I like Yugioh, and I personally believe it's better than other games, because of its complexity, where you can create very interesting decks with very cool combinations. Yugioh is a much more expansive game, with a lot more room to be innovative. Magic The Gathering and Cardfight Vanguard are too linear, and don't allow for nearly enough creativity or interesting games. One possible issue with this game is that it may be too complicated for a child to understand, but in that case all they have to do is keep practicing the game on a yugioh simulator until they understand all of the mechanics of the game. Overall Yugioh is a lot of fun, simply because you can be extremely creative with your decks.

I love YuGiOh! It is one of the best card games out there. I love it because it's based off of a really cool anime, and I feel like playing the game almost brings the show to life. It's fun to come up with different strategies to outwit your opponents, and it's fun to annoy your opponents with spell an traps that surprise them. In short YuGiOh is an awesome game and an awesome show and I will always love it no matter what people say.

I say Yugioh, simply because it had an awesome anime with amazing music, the characters were looking awesome and who can forget Yugi's special spiky hair! It's a very fun trading card game and when you use the deck that you like, it just feels awesome and you will have a lot of fun playing it, you can basically do everything you want in the game and make your own ideas and strategies, it's really fun and it has a lot of freedom!

Awesome card game for the very young using structure decks to the more older experienced players that can spend money on a better deck. The game play is very intriguing and captivating. Even an experienced player can loose to an amateur one if the right cards don't come out. Unlike other gametype card games the YUGIOH cards keep value for those collectors that don't play but like to have them for future $$. Unlike POKEMON that has 20+ cards for the same character YUGIOH has very few and their ratings are Ghost rare, Secret rare, Ultimate rare, ultra rare, super rare, rare and commons. The Secret and ultimate rares have a lot more selling/trading value then all the others and there is also the limited edition, 1st edition and ulimited which will also affect the value (but card description, power and details are all the same regardless of $$ value)

By the way I'm a collector and rarelly play but my favorite is the prophecy deck.

Well. Yugioh in general is a good game and takes a lot of strategy to build a consistent deck. I really like this game because both players are limited to following the rules of the game, which are actually very hard to explain to someone whos never played the game before..

But yea I agree with the last dude who commented. Yugioh should be the number 1 card game not only because of the strategy involved but the also the wide variety of choices to make a deck. This game lets players be creative with their deck and does not limit them because they put whatever the hell they want in the deck

I just recently got into Yu-Gi-Oh! after being really against card games overall, being naive and thinking they are childish and boring in nature - but after I just picked up a 10 dollar structure deck from the local game stop it was love at first sight. I'm 17 and I just got into it so I know it's a bit strange but me and my friends play it all the time! People from my class huddle around to chat and watch our games and it's awesome! It's easier to get into but really hard to master in my opinion. Before investing and watching countless videos on how to play my deck I diden't know what to do really but after a while I hope to master my deck entirely and play in the local tournaments, which is another really fun part of this whole thing. Best Regards! Ps. I am really amazed with the artwork of these cards as well, so they are fun to just collect too! Especially the Ash Blossom series.

I've played yugioh almost 6 years and still playing it. With Yugioh there's no competition not magic the gathering, not pokemon, or other tcg. Yugioh has all kinds of cards you can use to build your deck together. You can make strategies how to beat your opponent. There are so many different effects you could use. Every time I get a Yugioh pack I get so worked up inside. It also has the best artwork on cards, the booster packs, and the tins. So that's it so play Yu-gi-oh!

I've played quite a few games on this list but I have to say that Yu-Gi-Oh! Is by far the best card game here. Special summons, trap cards and Fusion Monsters make it a game full of twists and turns. Even if you have the upper hand, one spell or trap could ruin your game and lead your opponent to victory. This keeps you on your toes throughout.

Such a good card game, the best ever! The artwork is cool looking and the monsters names are also awesome, there are so many cards out there to collect, trade and battle with. Not only is it fun and cool, but it is actually good for your brain, because there is lots of calculation and strategy, plus you actually need skill to win. Awesomest game ever.

This game is the good when take all life points of opponent and use Red-style nono combat to deplete Life deck. My mom say card is bad, but wrong. Card is much fun. I go to school to trade card with friend, then leave to play card. Buy card or get as long as can play, is much fun with many Fusion type monster and effects cards, there is no limit with what can be done. Build deck like you want, and duel with power in order to win ultimate Glory, or opponent card, ha ha ha

I've been playing since I was 13-14 years old (10 years), though I have taken a break from playing, and I still enjoy both playing and collecting. like any game, it can be time consuming and costly, but its still fun to take place in. whenever new things come out, it is easy to learn them and pick them up in time to put it to good use in the next duel

I've been playing Yu-Gi-Oh! For a pretty long time. It's simple and complicated at the same time, it makes your brain do work. It even helps refresh your memory with basic math skills and critical understanding of concepts which would help in English skills in a way. It has appealing artwork and has a nice playing system.

Yu-Gi-Oh RULES! Their is no competition to beat the best card game in the world. Their are so many different decks you can make, and with new cards coming out in each new format. I have played Pokemon and Duel Masters but those card games are fun but don't have the versatility that yugioh has.

Easily the best trading card game out there. It features artist quality pictures on each card, a suspenseful a overwhelmingly fun playing experience, and there is always something new in store for you so being bored is impossible. It takes skill and I think that's what most card games nowadays are lacking. Best there is, enough said.

Gameplay was simple, but had capability to be complex depending on what deck the player used. This was a TCG that you could play differently every time you played, giving you years of fun gameplay. It is too bad they added syncro cards and things like that, making too many technology creatures that ruin the lore in the show. But the original was the best. Monsters, traps, battles, upgrades. A world all inside one deck.

Yugioh is the best card game I've ever played. One kid started playing it at my school and then like next year 10 more people started to play it. Pokemon is too simple. But Yugioh always has cards that appeal to someone. And In my opinion Yugioh appeals to any age group. Let's Go Yugioh!

Yugioh is the number 1 best I've never played magic but I've played all others. I see only 2 of ALL my classmates from 4th grade to 7th grade, just two people. The rest play yugioh. My other reason I like yugioh is because the graphics for the cards are almost a lot of the time EPIC. All in all I think yugioh is top.

I think that Yugioh is such a great card game. It took me a long time to figure out how to play it at first because I thought that the rules they play by on T.v. were the actual rules. When I learned how to actually play, though, I really enjoyed it. There's variety in the different cards, and there are cards that can compliment each other to create deadly combos. There are always new cards and new additions to the game so anyone who plays can find their own style of playing. There is always a deck of cards out there for everyone that they can use really well. It requires strategy and thinking, and that makes it really interesting because each battle becomes intense. A losing side can reverse the tide of the duel in an instant with a single draw, which puts each player at the edge of their seat to try and take out their opponent first. When I was a kid, Pokémon cards were the only cards I played, I didn't even know there were any other kinds of cards. I still always felt like ...more

I've been playing Yu-Gi-Oh! Ever since I first watched the anime as a little kid. Still the best trading card game out there! The thing about it is that it's not enough to just have strong cards, you need a good strategy and combos. I'm always getting new booster packs for my deck - Macro Monarch coming at ya!

This is hands down the greatest card game of all time best monsters and artwork and coolest cards ever and best style of decks and best card abilities you gotta love cards like elemental heroes and the synchros and the toons and the god cards and much much more I love this card game. A lot of fun no matter how old you are

Yugioh is very fun and complex, your opponent could be winning and you could set of a spell or trap card that can completely turn the tables. I believe this is more fun than Pokemon because in Pokemon it is just play Pokemon, energy, trainer, repeat until you defeat your opponent but yugioh is a lot more fun than that.

Yugioh is a stunning game that is tricky to pick up and difficult to master. People play for years without knowing every rule to the game. High level gameplay has an unforgiving learning curve for some people, but for those who dedicate their time to learning it, it can be a real mind rush.

I have been playing Yu-Gi-Oh since it was first released in America. It's a super accessible game. Real easy to pick up, especially if you have someone knowledgeable to teach you. Good community, easy to find people to play with. The game itself is fast paced, interesting, and super engaging.

Yu-Gi-Oh is a terrible game, barely any strategies. It's just memorizing what combo you need to work and win. Community is very bad, the people are somewhat weird, but seriously not all, some are nice. The game is limited, cards being banned, poor art, too many meaningless text (also tiny), dumb rarity types (but shiny), and it is not balance, there are overpower decks that nobody can do anything. It's not just for kids, but the game is very bad.

People who say yugioh is for little children its not really to be honest. All the people who win tournaments in ygo a usually 16 over. Also if you have magic cards after a while you wont be able to use then cause they are to old. Ygo has more deck themes and its more fun to make your deck. Mtg has 5 themes I think and that's it.