Cardfight!! Vanguard


Best card game EVER! Just started and it rocks in below 2 years time! For people who said that Vanguard is just a luck-based game that can't be compared to YuGiOh, then I'm here to say that those people are WRONG! Sure, maybe Vanguard uses some luck, but those little luck won't decide the game! You must calculate the possibility of drawing the card you want when you make your deck. And not all Vanguard Cardfighters are former YuGiOh players that only wants to rack up more wins, or only wants to try a new game. A LOT of people are pure Vanguard Cardfighters too (people who just fell in love with Vanguard), like me.

It's easy to learn, but requires expert strategy, predictions, and balance to master the game. It's impossible to win in the first turn, making the game a lot more enjoyable and a lot less bland. The idea that every clan has their own unique way to play, while each one still having their own pros and cons and also having different ways to build your deck but still making it good, makes it have tons of variety, so much in fact that two decks of the same clan could be vastly different, but still similar in the basic point of the clan. Also, the trigger mechanic allows you to stay in the game when it seems you have lost, and turn the entire match around and win. Another good thing in it is that there is no "Best deck" nor any cards that are over $50. (unless you count SPs, which are either alternate art versions or pseudo-3D reprints of cards in the same booster set) The last great thing about this game is the fact that no card is absolutely useless, meaning that any card (within the ...more

The game is very fun and requires strategy and does not require luck and it is very well balanced and easy to get the gang of it. As for Yu-Gi-Oh it can get complicated and at times the rules and the cards contradict one-another. And when I play this with friends and other we sometimes get into arguments over the card effect because they are not specific or clear, I have also seen that happen to others. But in Cardfight Vanguard the cards are clear and balanced in Yu-Gi-Oh it is not balanced and at times not that fun since you can get into the arguments because of the cards clarity. In conclusion Cardfight Vanguard is better because of its mechanics and previously mentioned elements.

It's been around 3 years since I started Vanguard. The first thing I noticed when I started was of its unique gameplay bringing luck into the factor of winning. This was actually the first card game I was excited to compete in tournaments and made it to the top cut of my first shop tournament. I thought my friends the game, some of them were familiar with the anime and thus their interest spark when I brought my deck to the university. The booster packs and pre-constructed decks are also cheaper than the other games at our local game shop.

The following is my opinion if YuGiOh is your favorite I suggest you stop reading this.

This is not my first card game. I played YuGiOh! first however I find tournaments there to be less interesting as I was mostly beat up in turn 2 or turn 3. I'm not being sore but special summons become a thing that time. It's like it just ignored normal summon playing one monster at a time. The community is also pretty bad as they don't welcome new ...more

I've delved into many different TCG's throughout the years. I've played Magic the Gathering on and off, was a hard core Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan for years, played some Pokemon and even Digimon. With Cardfight! Vanguard, this is a game above the other's in my opinion, for one reason. It makes the game more evenly balanced. It does not matter which deck one uses, if they build their deck right, it can compete with the other's and stand a solid chance. When a new rule comes out, all clans benefit from it. When you play Magic, the rules are convoluted and confusing, making it hard to get new players into the game. With Yugioh, it's all about running a meta deck to win, taking away the individuality of the game. But with Vanguard, it allows for an easier play style as well as allows any player to use a deck they want instead of forcing them to play certain decks to win. In the end, Vanguard is the best for these reasons and can easily compete with the top games that have been around for years.

Cardfight Vanguard has come a long way from the time it began, with the tcg gathering more and more people, and expanding all over the world. Granted, it may not yet tackle the behemoth that is Magic, but still challenges it and every other card game with its freshness. Rules are consistent and easy to uderstand. The art is great, at times having an anime approach and at other times being more realistic. A great aspect is that the unit's (each card's) art covers the whole card, and its characteristics are placed over it. Each and every card has a flavor text, and the company does a good job of supplying lore for the cards. The whole clan thing works greatly and one is sure to find a clan he likes. The whole this about a deck being only composed of "monsters" shouldn't discourage others from trying it. Overall it's a great game that needs to be given attention in order to show its shinyness

Stand Up! My Vanguard! I love this game but YUGIOH is still my all time favorite, but I just started playing Cardfight! Vanguard and every time I face one of my friends I feel so excited just like yugioh. It's a complicated game but once you're used to the rules it starts to turn really fun! If you love surprises then play Vanguard, if you are about to lose and you draw a trigger unit it can turn the whole game around and throughout the game there are lots of twists and turns. Finally, I think Cardfight! Vanguard should be respected better and rise up to at least 2nd place. Go Vanguard!

The ultimate card game in terms of fun and play. Yu-gi-oh decks always had balance issues but with Vanguard, the decks are better built to one clan in order to utilize the triggers but Yu-gi-oh could mix and match anything and everything giving it balance issues. Vanguard players can mox their clans though if they really want to but at the cost of triggers makes the game very tactical. Vanguard is the only game where taking damage can come back to haunt your opponent and change the whole game. Yu-gi-oh has diminished synchro summons and xyz cards have ruined the game and practically eliminated the need for ritual summons and nearly fusions at this stage. Playing Vanguard with my friends has proven to be much more fun than Yu-gi-oh not everyone shares this view I know but it is my honest opinion of both TCG's.

The sorts of things that Vanguard focuses on give it a unique sort of identity. It's made in such a way that it encourages one of the central rules of enjoying any game involving collectibles - play what you like. In Vanguard, provided your deck is built with some sort of sense, it's usually capable of winning. This allows the use of practically any given person's favorite card, which gives just that much more enjoyment for both the veterans and the recently initiated.

This new game didn't start out so well anywhere else in the world, but after a couple of weeks it is starting to gain as strong ratings as YuGiOh. This competitive new game has captured the hearts of millions across the globe like a thundering horse. This new game brings new form of strategies and a card only format for those who hate to use tokens. There is a lot of promise coming from this new game.

I've recently started playing vanguard, and it's awesome, it fun to see the different variety of effects and names of the cards, not to mention, the artwork is awesome. It's also cool how in my opinion, certain effects can subtly teach you lessons, such as with the limit break skill, requiring you to have a certain amount of damage to activate it, showing that even when you're down, it doesn't mean you're out, deserves #2 if not #1, Definitely a close call there.

Cardfight! Vanguard is a great game for it is simple to win but for simple gameplay it requires great strategy as thinking.Unlike other card games, units are really balanced and there are no superior units.Any deck if played well can win.(except if you run all grade 3s).Furthermore, it has an excellent anime with great focus on character development and emotions, and lots of badass action in season 3! Surely a worthwhile game to pick up and it is not too costly too!

Simple, fun, cheaper than most popular card games. Diverse play styles of decks and mechanics

I've played yu-gi-oh for a long time, but it is by now a very popular card game and I was looking for an alternative. Cardfight! Vanguard is an awesome alternative because besides of the skill the player needs. It all adds up to the luck of the draw. I accidently stumbled upon it, and I am glad I did.

Cardfight! Vanguard is awesome it just started but will soon rival some of the best tcg's for example: magic, yugioh, and wow. Not only that but it takes the best qualities in every game and makes it its own. I definitely recommend this to anybody who is looking for something new!

Such a unique card game with really unique mechanics. It takes the best parts from all of the top 3 card games and mixes it in with some of its own futuristic spice. The Clans may seem like a drawback for some people but it allows for even more strategy and it allows for a good type on linearity. Magic and Yu Gi Oh had 1000's of cards but Vanguard gives you the clans with 100's of cards within that clan. It gives you space while not giving so much space that it becomes daunting. The triggers add to the fun and it is so adaptable to different people. There is a clan for everyone. I play Shadow Paladin and it just suits me. When I attempted to get into yugioh is was way to much for me. For me, best card game there is followed by magic, yugioh and then Pokemon.

This game is great. Although it is still new compared to yugioh, Pokemon and so on, I believe it will get super popular. It is easy to understand the basics, but isn't boring, because it has hidden abilities that can be so fun to use, such as, limit break, persona blasts, soul blasts and so much more. Cardfight Vanguard is a great game. Anyone who is looking for a TCG game should play Cardfight Vanguard!

Unlike other TCGs, CFV requires that deck be created balance and no deck can be too over-powered, as seen with Morikawa's deck. In addition, most cards have another copy of itself as a different card in another deck supporting many players to use different decks. Due to how fair this game is there isn't going to be cheap overpowered cards, and even if a few would happen to pop up, things would be fixed so there would be some type of restriction on it so it would be fair. I could explain more, but then I would feel like I am rambling.

The most balance card game out there. You can go in with a Trial Deck (Starter deck basically) and win against an expensively-made deck. Blends luck and skill perfectly.

Love the game, easy to learn once you give it a shot and 2 weeks or so of getting the hang of it. Its balanced so any deck can beat any deck, just depends on the skill level of the player. Amazing artwork as well almost like magic meets yugioh-like artwork (maybe not) but still amazing

It's mainly skill and luck base. The funnest rhing about the game is the luck factor from the drive trigger system. Very unpredictable, and full of surprises. The card artwork is all very nice as well. Bright and not as dull as MTG

Very balanced between the many type's of decks. Plus fair and no overpowered broken cards.

I was so scared that this game was not going to be a hit after watching the anime and getting addicted. I AM SO HAPPY THAT IT IS JUST GAINING POPULARITY. Ranking on top 5 on several lists, it give me hope that my new favorite game will become big within the near future

This game is the very best and deserves to be in the top ten. This is a cheap and it has some awesome characters that makes it even more awesome to collect

One of the most funniest card game in the world (But I also like Yu-Gi-Oh, Chaotic, and Dual Masters). Vanguard is a great game because of the artwork and the gameplay its-self and it also pushes you to this and focus more.