Magic The Gathering


I have played a variety of card games over the course of 15 years and can honestly tell you that I have played just about every game from 1-20 on this list (and more). Without sounding too cliche, MTG seems to be the oldest game on this list. With that said, each game under it must have taken some aspect from MTG and implemented it in their own system and the fact that MTG has been around for so long, they have had the most time to improve (for the most part) the rules of the game. In addition, it also seems to be the only game on this list that implements multiple formats for competitive play which adds a dynamic to the game that is even completely organized and understandable when explained to new players (I have also yet to see any other game add a similar system that was actually acknowledged by the competitive community of said game, please correct me if I am wrong). On to the more important point, the MTG system in it's entirety is more diverse and complex at higher levels of ...more

Magic no doubt.
Those other games are for kids. If you think you're smart and want to push your brain to its limit, then magic is where it's at. It's a game with infinite possibilities only limited to how far you can stretch your brain. Wanna beat your opponent with standard knights or soldiers? How about mob them with a horde of zombies? You can make a powerful fairy/unicorn deck if you wanted! Or destroy them with plagues and diseases! I've seen a weather deck! The possibilities are literally endless depending on your mind. But if you're not too bright and need to fall back on the "randomness factor" to win, then go play Yu-Gi-Oh or Pokemon with the kids.
Magic is a game that's easy to play, takes a lifetime to master, and is addictive as hell! They don't call it cardboard crack for nothing. As a matter of fact where are my cards?

I've seen some people say that Yu-Gi-Oh! Is less complicated than Magic. There's nothing further from the truth. Now, Yu-Gi-Oh! Is extremely complicated and the meta is completely inaccessible to all but experts. To be good at Yu-Gi-Oh!, one must have loads of cash to buy all of the necessary cards. The game relies entirely on deck building. Once in the game, there is hardly any strategy, only rapid-fire card combos. In the meta, the game can practically play itself because of all of the chains of effects.

Magic, on the other hand, is much more simple. Beginners can pick it up in just a few minutes. Pre- constructed decks can be played right out of the box and it is possible to have fun with them. And, if you find a card, you like, you can put it right into the deck and play it, unlike Yu-Gi-Oh!, where single cards are useless. The strategy in Magic occurs in the deck building, but also in the actual play of the game (choosing whether to attack, or have a blocker for the next ...more

Magic: The Gathering is the original and best.

For starters, its 5 color mana system is simply brilliant (and brilliantly simple). It balances all the components of the game, it creates clearly defined early/mid/late game stages, and unites the flavor and meaning of different cards created decades apart.

In addition, the development process of the game is just awe-inspiring. Every few months a new set is released, and every set tells a story. Wizards of the Coast, the company behind Magic, manages to make every last set release exciting. It doesn't matter if you play Standard or Modern or Commander or rules-free casual-- every last set will have something new for you.

There are a few caveats. Becoming a skilled Magic player is challenging, and is quite the pricey habit. But once you get past the initial learning stages, you will be rewarded hundreds of times over. The community is established, the creators are ingenious, and the possibilities are endless.

Magic is the best! there are limitless posibilities for decks(libraries) and out of all the card games I have played, it truly is the best choice. plus, I don't feel like a little kid playing it. mainly because the level of game play, and the people who play it are generally at the very least in there mid teens to late 30's... not to mention some of the cards are a bit to graphic for some of the younger players who tend to play yugioh or pokemon.

NO COMPARISON! Magic the Gathering is not only the FIRST TCG ever but is by far the most growing and wildly expanding tcg in the world, You could go to all most and card shop in the US and you will find magic cards, The game play is beyond any other game, and is way more balanced, and compared to yugioh... WAY cheaper! Don't get me wrong every card game costs money. Its uber fun and has a huge fan base and is not complicated at all, and seldom reprints there expensive cards, thus undermining the old ones price. By far the best TCG in existence!

This game requires strategy and lots of thinking to win games. Unbelievable artwork as well, which isn't computer generated like most other tcg's. Magic the Gathering also has a very big and helpful community for whenever you need help on how to play or how certain things work. There are videos on magic the gatherings website that will literally explain the way a certain mechanic works.

A fundamental and innovative way to express your imagination with a technical game that has an endless amount of possible strategies to combat against your opponent. My favorite game that I play with my children because it allows them to think and cooperate in class very well because of the focus and concentration you need to pay attention towards the game. My kids have straight
A's and every teacher says that they have better concentration than anyone in there class.

Everybody's heard of it. Everybody's seen it in stores. Everybody's played it. There is a reason that this tcg is so famous, and that's simply because it's purely the best card gaming has to offer. Simple rules yet hundreds (and counting) of keywords and mechanics add a layer of depth to this game that no other game is able to challenge. Coupled with the fact that this game has such a large player base means that there is always a large community playing the game. Completely timeless, and one of the few card games able to bridge the generational gap.

Magi the Gathering succeeds in balancing the flavor of the complex and sophisticated fantasy universe with diverse and engaging strategies and mechanical elements. No other game appears interested in providing a similarly immersive experience for lovers of the fantasy genre and of strategy games. Additionally, its cultural import surpasses that of its competitors. It is the ancestor of all other Trading Card Games. The game also creates one of the most useful platforms for fantasy artists to find work and express their talents.

Magic the Gathering is not only the oldest card game, but its basic mechanics have lead to the creation of every other TCG out there, including YuGiOh. In fact, even the Pokemon TCG was originally designed by Wizards of the Coast, several years after they made Magic, and proved that the genre was not only capable, but a huge market.
Magic's fundamental mechanics lend it to a balanced form of gameplay, that adds incredible depth not only in deck construction but in play. Core differences in play lead to complex situations, especially where combat is involved, and instant-speed interaction and counterplay. By forcing players to work for the resource that allows you to play your cards, which many other TCGs do not, Magic has a steeper learning curve, difficulty, and capability to be far more entertaining.

I have play yugioh for a good 10 years of my life (i am 15 by the way) and don't get me wrong its a great game but I find money beats all even when I was using my semi expensive deck I would get crumbled by those god tier decks that cost so much. I took one look at magic and I love it it has so much more strategy to it and I like the designs of the cards, the guilds etc its just so cool, yugioh will always have a place in my heart but magic is just too good for second place

In my opinion the Magic the Gathering game series is one of the best Trading card games on the lot. It's fresh original and has allot to offer. Just the rules and basic mechanics of the are so hard to learn and yet easy to play once you get the hang of it. Richard Garfield, the maker of the game, is true ingenious.

Easily the best card game around, been playing since beta and the game just keeps getting better after every new set. Yes, the rules and the gravity of the whole lore can be a little confusing but once you play one or two games you will understand it. The ability to make a deck that is one of a kind and dominant is the best feeling ever. My 5 mana sliver deck is still by far my favorite deck. It took a while to get it running perfectly but it is well worth the pain and suffering (to your wallet)

Magic it the best by far, Every other trading card game has obvious ties to Magic, but I see no improvements. It has the best art, the best players and has stood the test of time. They have had 18 years of experience in creating a fun, diversified game for the players.

The first great trading card game which gives it a great range of ages. I've had teachers who played magic. The simple rules are great for beginners and when you are ready the complex rules create a new experience. The art work has always been awesome, and the flavor text on most of the cards are a great addition.

Magic is a much more complex game than and other trading card game I have come across. In this game there is a type of deck to suit anyone and has great story lines to go along with all the expansion sets. In my opinion this game makes you think more than any other game and has the best art you could ever ask for.

I believe magic is best because of the expansiveness of it all, YuGiOh is full of what I believe to be prebuilt decks: elemental heroes, dark world, and the like. In magic any card can theoretically work in any deck. whereas you wouldn't play a fusion elemental hero in a dark world deck. I've also heard from my friends that play that YuGiOh's competitive decks are all combo, filled with expensive cards. reaching $200 for a set of a certain card, to be printed at uncommon in the next, to getting banned.

I'm in high school. Magic dominates the hallways and library. There is serval groups of different deck levels. Some students have elite deck and others have junk cards, so you can always find someone to battle. Yugi oh it no where to be found. Also the stores have a 60% is magic. 25% Yugi oh and 15% others. I pay played Pokemon and then I fallen in love with magic. I was never interested into in yugioh.

Amazingly innovative concept, the grandfather of all others that came after it. No, it doesn't have a show, like the two other powerhouses that are in the top 3. Why? MTG does not need one. It is the most customizable game with the highest replay value. Complex, entertaining, and easily accessible.

I play both yu-gi-oh and mtg and I find mtg to be way more enjoyable. It takes a little more skill and planning unlike yu-gi-oh where you can just throw your best cards into a deck. Also mtg's artwork is OVER 9000 times better and mature than yu-gi-oh which has artwork that looks like it was intended for (and possibly by) 6 year old kids (don't even get me started on the names... I mean seriously there are cards that start with gagaga and dododo what are we 5). Also mtg has a greater variety of play styles. I would recommend mtg to anyone, period

Played Yugioh for years since the day it came out. It was fun at the time but a couple things bother me about it: cards don't hold value, no balance to cards - in particular traps and magic, limited battlefield size, and the EXTREMELY tiny font they use to cram in all the words on some of the cards. Have been playing magic for 12 years and I haven't looked back. Way better game on every level.

Magic is WAY better than stupid Pokemon and yu gi oh, Pokemon and yu gi oh have too many stupid pictures and especially Pokemon because, I mean, how could someone like Pokemon and yu gi oh, they're stupid comics, magic is real paintings. Also, magic is just simply THE BEST. PERIOD.

Yu-gi-oh is a popular kids game played by adults. And the artwork for yu-gi-oh really can not compare to magic. I started with yu-gi-oh but fell out of it due to the lack of strategy. Magic on the other hand is everything I could ask for in a card game. Plus the game is far more refined.

Magic the gathering is obviously the best TCG. It's cards are really well designed and they are really creative. Not to mention that the game rules make the game really interesting and fun to play without being too complicated. It also allows the player to develop lots of different strategies to play by picking his favorite colors of cards.