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41 Neopets

Neo pets used to be good but now nobody knows what it is

It's the best

42 Redakai

Card game is only cheap now because it got cancelled because it was too expensive laugh out loud. The cards are cool but the problem is you can tell what you are gonna draw even with the deck holder thing. Also frojlock ruined the game. It was a stupid combo that you would do over and over again and it sucked. The game is out of print its just a mess. But if you want something cheap to play I suggest this and its fun casually to but that's all it will ever be.

Redakai is a somewhat complicated game but if you want a tcg where you can get a lot of cards cheap this is the way to go. Stores are basically giving it away

It is awesome. The cards are see through which adds to a really cool gameplay. The cards are the most durable ever. It involes a lot of strategy so it is awesome way better then Yugioh or Pokemon or magic the gathering everyone should play this

If you want a cheap fun tcg than this is for you, you can get a booster box for 20 bucks love this tcg!

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43 Elements

Addictive, varied and fast gameplay awards players with gold and cards. Deckbuilding has a great influence on victory rates.
I tried forgetting the game several times and came back for more.

Complex gameplay that brings you fan playing and managing your deck. Unfortunately low player base.

Amazingly well made game with loads and loads of options to make and assamble your decks

44 Pirates V 1 Comment
45 Vampire Eternal Struggle
46 Eredan iTCG

Fun but requires a lot of time to master

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47 Star Trek CCG
48 Rise of Mythos

This game is a best one yet because you can create an account and pick any race like warrior, mage, etc. and do some quest and battle with your friends with monster battling each other. Battling some quests, PVP, Challenges, trading cards, collect more cards, and you see the monsters in action which you battle them.

Although most games tend to be unilateral, this game has many "metas". The versatility is its most appealing characteristic. There are many variables other than cards, such as hero class, spells, equipment, etc. However, players that spend money have an overwhelming advantage.

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49 Bleach CCG
50 Wixoss

Gameplay is simple compared to older TCGs (in my opinion). Great art and every cards are literally waifu materials. The community grows every second but due to the lack of English text cards (since it originated from Japan so the language is Japanese) not many wants to try and play it, which is a shame. The basics are easy to understand, card effects are not complicated (but becomes complicated once one card effect has the effect to interfere with other card's effect). Sometimes the effects can get confusing without help from experienced players. Plus in late 2016 they added new feature to the game along with the new anime called Lostorage Incited WIXOSS). The TCG itself is extremely collectible but as for those who wants to invest money on this... The market is not stable, a common card can cost quite high compared to other TCGs, sometimes their price can decrease or increase after the release of new booster sets. And can drop quite drastically (or not) once the card gets reprinted.

Amazing art, and great gameplay

51 Topps Cricket Attax
52 Netrunner

BEST CARD GAME EVER (its all about hacking)

I heard this is good and it seems good but I can't find cards anywhere everything just has magic pokèmon and yugioh

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53 Slam Attax
54 Universal Fighting System (UFS)

This thread must not get a lot of traffic, because this is ridiculous. This card game is above and beyond more than half of what was listed here.

Yeah, this list is pretty bogus... This is way above most of the games listed. Easily top 10

The sales for this game are actually higher than about half of your top 10.

Game includes characters from Megaman, King of Fighters XI, Darkstalkers, Tekken 6, Soulcalibur I and IV, ShadoWar, Red Horizon, Street Fighter, Samurai Showdown, Penny Arcade, King of Fighters 2006.

Currently published by Jasco Games. Newest sets are King of Fighters XI, and Mega Man coming out soon.

55 Mitos y Leyendas
56 Overpower
57 Humankind the Awakening

The lore of the game will be determined by player's actions

58 Dinotrux
59 Guardian Cross
60 Match Attax

Match Attax is awesome and is the best card game in the world

Should be number one

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