Pokémon TCG


Easy game to pick up, yet has room for tons of strategy. Also, the online game is just fantastic, so if you're looking for an online card game, whilst waiting for Hex/Hearthstone, I definitely recommend it to put your feet in it before going out and buying cards. Like many said, it's appealing because it's Pokemon, everyone knows it and tons of people love it. Wish I'd gotten into the actual card game earlier when I was a kid, but with the online game and growing popularity in my town, I'm just happy to be a part of it.

I don't do Pokemon at all. However, I used to and I have a huge pile of cards and when I get bored I still play it and then I get addicted to it and play for a long time until I get bored of it again. I don't think that it is particularly fun but it's addicting and it is certainly better than Bakugan, Yu-Gi-Oh, or, whatever games. I've never even heard of any of these except for those I just named and digimon and neopets

Pokemon is more natural and honest the novelty has not worn off for a very long time now. As a card game it is way more inviting than perhaps Magic the Gathering which never would expect. It is the least 'Dark' franchise and also the more enjoyable. Without casting a spider web, Pokemon can actually make a person happy or smile. The best game should be the one that is most prefer personally. Although ace games as Yu-Gi-Oh and Magic the Gathering are professional it is easier to grab a Pokemon round of cards and play without needing to second guess. It appears to be the brighter of the series as well and has now 5 evolution in record of the Pokemon saga of gamer and trainers which is greater in value than other trading card games being brought to light. When it comes to 'just for fun', yeah it is Pokemon. - iliescu

The best by far! The only flaw I would list is not about the game itself, but the evolving game and it's cards, making many past cards illegal to use.

I believe that Pokemon is the best because you can battle, trade, collect, and show off your cards! When you are just starting out, it is a little confusing, it you quickly learn. Also, some of the cards you may get are worth a lot of money so it'll earn you quick cash as well. I don't do battles yet but have been doing my research and I am almost prepared. You need to spend a lot of time preparing and buying Pokemon cards but that is part of the fun!

Pokémon TCG... It's a game with a friendly community compared to most and a fairly large player-base. The game itself has a fairly high amount of strategy, and without First Turn Kills, or One Hit Kills (unless your opponent has a particularly bad starting hand). This game won't purposely hit good decks a few months a few months after they come out (be ware of rotations though), annoying combos are less prevalent, and decks are cheaper to build than most TCGs.

Disclaimer: This paragraph does not apply in Unlimited. Play Standard or Expanded, for both of our sakes, and to avoid nightmares.

Easy to start and very simple and easy to get into. That being said there are some very complex strategies out there. The beauty of this game is that you don't have to play to get into it and can simply collect cards. Good card game in my humble opinion.

It's fun, fairly easy to learn and has a great, very welcoming community. Although it is behind Magic and Y-Gi-Oh! (which I do enjoy as well) in popularity, I have found that it is actually easier to find cards locally as well as games locally. The thing that I think sets it apart from Magic (which, to be honest I have little expiriance with) is that Pokémon really appeals to all ages. If you're looking for a game near you, go to the official Pokemon TCG website where all you have to do is input your zip and you're good to go!

Awesome game! It is a lot more enjoyable than Yu-Gi-Oh. The community is so much nicer and there is a world championship each year. I have played both Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon and I enjoy Pokemon a lot more.

Pokemon is amazing. It's friendly, pleasant, calm, and, especially fun. The reason I like it is because it's not violent, like our world. We see enough of that anyway, why would we want our cards to show it.

Pokémon is awesome, often at my school I would see kids of all ages trading cards and battling I am one of the Pokemon masters at my school that everyone challenges but still it gets kids of all ages together, at my school Pokemon is more popular than yugioh, vanguard, magic the gathering and all others if you have not played it before I highly recommend it. My Friend has got a beast deck but still as not spent a dollar why? Because I gave him his deck free and know is really gratefull that I introduced him to the game.

Pokemon is just fun and we have a great family line with the card game everyone is nice to each other and you meet some really cool people I have to thank my little brother for getting me into this Pokemon family

Great game but kind of complicated at first. Take a couple of weeks studying the rules and practice playing and in no time the game will be so fun you won't ever want to stop playing.

Pokemon cards are alright and are the best out of all these but I need a new trading card game to collect please can you find some cards I would like thank you in advice

Luke (card collector age 10)

1. Pokemon the best and makes more money then yugioh, chaotic
2. Yu-Gi-Oh!
3. Digimon

Pokemon is the BEST game ever.
So what Yu-Gi-Oh has higher HP?
100 HPs normal for yu-gi-oh, But 60 is Normal for Pokemon.
Pokemon ROCKS.
It's famous all over the world. There is even a show on it!
Pokemon is THE BEST. PERIOD.

Pokemon is a classic and the full art ex's and design of the holo cards are amazing. The prices are decent and you get more for your money. Its fun to play and I love it

The game is so easy to pick up, yet so difficult to master. You will spend quite some time crafting that dream deck, and once you have it, bring shame upon your foes!

The community is so great, I love the structure of the game, and is still extremely strategic while still maintaining a loveable, friendly game for everyone.

Pokemon is way better than yu gi oh and magic. It is also good for younger children as there is no killing (as in magic0. Therefore it is a great game for ALL AGES.

I collect Pokemon tcg only because I think that it is confusing and not really that fun lol. But its art work makes it self worthy to be in my collection book.

I love pokemon and I'm 9 years old. The reason I love it so much is because you can get all these cool ex cards that look awesome.

Great, fun, and easy. Pokemon TCG gets people from across the world of all ages plus I love Pokemon to this day. Be apart of it for it's appeal. Love it!

First card I ever got was venonat haven't played but collected some cards as a kid now that I'm an adult I'm playing them online which magic charges 10 bucks to use and yugioh dosnt have an offical tcg online and gameplay is easy to follow thru after tutorial online and magic seems difficult and I had yugi cards to collect but it seemed similar to Pokemon but in rankings though yugi sold most and Pokemon is about equal to magic but more younger kids go for Pokemon while older teens and adults go for magic when ever people buy cards save for some adults like me who like Pokemon tcg

By far the best! Should be #1 on this list! I collect cards and sometimes play. It is so fun because you can trade, check if you have rare cards, and so much more fun things! - turtwig