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1 Magic The Gathering

Come on! Easily better because of the artistry on the cards, as well as the core gameplay being so much more expansive and the deck customization has so much creativity available for the players.

No competition here. Magic the Gathering has a community and competitive environment that destroys all other trading card games. You can walk into any game store across the world and find people playing MTG any day of the week.

Great for ALL ages! And the best game ever made!

If MtG was a planet, Hearthstone would be a quark.

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2 Yu-Gi-Oh!

I've played yu-gi-oh and magic for a very long time, and I prefer Yu-gi-oh because it can be very simple and yet very complex at times making your brain work for your victory. The best quality it has is that it has a huge variety of cards that can appeal to almost anyone

Really, yugioh should dominate. I have magic and yugioh. I've been playing both for years and yugioh is a lot more fun. Magic is too complicated and it can be hard to create a new deck. Yugioh is not that complicated and is a lot easier to create a deck with. You don't need mana and all that stuff. Also, yugioh has stragetgy but magic is just working with what you have. Yugioh can play cards face down to keep your opponent guessing but magic just has monster to attack. Magic also has flying O. Creatures which is way overpowered. Yugioh has cards which can always be beatable. Yugioh also takes longer to play which is good cause you can enjoy the experience longer. For another reason magic has like 9 different types of ways to play with different rules. Yugioh has one good way to play which is not confusing.

You sound like you've never really played magic much. Or you are just terrible at it since you're complaining about flying creatures. It's far more than just creatures attacking creatures. Try playing it and try building a decent deck. Flying is far from your biggest worries. - Robbyrob

Yugioh is beast. Its the number one card game in the whole ' world and deserves it. I have been playing for a good while, but my problem is that I have only one other person to play with most of the time but I have two friends who come down once or twice a year for a while so I play them when I can. Also I have no stores anywhere close to me that hold tournaments, but neither of those will stop me playing for a long time to come. I don't think this is a very well known combo 'cause I never play anyone that I don't know but I haven't heard anything about it so here it is. It's a combo for Last Turn. Summon wind-up zenmaines and play him in defense. Make sure it has at least one XYZ material when you activate Last Turn. When your oppenent attatcks use his effect and destroy his monster during the end phase. Hope it helps - llamabaconllama37

Yu-gi-oh being on the top ten TWICE shows how good it is. - Yugi10

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3 Pokémon TCG

Honestly, the best card game out there. In comparison to Yugioh, Pokemon appeals to anyone regardless on how old they R. In tournaments, they have Juniors, Seniors and Masters so if you are 14 years old, you wouldn't have to worry about going against a 22 year old. This is also good because it puts people with the same caliber together so it isn't too unfair. Also, anyone can qualify to the world championships, unlike Yugioh which you must qualify from nationals. Pokemon is a really strategic and fun game and the community is much more friendly than Yugioh. I play Pokemon and Yugioh and while I still enjoy Yugioh a lot, I prefer playing Pokemon much more, especially as I have qualified for the World Championships 2013 in Vancouver, Canada.

IT IS AWESOME! It has great structure in the style of gameplay, and there is a lot variety in strategies, players, cards, and much more. So yeah I desperately recommend this game.

Pokemon the name is 'Got to Catch Them All' the reason is the favorite select chosen Pocket Monster can be against a vastly distinct number of foes. Meanwhile the Pokemon can evolve itself too so more forms of the same enjoyable creatures can be given to the user for satisfaction. The Items and Clothing evolve as well, despite being an evolution problem this series is fun and never ceases to amaze. So although the others might be not in the favor list there is a newer better evolve version to captivate the attention in a good way. If that holds true the Poke-Masters can enjoy at leisure victories against all sorts of diverse beings in the same built world of Pokemon. So the changes are important but not always needed to do well with the user's Pokemon of lower level for instance. Different levels of play change the game as well, and although strange sometimes not evolve creatures under control might win against different strong or larger adversaries simply since are not in the same ...more - iliescu


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4 Cardfight!! Vanguard

Well, just as it is written above, the cardfight vanguard game is one of the best. Yes it didn't start well but after it came in tcg things are steadily changing. Yugioh was the boss as always( still has the Guinness record. But think of this: with the newest formats always depending on 2 maybe 3 decks that will be banned in one or two lists, all decks made a form of income and so on, the game has lost its value. Players out there search for something fun easy, with no rules (chains, priorities, sp summon chainability etc) cheap( most vanguard cards are cheap with the most expensive being at 30 $), and also new, fresh you could say. All that is the summary of vanguard. The rules are easy, the game is fun, the whole thing has some rules taken from yugioh, others from magic others from many games, but it only took the best aspects of those games leaving out all the imperfections. Number 10 might seem fine right now but with the coming of this game in all the world l think we will ...more

Cardfight! Vanguard is unique. There is no limit to possibility. Such a clever way of dueling. Utilising the amount of damage you have taken (Limit Break), being able to pay that damage (Counterblast), doing the unimaginable like Megablast, different deck types and playing styles, new sets and archetypes released constantly, being saved at the last minute because of how smartly the game is set up like drawing a Heal Trigger on a damage check or completely destroying your opponent with Critical Triggers, Barraging and torturing your opponent with Stand Triggers, never running out of options with Draw Triggers, the well thought out and well implemented Crossride and the effects bought with them, losing yourself and going all out guns blazing with Persona Blast, its made like a watch. In Yugioh, you can mix anything to make a deck. But in Cardfight! Vanguard each piece of a deck is made to work together, its all been fitted precisely to allow the ultimate gaming fun. Unbeatable.

Awesome game. Cool Mechanics, and they listen to what the players want as well. They also test cards before you use it to see if there are imperfections or flaws on the card. Although I miss some aspects of most card games such as spell cards, etc.

It's a very good card game it so easy to understand and it's not too expensive.

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5 Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's

The newest yu-gi-oh, you know the one that makes no sense to the old school players

sort of confusing at first but when you get into it you understant it a lot more

Best card game simple rules, few requirements, great idea, and cool cards, gave me a way to gain more friends.

Thanks yugioh!

It has the coolest cards like ya

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6 World Of Warcraft TCG

It offers a gameplay that is very similar to Magic, but with its own changes.
It's easier to learn, gives you boss fights and the types of cards are fun.
The combat system is also entertaining.

Legendary Game. Instead of dying it gave it's position to Hearthstone. And Hearthstone currently holds the number 1 position of digital card games and one of the top five positions of online games. Hearthstone has a great future but also a legendary ancestor.

Was a very fun game. I don't know why I voted for it at this point though, now that they've discontinued it so they can take our money online instead.

Unfortunately it has stopped manufacturing.
Otherwise one of the better TCG to learn and get hooked, yet complex enough to be enjoyable for veterans. Captures the fantasy of the MMO well and extremely flavorful with deck building and strategies.
Raid decks also provide a commander-like experience that is challenging and fun for group play in parties.

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7 Duel Masters

I want to get one thing out of the way. The art is frankly amazing. It was one of the factors that got me interested in this game so much. The rules are very easy to learn, and you can use a whole lot of creativity with the decks compared to other TCG's and the every duel is exciting. In Japan this game is still very, very popular and the game has advanced to a whole new level with many new card types, abilities and of course the beautiful art. I also love the fact that the game depends on skill and strategy rather than luck and some card you drew by chance. I really, really hope this game comes back to the rest of the world with the new concepts and abilities. It would be awesome!

Personally I love this game, it was cancelled in the u.s because they decided to parody-dub the anime*(making it idiotic). However I still play Yu-Gi-Oh due to the availabiltiy I believe Duel Masters to be more interesting.

The rules are simple the game is fun and exciting It should be above chaotic...

I love magic but hate how standard always pushes cards out which are less than a year old. I started with duel masters and kinda started making it popular at my school for most of 2012 but honestly it's downfall was its own fault, it's kinda sad. Now in japan the artstyle is so over hyped and flashy it makes my eyes roll to the back of my head. Magic is amazing but in the end it's basically a cash cow I do play magic but only casually with duel decks or if my friends happen to have a spare deck. Duel masters will always have a special place in my mind!

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8 Chaotic

I am extremely upset with the fact that it has stopped being aired on T.V. because it is honestly on of the best shows that was on the air. It is also on of the best card games out there. Truly disappointing it stopped airing

It is an innovation for trading card games because it can be played not only in reality but also online. It was released publicly as a trading card game online and a television show but with unfortunately squashed to death by more popular trading card games such as Magic the gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Pokémon. It had a very short lifespan, although there have been rumors that it will start up again in the year 2013 or 2014. I believe that on YouTube there was a video called Chaotic roomers and it was about 4kids saying that they would release it again in Japan.

I think that chaotic cards are really cool I buy them all the time but I am sad because they are not in the stores anymore so I have to buy the cards online

Very fun and under rated

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9 Digimon Digimon “Digimon” is a term commonly used to describe a variety of Japanese anime series based on the Bandai virtual pet brand “Digimon” (Dejimon). As of 2017, there are 7 series: “Digimon Adventure” (1999), “Digimon 02” (a.k.a. “Digimon Adventure 02”) (2000), “Digimon Tamers” (2001), more.

Digimon is more card like instead of building ships which can be confusing

Simple, tactical, works with the theme of Digimon and is overall a joy to play. Also, the artwork is great.

Digimon is much less complicated than ships.

I love digimon it should be number 1

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10 Star Wars

Great Games, particularly deciphers version. This was one of the great card games of all time and if decipher had been able to continue with the license from lucas arts it would be one of the best out there today.

The Decipher version should absolutely be top 10, and is #1 in my book. I tried numerous other games after Decipher lost the license to Wizards of the Coast (whose version was far inferior), and nothing compared in terms of mechanics and the "free-world" feel, although from what I've read, Legend of the Five Rings might be a contender.

Too bad the license didn't continue. Complex, but amazing!

Best cards rather than basketball cards ever!

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11 Future Card Buddyfight

This new card game by bushiroad (the creators of weiss schwarz and cardfight vanguard) is a new breath of fresh air for the tcg scene all new mechanics that are super solid and just looks fun! This card game comes out at the end of January and the anime comes out January 3! So close I can almost feel it taking my money from my wallet! But for real try this new card game out and the most cool thing is the Japanese and us are getting everything the card game introduces at the same time so no waiting like other card games. I could talk about this card game all day so just see for yourself and I bet you wont regret it!

One of the few promising games to be on the horizon. I tested it, its a lot of fun and quick to pick up. It will be interesting to see where it goes.

This trading card game is just AMAZING there is no other definition for it

I like this card game

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12 Bakugan

This game is so simple, and all the bakugan have unique features, making it a very fun game to play. I mean Magic and Yu Gi Oh are fun indeed, but this game is just both reduced to simplicity.

Also, there are constantly many bakugan with high power G's that you can find them almost anywhere.

Nobody understands the strategy within this game, I'm 35 with no mental issues whatsoever and I still play this with my dad!

I have played this for a long time and it is very fun I have like 100 bakugan

It is so entertaining and some of the designs for the Bakugan are spectacular. What other game can incorporate this many different types of creatures all into a ball shape. Even though I am still a gigantic fan of Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon, I feel like Bakugan deserves more appreciation. It had an excellent television run and the TCG was played a lot during it's time on air.

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13 Hearthstone

Hearthstone is much awesome. I think that later a new game called hex might be better than it but for now it is a fun and simple time waster and is one of the best card games out there. The only thing I could criticize is it's long term appeal but they're adding some new game modes and cards too.

Great card game for those wanting a first experience to strategic card games or veterans looking to destroy. 889 cards are in the game, with another 45 officially coming out in about 3 or 4 weeks. The virtual aspect brings many cool animations and sound effects, playing on many different boards with many different heroes and many different mechanics. What hearthstone offers that no other card game can is the RNG, where sometimes probability can decide a critical moment in the game.

Should be at least number 4 right now

Hear this.MTG and yu gi oh may have some history to say but I bet they doesn't stand a chance with hearthstone.Yes I do agree that hearthstone took ideas from those games but their has been no card games that was able to draw huge attention all over the world unlike pokemon card games who's popularity is restricted and this game is the one of the top among esports games.Blizzard gives great maintenance to the game and it's free to play and you could really get cards without paying.I am a legendary rank player and I have proven it.So great gaming guys!

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14 Lord Of The Rings TCG

Besides being a lot of fun it requires a lot of thinking. Try playing for a hour without making any mistakes.

It is my favorite tcg and I'm sad it got discontinued

Really good gameplay mechanics and really fun to play with friends

Amazing game, requires lots of thinking.

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15 Dragon Ball Z

Ignore the license and this game has one of the best card game engines created. Its from a time when every game wasn't trying to just be Magic 2.0. If you've only recently come into playing card games, or have never ventured far from Magic land, give this game a chance to see how fun Card Games can be.

This game recently got a reboot and I have to say its amazing. Panini bought the rights and they streamlined the game a ton making it way better. The original dbz ccg was great but once we got to like buu saga on it got ridiculous. Especially gt. Free style decks and sensei decks and all this crap that this wonderful card game did not need. granted it was great with all that stuff, the game is now easy to pick up so much fun and streamline

I must admit, these cards are AWESOME! They are really fun and I love trading them.

These cards are amazing

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16 Beyblade

Unique game play.

I am in love with beyblades 16th place someone stop me from swearing.


I love beyblades sooo much the reason I am not calling the cops is because I'm eleven years old. beyblades are number 1!

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17 Naruto

Great mechanics and a great set of art. Promos were full art and the impressive detail put into the cards deserve a spot onto this list.

Although it's the hardest game out there, This game is great!

People just voted for the love of naruto, I am guilty too


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18 Walking Dead

Stupidest game out there zombies seriously people!

These cards are great

19 VS System Marvel

This was a great cardgame and I miss playing it.
I started off with only one deck/team (Arkham Inmates), but new characters and mechanics made me buy a whole lot more. The rules of the game were complex and made different kind of tactics possible. I'm still looking for a ccg that can replace it.

FANTASTIC GAME! Terrible shame that it stopped being sold at stores, although you can still get new sets via the on-line community...

20 Harry Potter Trading Card Game

I am so sad they discontinued it... :( I almost want to design cards based on the last 5 books and print them out to play with my dad as we did years ago.

The Harry Potter Trading Card Game, (colloquially "HPTCG") is a strategy and collectible card game based in the magical world of the Harry Potter novels by J.K. Rowling. Created by Wizards of the Coast in August 2001, the game was designed to compete with the Yu-Gi-Oh!, Pokémon and Magic: The Gathering card games. It was released to coincide with the release of the first film in the series. The game was praised for the way it immersed people in the Harry Potter universe. At one point the game was the second best selling toy in the United States.


21 Sword Girls

My favorite, the art is attractive, the amount of card content is vast and it doesn't make you feel like you have to stick to any specific style or faction, the only downfall is it consume a lot of time to progress

I like SG easy to learn you could craft your own cards very friendly people and also good art.

22 Yu-Gi-Oh Arc-V

This is yugioh with a little difference

Newest yugioh on psp

It's a new awesome gerneration of yu gi oh and I have watched a lot of arc v episodes and its good so put this your stuff down and start playing

23 Digimon Fusion

Love this card game! One of the best out there! They made a smart decision on making their own play styles and ideas for this game, unlike their previous versions which copied much of the ideas from other card games. Too bad Bandai chose to back the Power Rangers card game instead, this game was selling out everywhere within days of being stocked. Could have put Bandai back up there in popularity.

Much better art than the original digimon and you can see some packs in target, proving it is becoming popular.

24 Topps Attax
25 Topps 2013 Football Cards
26 Legend of the Five Rings

Far better story line, much more engaging game play and best options for players by far! Played Magic but gave it up for L5R!

This is the greatest CCG of all time. You can affect the story of the game and completely change the outcome of the game's history just by winning a tournament. It might be harder to learn than Magic but it blows the doors off of any CCG I've ever played.

At one time, this was my favorite ccg. The flavor and back story behind the cards is unbeatable.

A classic.

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27 Kaijudo

Good game but not all lot of people who don't know about it.

Really fun game. Underrated. You should try. Its great!

28 Scrolls

Needs a bit more Developing, but overall, its heading to success

29 Raw Deal

Amazing game really creative and innovative and I miss it a lot. Though my locals still has tournaments in 2014 laugh out loud and there is a really big online community where they make new sets that you can print out. A lot of old ccgs do this infact before dbz got its reboot they had a huge online community making sets. definitely try this game if you can get some friends into it

30 Weiß Schwarz

Prove me wrong, but it's probably one of the most balanced card games out there for a tcg. I don't really know any other card games where a trial deck can actually quite easily come up top against competitive decks in tournaments (done many times before). A fun game overall!

Its not only in Japan anymore

I love this game, there's never a clear winner unless one person is extremely unlucky, and is really in gauging.

Anime girl!

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31 Force of Will

A card game with art more oriented for the games age group, Plays like MTG but without starving for "mana", a fantastic game that has only been around for a little over a year on the release of this note, and my favorite of any card game.

Great mechanics, quality card stock, lots of shiny and fan service.

This is possibly the best TCG out there right now, heavily borrowing from magic and adding in new and exciting ideas to years of established strategies and design.

It has really good art, easy to learn game mechanics, and a lot of fun to collect. They are very focused on making the players and other consumers happy. I wish more people had access to it.

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32 Battle Spirits

This game is so good and fun to watch!

I lovs this TCG, inovetion sistem core

It's a really great TCG, too bad it's not known world-wide :( - weatherman419

33 Dinosaur King

Simple rules that anybody can learn, lots of variety and very appealing artwork on the cards. You should check out the AMAZING colossal rare card foils... Go check it out... NOW!

Easy to learn, fun and cheap.

34 The 39 Clues

All the cards are holding secrets within them.Some even have puzzles and top secret documents (related to the books)

Great, have a huge collection of cards, best card game hands down

35 Card Wars

Interesting strategy, hard to win quickly, which makes each game more competitive. Easy and fun to learn. This was a game fans wanted, not one that was planned to occur because of the show, so it's interesting to see where it lands in the TCG history books.

Very strategic with the flexibility of the rules. Totally mathematical and awesome! Much room to be developed though.

Awesome TCG that is simple and easy to learn, but still has room for strategy and tough decision-making.


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36 Monster Rancher

I absolutely was addicted to this game. There is nothing better than it when it comes to tcg

Great game. Video games are even better. To bad no expansion packs were released.

37 My Little Pony

A lot more complicated then one would think. The rules that come with the starter decks don't explain things too well, but they do have a comprehensive rule PDF online.

Great system, you gain action tokens every turn to play cards from your hand, draw cards, and move friends to solve problems. I really do enjoy the game thoroughly! Do hope more people are willing to try it out.

This game seems underrated and overlooked by others but after learning to play, the game gets advanced and a little competitive. There are several elements to this game that such as solving problems and face offs. The game is all about strategy and out smarting your opponent like a game of chess making the game 20% cooler than your average card games.

Many people think this is too complicated for kids, but you can totally scale the game up or down. I play with my 5yo. She loves solving problems with her pony friend, and looking at all the cards. I enjoy the theme as well.

It's a huge Trading card game, which is VERY popular (no joke) mostly played by men. (made by Hasbro the same people who make magic the gathering)

38 Drakenlords

Great game! Easy to get into but very deep, and with cool innovative ideas like customizing your warlord's skills. Besides PvP, there are lots of single-player adventures and events which really test your deck-building abilities. My #1 right now!

The best TCG for mobile right now. Lightweight, polished, and with new single player adventures every few weeks. I wish Hearthstone also released adventures this often!

It's an awesome game! I lover he depth it offers! Much more interesting than all the others in the list!


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39 Urban Rivals

It's really fun game... You guys really have to try it. Awesome & addictive game.

The best there is! :D

Best fight over 1000 charasters it's mindblowning game evrybody sould try it

This is the best videogame ever and I'm really adicted.
I'm a lvl71 and I have a fortune of 1M clintz.

40 Shadow Era

Amazing game. Good mechanics. Very balanced. Easy to learn. Awesome community.

Simple rule and hard strategy card with luck.

It definitely not a pay to win game, Players could PvE freely in 2 or 3 weeks to build a Tier 1 deck.

Strong gameplay, intresting tactics, best digital TCG after MTG

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41 Neopets

Neo pets used to be good but now nobody knows what it is

It's the best

42 Redakai

Card game is only cheap now because it got cancelled because it was too expensive laugh out loud. The cards are cool but the problem is you can tell what you are gonna draw even with the deck holder thing. Also frojlock ruined the game. It was a stupid combo that you would do over and over again and it sucked. The game is out of print its just a mess. But if you want something cheap to play I suggest this and its fun casually to but that's all it will ever be.

Redakai is a somewhat complicated game but if you want a tcg where you can get a lot of cards cheap this is the way to go. Stores are basically giving it away

It is awesome. The cards are see through which adds to a really cool gameplay. The cards are the most durable ever. It involes a lot of strategy so it is awesome way better then Yugioh or Pokemon or magic the gathering everyone should play this

It is amazing... the 3d holo effect is good but it is a but tricky to get used to..

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43 Star Trek CCG

One of the best games out there! Fun for all ages!

Classic Star Trek: TNG game. Fun and engaging. Heh..."Engage."

44 Vampire Eternal Struggle
45 Gwent: The Witcher Card Game

Good question on how this is not on here. One of the few card games that ever caught my attention.

Honestly, how is this not on here? - CaptainGurm

One of the best if not the best!

Best ccg on the market.

46 Elements

Addictive, varied and fast gameplay awards players with gold and cards. Deckbuilding has a great influence on victory rates.
I tried forgetting the game several times and came back for more.

Complex gameplay that brings you fan playing and managing your deck. Unfortunately low player base.

Amazingly well made game with loads and loads of options to make and assamble your decks

47 Pirates

Nice tiitle

48 Wixoss

Gameplay is simple compared to older TCGs (in my opinion). Great art and every cards are literally waifu materials. The community grows every second but due to the lack of English text cards (since it originated from Japan so the language is Japanese) not many wants to try and play it, which is a shame. The basics are easy to understand, card effects are not complicated (but becomes complicated once one card effect has the effect to interfere with other card's effect). Sometimes the effects can get confusing without help from experienced players. Plus in late 2016 they added new feature to the game along with the new anime called Lostorage Incited WIXOSS). The TCG itself is extremely collectible but as for those who wants to invest money on this... The market is not stable, a common card can cost quite high compared to other TCGs, sometimes their price can decrease or increase after the release of new booster sets. And can drop quite drastically (or not) once the card gets reprinted.

Amazing art, and great gameplay

49 Eredan iTCG

Fun but requires a lot of time to master

Verry good game with a very active community

50 Netrunner

Honestly, my favorite card game EVER. It has a more chill attitude to the players and isn't just "My dude fight your dude. HAHA SPELL! I win". It's a lot more strategic in some aspects.

BEST CARD GAME EVER (its all about hacking)

Best card game ever. No doubt.

I heard this is good and it seems good but I can't find cards anywhere everything just has magic pokèmon and yugioh

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