Proving Ground

This was better than Project 8 in every way. I can't even PICK UP Project 8 anymore because of this game. HUGE IMPROVEMENT. Still, it's on the worse side, but it holds a place in my heart.

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10 Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD V 2 Comments

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11 Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam V 1 Comment
12 Tony Hawk's American Sk8land Tony Hawk's American Sk8land
13 Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 V 3 Comments
14 Tony Hawk Shred Tony Hawk Shred

A good game, but people started to loose intrest when it came out ):

15 Tony Hawk: Ride

I just got this game used for PS4 and so far am not liking it too much. I was so excited to see a new tony hawk game, I am a huge fan I love American wasteland. I'm definitely returning this game before the week is up, what a disappointment 😥

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